Tiffany klapheke

Beckley, WV

#81 Sep 3, 2012
Sadface wrote:
<quoted text>
"Come on man we gotta get the f**k outta here! Grab anything we might need.... Weed, ugh snacks... Fruit rollups!"
posted twice at 3:10 and 3:28 August 28th on
Police were dispatched just before 4 pm.
How do you kow she posted this on her facebook?
The One Who Knows

Haslet, TX

#82 Sep 3, 2012
Honest Abe wrote:
<quoted text>
It is very unlikely that Tiffany allowed any friend to be close enough to her to know this tragedy was occurring.

Tiffany has never had a close "best friend". She does not have the ability to have a reciprocal relationship. Her focus has always been on herself alone.

Tiffanys insecurity caused her to pursue other girls boyfriends. She needed the fix or high she got from being able to charm these guys away from their girlfriends. Once she had the guy, she dumped him,

Tiffany would not commit suicide. Any attempt would be purely attention seeking. She would never do it. She loves herself too much for that.
The One Who Knows

Haslet, TX

#83 Sep 3, 2012
Cat wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, way to spread all her business around. For the record, just about everyone knows that. We just don't talk about it because some people have, what is it again? Oh yeah, CLASS.
Oh, I think I know you. Are you one of Mark Scotts pedophile friends?
Honest Abe

United States

#84 Sep 3, 2012
The One Who Knows wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, I think I know you. Are you one of Mark Scotts pedophile friends?
Haha.... Focus!! Focus! Let's get back on track!

Louisville, KY

#85 Sep 3, 2012
Tiffany and Casey Anthony - very parallel situations. When I raised my kids, I never thought about myself (to a fault). Their welfare was most important. But did we do that to the degree that we've produced so many narcissistic children, particularly young women? Put them first to the point that they couldn't tolerate anything but focus on them? I'm afraid it's affecting their friendships, careers, marriages and parenting now. They can't handle anything that's not instantly gratifying and beneficial to them in some way.
We all know life doesn't always go our way and we develope coping skills to compensate, but...
Have we taken away the coping skills training by making everything instantly easy and "fun"? Rewarded even marginally good behavior too often and too heavily? Closed our eyes to bad behavior, made excuses and placed blame on others in an effort to protect them from any consequences? "Fixed" too much for them?
Did we care more about being liked by our kids than holding them to standards that we were held to at the risk that they'd be angry with us?
Is this trend of their parental neglect, abuse and homicide the result?
So sad

Georgetown, KY

#86 Sep 3, 2012
I would guess that there is something lacking in the personalities of people who do this. Our society views a mother as someone who should be caring, loving, and sacrifice for their children; the father as a provider.
Perhaps that's the way I was raised. Today, that most likely is not the norm.
In comparing Tiffany to Casey, I see both as narcissistic, only focusing on themselves, without ability to empathize with others. Both viewed their children as burdens which they did not want or at least did not want to interfere with their fun.
I do not know Casey's history but I do know Tiffany's. It truly is a horror story on what a little girl should never have to go through.
This being said, she truly does know right from wrong and should face the penalty for the death of Tamryn and the abuse of the other babies.
Did family or society fail Tiffany? I can honestly say no. She made the decisions herself. There are no excuses. Yet perhaps, if she had had a "normal" childhood without foster homes and sexual abuse, things may have turned out differently. While Tiffany is responsible for Tamryn's death, there are others who are responsible for the abuse which Tiffany endured.
No child should be raped and sodomized by their adoptive father.
No mother should neglect their children.
Godspeed Thomas to your little girls. Hold them tight and kiss them for all of us whose heart goes out to you and them.

Louisville, KY

#87 Sep 3, 2012
I'm afraid our societal views are changing from what you posted, although I agree with you completely. That's how I grew up and how my kids were raised.
RAD is overwhelmingly due to neglect and lack of bonding with the mother. We're seeing that a lot in this generation, as in Casey and Tiffany and a whole slew of them we don't hear about. How many RAD kids will be produced from this generation of narcissists, drug addicts, and self-centered young adults who are absent or sporadically involved with them from birth? Mothers were so involved when I was a child, they lived for caring for their families. It was so rare for a mother to abandon, much less kill, her own child. Now it's an every day news story.
How are the children being born now to these mothers ever going to get past the apathy and abuse they get from their parents and develop normal relationships?
ur an idiot!!

Winchester, KY

#88 Sep 3, 2012
The One Who Knows wrote:
<quoted text>Oh, I think I know you. Are you one of Mark Scotts pedophile friends?
- this is not about mark Scott! Abused or not Tiffany did this! She did this terrible thing! Tiffany is to blame! Tiffany is at fault!! Tiffany starved and ignored 3 children for days..... To the point of death!! Tiffany killed a small helpless child!! Tiffany is the bad person in this story! Thousands of parents were abused and/or molested as children, they do not starve, ignore, abuse, and kill their children!! This is not mark Scott's doing it's Tiffany's choices that did this!! Stop the blame game and make her take responsibility for once!!!

