Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's f...

Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's family court

There are 316 comments on the story from Nov 2, 2007, titled Georgetown lawyer attacks Gormley's family court. In it, reports that:

“If that was the case, then you would recuse yourself from over 50 percent of the cases.”

A family court race for a recently created judgeship is gearing up to be among the most contentious races this election.

Judge Tamra Gormley was appointed in May to the bench in the 14th Judicial District, which consists of Bourbon, Scott and Woodford counties. Her opponent is Neil Duncliffe, a Georgetown lawyer.

Gormley's campaign ads note that she holds family court in a smaller courtroom 'so private family matters are not aired before a public audience.'

That's precisely the problem, her critics say. Although adoption and juvenile cases are closed to the public, Duncliffe said 'courts otherwise are public because public courts are accountable to people who they serve.' Read more

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Upset Father

Georgetown, KY

#1 Mar 10, 2008
Sadly, I can relate to this instance. The same thing happened to me in a child custody case. Judge Gormley had her mind made up before I walked into the courthouse that she wasn't going to give me and my case a chance. Too bad for my son.
Sad Dad

Cincinnati, OH

#2 May 28, 2008
I can relate too. She had her mind made up on my custody case before I entered the courtroom. This lady is very biased!
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#3 Aug 4, 2008
I have been in front of Judge Gormley several times and truly believe she basis her decisions on what she thinks is best for the children.My problem is that every case is different and the history has to be considered or you cannot make proper decisions.If the tables were turned and I had acted as the mother of my children has,I would be in jail with no parental rights what so ever.She has been in contempt for 11 years and is given another chance every 6 months.Judge Gormley not every Father is a bad guy!

Lebanon, KY

#4 Aug 5, 2008
If it doesnt involve minors then all records are public and should be put in the paper.If it was me or you our records would be put there.
Illegal Desicion

Little Valley, NY

#5 Aug 5, 2008
I was to go in front of Gormely Yesterday and one hour pprior to court I recieved a phone call from my attorney stating that the judge had cancelled the hearing and that my ex was allowed to take my child back in the environment we saved her from last year. Her mother testified to numerous timess she neglected and pscologically abused her. The Gormley spoke to my ex's attorney buther assistant called mine.There was no hearing date set at that time either.The motion she filed was also based off of lies and hearsay,and Gormely knows the truth.Maybe we should all file complaints with the judicial review board and maybe something will be done. One last thing I dont believe in coincedence but my ex's father who has little or no involvment with my child showed up with his big Texas check book. HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

Lebanon, KY

#6 Aug 6, 2008
It always seems it's the money or who ya know in this town.

Danville, KY

#7 Aug 14, 2008
My husband and I appeared before Judge Gormley today to argue that the biological grandmother of our daughters should not have court ordered visitation rights. We are fit parents and should decide who our children see and when. Gormley ruled in our favor because of what's already on the books as law. But she argued at us for several minutes how she thinks we are horrible for doing this and she raised her voice and pointed her finger at me stating she was about to kick me out of the courtroom. But I don't even know why! I did nothing! All I said to her was that our youngest daughter is in counseling to make sure that she is not developing 'issues' with having to see the grandmother. Then she said she was going to kick me out. I said, "Why. I don't understand". I never raised my voice and was never rude. I am a former police officer and am very familiar with courtroom etiquette. She said "I don't want to hear from you, I wanna hear from the dad".
Long story short, she didn't know all the circumstances and made alot of assumptions about me, I guess, for her to be so pissed at me. She had me so torn up, I had to leave the courtroom so that I could cry. And it was my husband and I who had won the case. She didn't need to make us feel like total dirtbags simply because she didn't agree with it. She didn't give us a chance to tell her why we wanted to limit the grandmother's visitation. The grandmother is psychotic. I have proof of neglect of our children when they were in her care, but she didn't want to see any of it.
Her actions were very unprofessional and I feel sorry for anyone who has to go before her, because she does not treat people respectfully. She is not impartial!! She is too emotional to be sitting on the bench of family court!

