This shelter is misleading and would rather put a dog down then try and find it a home. I turned my dog over to them because he was too rough with my 11 month old. It broke my heart to do this. It was hard enough knowing that he wouldn't be mine anymore. I had no idea how bad it would get.
I want to be clear. He was not aggressive and never bit to hurt anyone. He was one of the most gentle easy going dogs I have ever owned.
They led me to believe he would be adopted out after a week of observation. They asked me several questions for "the next family". They were friendly and even commented on how cute he was as he sat next to wagging his tale and whimpering.
They told me to bring back his records the next day along with his toys. They stuck him in a small cage for this size dog and took his fear of being locked in the cage for aggression. They said they had to keep him in the cage for observation for a week. I left feeling confident that My gentle giant would find a good home and be happy till he died on a rug in some farm house somewhere.
The next day I brought in his toys and favorite bone along with his records. They took them and stashed them behind the counter then told me he was put to sleep a hour prior due to aggression. His behavior was aggressive and they felt it was best. This 100 plus pound dog had never been locked in a cage to my knowledge he was scared not aggressive.
They didn't bother giving me back the toys, or the large bag of food I brought with him for his allergies.
They didn't even wait 20 hours.
They made his last hours of life a small cage away from those who loved him. They did not call me to inform what was happening or to let me say goodbye.
They made it seem like I was actually being helped to find a home for my friend. But instead they murdered one of the sweetest animals I have ever known and robbed some other family of many years of happiness.
This tale is caused by either apathy or ignorance in either case they should not be given anymore animals.
Do not use Georgetown Animal Shelter it is a KILL FIRST ask questions later shelter.