Didn't realize at first but I met this crazy guy 5 years ago in Memphis. And he was crazy then. Made a big scene in a kosher restaurant. Looking to make a fight with his wife or ex-wife. There was no calming him down. And that was in front of other diners.

My guess is he's a closet homosexual pedophile psychopath. His marriage may have been a sham to get close to the children of the young woman he married. Or maybe just to cover up homosexuality. My recollection is he met the woman on a dating site and almost immediately married her. For sure they didn't have sex before marriage on account of both being orthodox or quasi-orthodox. So he didn't have to prove any sexual prowess or even an actual attraction to a female.

Thank God his temperament was so obviously bad that he apparently never got the chance to prey on either of the two children at that time. By the tragic events of this week it's clear he was a ticking time bomb. But I wouldn't be surprised if he has had other victims.