billy chapman
his gurl

Mason, OH

#1 Feb 15, 2010
wat do u think bout him? i heard hes a nice guy

Newtown, PA

#2 Feb 15, 2010
yeah he is a nice guy if he wants something from you or thinks he can get something from you he is a user. and i feel sorry for stacy
his gurl

Mason, OH

#3 Feb 15, 2010
yes he is a good guy..
Nik Brownlee

Charleston, WV

#4 Feb 15, 2010
I hate that fat motherf**ker. He smells like shit.

Mason, OH

#5 Feb 15, 2010
nik y do u gotta be so harsh? and did u see on my thing that suposably we had sex and we never did.. yes it kinda pissed me off... so u need to comment on mine and tell the person that said that that we didnt.... and u kno billy is ur best friend

Mckeesport, PA

#6 Feb 15, 2010
penis.......that is all/// hxiuchvsxc ms09dufwedf 9usjfd sfws dfwer98er8x

United States

#7 Feb 16, 2010
Billy is a cool cat. He needs to get his shit together tho. Get out of markley and do something with his life. Boy has mad drawing skills that could get him somewhere. I heard he was having a baby. Congrays man. He seemed to be fairly happy last time I saw him. He was with that meadors girl. He was worried his baby would get taken away. She's had some BS with CPS or something. But she seems like a good person and mom to me so hipfully they stop fucking with them and let them be.
Proud Momma

Warminster, PA

#8 Feb 16, 2010
Billy is a wonderful man. He would help most people out in a time of need, but then again I've seen him screw people over. He has many skills and he's a smart man, he does need to get away from Markley. He needs to get his head on straight and stop the drug usage and dealing. He needs to get a real job and support his child that he has on the way. Stacy is a very nice girl. They used to fight and argue like cats and dogs. That could be b-c of all the drug intake that they both had though. The only problem that I have with Stacy is that she's done drugs through this whole pregnancy. She needs to go to rehab and get her head on straight also. I believe that they could get jobs and get a decent little place and raise their baby boy together. Billy has always been great around by babies. He played with them and held them and his face lit up while doing it. He has the potential to be a great father given the matter of getting off drugs and getting a job. He needs to stop messing around with trashy girls and commit to Stacy, as to Stacy she needs to do the same. She needs to stop screwing around and commit to Billy or they need to split up for good, but have a friendly relationship for the baby's sake.

Newtown, PA

#9 Feb 16, 2010
stacy had the baby and billy is on his way to prison he is up in brown county hilton right now ha! so thats how smart he is....and stacy did not do drugs the whole pregnancy she gave birth to a beautiful HEALTHY baby boy
Proud Momma

Warminster, PA

#10 Feb 17, 2010
Well then so be it. Billy is on his way to prison, maybe he will straighten up and get his life together. As far as Stacey I know for a fact that she was doing drugs through the whole pregnancy. Just because she had a HEALTHY baby boy doesn't mean that in a few yrs. down the road it will have developmental issues due to the drugs she took during pregnancy. Being an RN I know these things and I see them on a day to day bases. She needs to go to rehab and get help so she can fully function and take care of her child before CPS gets involved with this one.

Newtown, PA

#11 Feb 17, 2010
look she may have done a few drugs but she didnt through her whole pregnancy yeah maybe some of it or part of it but not all of it and i know this for a fact because i hung with her through most of the pregnancy...she wont loose this baby i can promise that. billy is a piece of shit and will never get his life together...if he could stick with one girl that might be a start but that will never happen he is a low life piece of shit!
Proud Momma

Warminster, PA

#12 Feb 17, 2010
Wow so if you knew she was doing drugs during her pregnancy why didn't you stop her or at least let her know the effects that it can cause. Personally if she was my friend or not I would have called CPS. She was hurting an innocent child. She needs to think of the baby and not about her self getting a high for a few hours. Some people are so pathetic. Yeah Billy may go from one girl to the next, but Stacey is no better. While and before she got pregnant she slept around with people in Markley. I'm sorry but when you reach a certain age it's time to settle down, get a job, and raise your children in a drug FREE home. I find it amusing that she can afford her drugs but lives off the government.

Wilmington, DE

#13 Feb 20, 2010
Ya know to be honest I didnt see her do these drugs i just hear its its called hear say thats all georgetown is full of so you cant believe anything you hear. and stacy doesnt live at markley she doesnt live off the goverment she lives in a nice home with her family out of this fu*cked town she is bettering her life unlike most of the people in this town that talk sh*it and are worse than the sh*it they talk.
Proud Momma

Warminster, PA

#14 Feb 20, 2010
No it's not hear say when I've heard her talk about it at Chad's old apartment. And let' s get it right. I have a well paying job, I have a three story home, and I have two kids. My kids have NEVER been taken away from me either.
are u blind

Milford, OH

#16 Feb 26, 2010
if u have such a high paying job and a house y were u at dump with dumpy people and i guarantee u haven't seen stacy in awhile u dont know her and if u are an RN like u say u are u wouldnt be in georgetown cuz nobody goes no where their.
Jordens Mommy

Batavia, OH

#17 Mar 13, 2010
umm just so you dumd asses kno Billy is a great guys he knos how ta treat a female good!!! an just so you kno its really none of ne bodys business wat Billy or I do!!!! you all want ta talk shit bout him wen he isnt around ta take up for his self!!! Why is dat ummmm maybe cuz your scared lil bitches dat have nothin better ta do other than gossip bout people COmmin on now thys aint fuckin high school grow da f**k up an do sumthin wit your f**kin lives other than talk bout people

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