Little Valley, NY

#8 Aug 22, 2008
How is this women allowed to still be on the bench. Sure seems like the law is what she thinks it should be not what is written on the books.
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#9 Aug 22, 2008
I would like to hear from more people concerning Judge Gormley. I have experienced first hand her bias attitude before any facts(if allowed)were even heard.My children were exposed to a drug infested Brothel while living with their mother and the four inch thick folder of evidence presented to the court was never opened and she has been given chance after chance and still is in contempt of court.
another upset father

Georgetown, KY

#11 Aug 22, 2008
I was ready to beieve that the dozens of stories that I had heard about Gormley were not true. On the day of our final hearing she said that 50/50 timesharing was not out of the question, that she would speak to the children but they would not have the final say, and that children typically want to stay with the parent who gives the least discipline. I left the court room thinking that I was going to at least get more time with my kids. Then about a month later when the written court order was given to was 180 degrees diffrent from what she said in court. Instead of getting any more time with my kids she actually took time away. Where are the family values that she claims to have? There is no justice or fairness in her courtroom. How did this lady ever get behind the bench? I would be interested in knowing what the procedure is to have her actions investigated.
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#12 Aug 25, 2008
Dear Upset Father...It is possible for your attourney to challenge the decision. The added cost and future appearances in front of this judge should be weighed carefully.

Lexington, KY

#13 Aug 25, 2008
Sounds 2 me like Judge Gormley should be disbarred

Clarksburg, WV

#14 Aug 26, 2008
Look up the Judicial Review and Removal Commission. They are in Lexington if everyone sends in complaints we will be heard.

Anderson, SC

#15 Aug 27, 2008
Judicial Retirement & Removal Commission
POBOX 21868 Lexington 40522. Their in the lexington phone book.
Deadbeat Fathers

Richmond, KY

#16 Aug 29, 2008
You folks need to move to Lexington. One case in particular I am very close to and familiar with involves a deadbeat parent, my son. he has repeatedly not sjhown up for court, called in sick and never sent a nickel to his 7 year old daughter. the courts continue to "give him a chance to pay up" while the child is hungry and waiting. her other Gparents and my wife and myself have done for this child all that is done. I wish I could file some charge against him myself for what he has done to this poor baby. And yes he and his crack whore girlfriend laugh at the courts every time it gets continued. If I thought he would be hassled and she would get fired from Circle K on Richmond Rd I'd post names and addresses. They deserve it!
Better Person

Lexington, KY

#17 Aug 29, 2008
After reading the note from Deadbeat Fathers I am reminded that the very laws I have been speaking of were put into place because of people like his son and I am sorry you and this child have to experience this. My focus is on parents(Fathers)whom are not like his son, those of us who are responsible and caring and have dedicated our lives to our children and their futures only to be denied and ignored. There is an old saying that "Justice is Blind", this does not apply in Family Court.Fathers are presumed guilty before entering and are forced to go on the defensive from the very begining.I only ask that each case be looked at seperately and the evidence be considered for the sake of the children, I know this might take a little effort but our children are worth it.

Anderson, SC

#18 Sep 6, 2008
what a freak she is!!!!!!!!!!

Anderson, SC

#19 Sep 10, 2008
What? HAs Gormley been ousted? No comments in four days? Surely someones life has been wronged since sept.

Lexington, KY

#20 Sep 12, 2008
Yes, I and my wife have been wronged since Jan. 07. We've had my biological nephew now for almost 2 full years and mounds of facts illustrating neglect, drug use, terroristic threatening, shoplifting, you name it. Absolutely no child support and nobody else in the family could or would take in my nephew to prevent the state from doing so. Yet, we are just now getting a final hearing in October (and we don't know if that will go well). Gonna take a 2nd mortgage to pursue an appeal or adoption in our county depending upon outcome...

Anderson, SC

#21 Sep 13, 2008
Ive been reading these posts, and although i dont know this judge, nor have i ever been in front of her, i can say that shes not the only judge in this town that doesnt listen or care. Ive lived in this town my entire life, and its always been the same politics. If your in front of a judge, your made to feel like a 'dirtbag', using someone else's words. lol. Judge Phelps is the same way. She doesnt listen to both sides the same, seems to already have her mind made up, threatens to throw you out of her courtroom, for no apparent reason, you get to where you dont even want to speak for fear that your going to go to jail.
This town is about money, who you are, who you know, etc. In my opinion, there is no justice. And at the same time, we small little people are to shut up and like it, cause there is nothing we can do to change it because behind every judge, cop, lawyer, there is another one just like them waiting to take their place. Its very very sad.

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