It is very sad to read what happend after witnessing the aftermath of this accident from afar. I can tell you I have been hit from behind in Georgetown by a person going 40 MPH while I was stopped at a traffic light. I am not sure what the person was doing at the time I was hit but I know he/she was NOT paying attention. I was also hit previously while driving 60 miles on a high way and was hit, again by someone driving 75 (over the speed limit).. Nothing was done to either drivers. No tickets etc. I was Blessed, I was driving a car. I was taken to the hospital in Georgetown.
We all have to do out part by paying attention while we are driving. Too many people are wrapped in in conversations on cell phones. Too many people driving with two fingers while eating a hamburger. It is against the law to drive in California while using one hand to hold on to a phone. Texas, wake up maybe we should do the same.

To the family of the man who lost his life, you are in my prayers.