Will you vote for the Miamisburg Scho...

Will you vote for the Miamisburg School Levy?

Created by BurgCitizen212 on Nov 30, 2007

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Duke of Hazard

Florence, KY

#1 Dec 3, 2007
No, but I exist in West Carrollton. Hey, maybe if some of these dumber functionally-illiterate public fools had better public schools, maybe they could write better little letters to the Miamisburg Snooze. Apparently, none of the village people are literate or energetic enough to send in their stuff, as we see the same old folks on their opion page, every week, before we put the hag rag back on the rack unread instead of wasting our seventy-five cents on it.

United States

#2 Feb 13, 2008
I voted against each of the last several levies to build a new High School, as I felt these plans were simply too far beyond what is necessary (both in scope and expense). Even though my two sons are too old to benefit from an expanded High School (my youngest is now a Sophomore), I will vote for the new issue. I'm not an expert in educational facilities, but the current plan seems appropriate for our current and future needs. I've always believed we need to do something, and now is the time.

Wimberley, TX

#3 Feb 16, 2008
After they cuts they made to the challengers program this year, they lost my vote. Let alone that $468,000 building at Harmon field......

Ontario, OH

#4 Feb 17, 2008
Sigh, How many trailers does it take before y'all understand we are OUT of room in the schools? Try walking in the High School Coomons are during a lunch...

Dayton, OH

#5 Feb 19, 2008
I am a strong supporter of the levy. I have 2 children in the Challenger program and I don't want any more cuts. It saddens me that people even think about voting no. I think if this levy does fail a lot of people that love the schools may possibly start looking for another school system to place their trust. Please consider our innocent children and vote yes.

Since: Nov 07

Miamisburg, OH

#6 Feb 19, 2008
When I want a bigger house or a new car I have to plan, budget, prioritized spending, save, and make smart decisions with my money. Miamisburg has only done one thing - plan. That plan is to get more money from property owners. Then once the buildings are up come the operating levies. I support great schools, and would love to see miamisburg be a great school. However, I plan to vote no, encourage others to vote no, and keep voting no until things change. The school district has found countless ways to spend almost all of district income each year instead of budgeting, prioritizing spending, and saving to help build these new schools. I will gladly provide the distrcit with more property taxes once I believe they are being good stewards with what we've already given them. Check out http://www.ms bgwatch . com

Since: Nov 07

Miamisburg, OH

#7 Feb 19, 2008

Englewood, OH

#8 Mar 5, 2008
I'm quite happy the levy passed. I think it sends a message to all those who have enough time on their hands to organize a silly opposition group. Perhaps the person in charge of the msbgwatch.com website will have time to take a grammar class. The website if filled with misspelled words, incorrect pronoun usage, and horrific grammar. It's amusing, in a sense.

Since: Nov 07

Montgomery, AL

#9 Mar 5, 2008
Was it a 'silly opposition group' that fought for our freedom and founded this country over 200 years ago? Do you remember the boston tea party? Was that also a silly opposition group? Are you reccommending we send a message that citizens should automatically open up their wallets everytime the government asks for more money?

You may know english and grammer, but are clearly not familiar with american history. This country is what it is today because of 'silly opposition groups.'

Owatonna, MN

#10 Mar 5, 2008
I voted for the levy, but I also take exception to the characterization of levy opponents as a "silly opposition group." On the other hand, I wouldn't equate them with our Founding Fathers either.

Personally, I found their website to be enlightening in many ways. Like any other source of information, one has to read it with a critical eye.

To me, the most telling thing is that the levy passed by less than 200 votes out of more than 12000 cast. However, more than 200 voters skipped this issue on their ballots (if I am interpreting the Montgomery County BOE data correctly). Two lessons here: Every vote does count, and never underestimate the power of a small, underfunded group of citizens. I hope the narrow margin at least convinces our school officials that they have not won the full faith and confidence of the school district. Not even close!


Since: Nov 07

Miamisburg, OH

#11 Mar 5, 2008
I voted against the levy and it seems so did just under half of the voters in the district quite literally. It appears that we have a district divided. Even though the schools and supporters will claim victory, it is anything but that. In fact, I would be embarrassed to be on the school board right now, squeaking by a ~$80 million bond issue by less than 200 votes. The school better really watch their spending and use of the money or the operating levy they will ask us for next to run the buildings may not pass.(Remember this only passed by less than 200?) Wouldn't it be really embarrassing for the district to have brand new buildings and not have gained enough trust and support from the community to get the funding approved to open them?

I also want to advertise that I am looking for a middle class benefactor who voted yes on the levy to pay my tax bill for me. Any takers?

I did find it interesting that our local levy just barely passed, while if only Miamisburg had decided the Sinclair levy it would have failed greater than ~60/40. It seems people want to promote the levy they will directly benefit from while not approving the Sinclair levy that they may not directly benefit from. This is probably how many of the school levy no voters in the district feel.

Dayton, OH

#12 Mar 6, 2008
Dear BC212: This next comment is not intended to be flippant, but to make a point. The best way to advertise for a middle class benefactor to pay your tax bill is to put a "for sale" sign in your front yard. You will probably get a lot of takers. Many other places have higher total taxes than we have here in Miamisburg. All things considered, Miamisburg is still a great place to live, and a great value.