Sumter, SC

#89 Sep 3, 2012
Thomas and his daughters are in our prayers!!! I hope he is able to get to his children soon! And hoping he gets all the support he needs during this difficult time!! Being an Air Force wife of 12 years and dealing with many deployments and seeing husbands coming home to bad situations this is by far the worst! We will continue to pray for him, the girls and everyone that has been dealing with this horrible situation!
So sad wrote:
Taberlee and Tatum are doing well physically. Obviously, there are emotional issues that will need to be dealt with. Taberlee is afraid of being alone, of being in a room with doors, and other things.
The girls are still in the hospital but their grandma and papa are with them as well as nurses and hospital volunteers.
Thomas is still tied up with Air Force red tape at Dyess. I cannot imagine how much he desires to see his girls.
So many issues to deal with in the coming weeks for the family including making sure Thomas has help with the girls, professional help for Taberlee, laying Tamryn to rest, Etc.
Keep Thomas and the girls in your prayers. This family needs them.

Georgetown, KY

#90 Sep 3, 2012
This bitch is sick and twisted. All she's worried about is being "stuck in here on a 500,000$ bond" hah bitch please. You didn't care about your children. Poor babies. And poor husband.

Chicago, IL

#91 Sep 3, 2012
Is this Marc Scott the same man who is allowed to mediate for family court here in Scott Co?

United States

#92 Sep 3, 2012
I was abused as a child, I didn't grow up to abuse or kill one of my children. Really, how many people had a great childhood? Probley not as many as the ones that didn't. She deserves whatever she gets.
sweet babies

United States

#93 Sep 3, 2012
To so sad.....I had seen that u posted something about the babies....that's the main thing to worry n pray about right now..I'm not into all this drama but I do read it and it gets crazy and ridiculous...thanks for the update on the babies I was wondering about them in Thomas I am a friend and can't find anything out....
So sad

Georgetown, KY

#94 Sep 3, 2012
I don't believe it's the same Mark Scott-at least I hope it isn't.
Yes, she deserves what she gets. And I hope that little mercy is shown to her by the courts in Texas. I assume that there would be one charge of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felony child abuse. It would also in interesting to find out when the last time CPS visited these children in their home.
The only blame is on Tiffany in regards to Tamryn. Her adoptive father, Mark Scott, will pay his dues for rape and sodomy of a child in the next life.
We are all trying to make sense of this. Honestly, we never will understand. It takes a sick person to be this callous to any child, let alone their own.
I did see pictures of the girls today from the hospital. They are looking better each day.
God Bless all of you for your prayers and love for these precious girls.

Louisville, KY

#95 Sep 3, 2012
I know it's still early in this, but some of the family or close friends should start a memorial to help Thomas and the girls. I know the military does a lot but he's going to need all the help he can get and a veteran should never have to ask for it. Please post on here if you do, I'd like to help in some way.
So sad

Georgetown, KY

#96 Sep 3, 2012
Sarah, thank you. I am working on a website to take donations for the girls. Basically, they are starting all over given the living conditions.
I will have more information shortly.
Sahm in Abilene

Amarillo, TX

#97 Sep 3, 2012
So sad wrote:
Sarah, thank you. I am working on a website to take donations for the girls. Basically, they are starting all over given the living conditions.
I will have more information shortly.
I'm not military but I do know that many in the Abilene community will pitch in and help with whatever these babies need. I myself have 3 girls (+ 1 boy) and have clothes, blankets, etc to offer as well as lots of prayers daily. My heart goes out to these two little girls and I wish they could've known the love of a nurturing mother. Will check back for website info
Family friend

Frankfort, KY

#98 Sep 4, 2012
So sad wrote:
Sarah, thank you. I am working on a website to take donations for the girls. Basically, they are starting all over given the living conditions.
I will have more information shortly.
Great! I've been asking if there's anything my family& I can do. Please let us know if there's anything specific, they need.

Silver Spring, MD

#99 Sep 4, 2012
I have been terribly devastated by this tragedy and I normally don't post but I was moved to post because of the fund/website being discussed. I'll check back in and in the meantime will start a fund with our Church so that when it becomes available I can transfer the funds to where ever the website/fund requires.
Just praying for all involved, including Tiffany. It's incredibly tragic and the remaining daughters will always love their mother, because she is their mother. No judgements here; just diligent prayers. My little girl was killed at five, and although I didn't kill her; I just know the depths of despair in burying a child. It's completely un-natural for a parent.
plz update when you have any information as to where the $ should be sent
So Sad

Georgetown, KY

#100 Sep 4, 2012
Thank you all for your concern. I am working on the website today and hope to have it up and going tonight.
Basically, here is the current situation:
The home is almost a total loss. You can imagine what days, if not weeks, of soiling the carpet, etc. would do to a home. Thomas and the two girls will be moving into a new place as soon as possible. We certainly do not want them back at that house. Additionally, most of the clothes are a total loss given that they had not been washed for weeks. Thomas will have to pay for replacement of the carpeting once he leaves.

Growing up without a mother is traumatic in itself. But Taberlee knows what her mother did to her and her sisters. That is the future psychological trauma that this family faces.
The family is still working on the funeral arrangements for Tamryn. Another emotional issue that has to be handled.
I am hoping to have the bank account, and paypal account completed this afternoon so that I can upload the website.
God Bless all of you.

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