Wow. Screw it. You are all a bunch of lames! You believe everything the media tells you. Thats called "programing". Robots! Go with the Flow. Damn. Thats why the world is so messed up! That waitress served both girls drink after drink and never carded them. She served a MINOR of 17 years of age ALCOHOL. Start them young, right? Liqueur them up, f#@k them up, as long as you get a tip? The law didn't do there job. This girl tried to be superwoman and posted her lame body on her car and refused to get off. She wanted to keep them there till the cops came. This was not a dine n dash. This actually was a credit card fraud. Cards came up stolen, girls took off, dumb waitress chased the intoxicated girls and forcefully kept them there. She couldn't hang on to the car. Who's fault? Next time dont hide behind a fake name. Talking in the shadows, real tough.