Voter-approved levies (even if only by 1 vote) are "taxation with representation." That's our system, like it or not. Your real complaint should be with the State of Ohio which, despite several court rulings, still allows school funding with real estate taxes.

Your observation about the Sinclair levy is quite insightful. I voted for the MSBG levy and against Sinclair. However, my benefit from each levy is opposite of what you might expect. My kids are too old to benefit from the Burg levy, and could actually attend Sinclair. When I put out my own "for sale" sign in ten years or so (Colorado, here I come), the quality of schools here will, hopefully, attract my own tax benefactor.

Keep up the fight! I may not always vote the same way as you, but I'll always appreciate reading your viewpoint.
Burg Resident

Lakeland, FL

#13 Mar 6, 2008
They aren't exactly a silly opposition group, but the points made in the Miamisburg News by one of the members of this group were ludicrous. Eliminating libraries to add classroom space? What kind of message are we sending our children about the importance of reading? There is no way that the Miamisburg Public LIbrary would be able to accomodate over 1600 students, not to mention the instruction time that would be lost walking to and from the library. I know it isn't far away, but the time adds up.

This resident also suggested that teachers switch from the "old ways" of teaching in one classroom and travel with the students from class to class. There's a reason that the majority of teachers in almost every school in America have their own classroom: It works. As a former teacher, I cannot tell you how many times there was a "teachable moment" in class that I hadn't expected, and I ran to my cupboard or classroom library to get the perfect resource to help aid in student learning. How would these teachers bring the necessary supplies to class, such as lab equipment, sets of novels, and other learning resources? Would they all have mobile carts? That would't work at Wantz because there isn't an elevator. It's my understanding that many Wantz teachers are already sharing classrooms as it is. Does the opposition group believe that Miamisburg would have been able to attract and retain quality teachers if they didn't have their own classroom?

Finally, to compare the building issue in Miamisburg to that of Oakwood is simply not fair. Oakwood is landlocked; there aren't new housing developments or apartments going in in their district. Yes, their buildings may be 107 years old, but they are constantly being renovated. Have you been in Oakwood High School lately? It's a state-of-the-art facility. And if they needed classroom space, I highly doubt that any Oakwood parent would dare dream of removing the libraries.
web site msbgwatch

Cincinnati, OH

#14 Mar 8, 2008
The count is not in for the provisional ballots till March14. We still have a chance to overturn the election. Don't count your chickens till they hatch.

If the mayor is so opposed to trailers, they why are they building a new elementary school across the street from a trailer park? Is he saying that anyone live in a trailer should not be allowed in Miamisburg? Is the Mayor going to shut them all down and make them move out of the area?

Voter Fraud, you know who I am talking about, your schemes are about to be exposed. BEWARE
web site msbgwatch

Cincinnati, OH

#15 Mar 8, 2008
Thank you for supporting our web site. It reassures me that their are some people who want to be an educated voter. We are a grass roots group and have done everything possible to only tell the truth. The school officials have been lying to all the citizens in this school district about everything. I sure hope those who voted for this Bond will be here for the next 28 years to pay for it. Thank you again for your support.

Mason, OH

#16 Apr 5, 2008
"We still have a chance to overturn the election?" Are you kidding me? Who is the "we" here, unless you're talking about the people in the district that have no concerns for the children of the district?

By the way, the OFFICIAL results have come out and the final result of the bond issue was even a bigger spread than the unofficial results had it, so you can take that headline off your site.

United States

#17 Dec 16, 2009
the schools are not overcrowded at all. maybe if we didnt waste money on things like an electric sign board for medlar view and new adminstrated offices, we would have enough money to build something without the levy. vote no

Hamilton, OH

#18 Dec 24, 2009
In response to "someone":

The new levy money is NOT for building schools. School districts cannot use money from a bond levy to cover operating costs. Construction, signs, etc. are paid for with money from BOND LEVIES.

The current levy is for OPERATING costs. When home values go down, the money coming into the district goes down. Thus, the need for more money. It has absolutely nothing to do with crowded buildings or electric signs. Do your research.

West Chester, OH

#19 Jan 21, 2010
Just a short comment to "Resident, Dec 24. Home values go down so do funds going to the district. I beg to differ, my property value decreased and my property taxes went up over $80 a month since the last round of levys.
Msbg Salsa

West Chester, OH

#20 Jan 22, 2010
Vote No! School Adm should be hired only if they live in Msbg or are willing to move to Msbg within 2 mos of hire date. They continue to be able to over-spend the money they aren't contributing to, so why should they care as long as they get a paycheck. Board Officials need to be taking responsibility instead of leaving it to the Adm. If Board would take more action and show more concern on how the District is being run they would find out more "wrong doings" going on within the district by the Adm. Definitely changes need to be made with school Adm. Hire people in positions that know the jobs, don't hire them because they are recommended by a friend. Some Adm are lying when they don't know answers, which only shows they do not know their job. This causes the District to suffer more and reveals their dysfunctional business practices. VOTE NO TILL YOU SEE CHANGES! DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE TO SPEND OR TAKE FOR THEMSELVES.

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