Can't find rental property that allow...
No Tolerance 4 Ignorance

Phoenix, AZ

#81 Mar 23, 2012
Not my neighbor wrote:
Glad u cannot find an Apt cause most likely there would be kids living there. These dogs should be nowhere near kids. If one moved near my house I would see that it is put to sleep one way or the other.
Your just ignorant & have no clue

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#82 Mar 25, 2012
Do u have a brain clot? Because u sound like u r in your own little world! Grow up and care about someone else besides yourself!

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#83 Mar 25, 2012
Ughhhh wrote:
I am a responsible Pitbull owner. I put my dog in shows ect... I can't find rental property without breed restrictions!
That is crazy. I know when I went to the Lexington Human Society, I could not believe how many pit bulls occupied the dog pens. It is sad, these dogs have such a bad rep. As far as dogs go and property owners who allow it. It may be an insurance issue for the owner.

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United States

#84 Mar 25, 2012
Like I said, me,me,me!O:-) Lol!

Kitchener, Canada

#85 Mar 25, 2012
Give them to me. Iv always had a fantasy about doing a wet pitbull up the rump.

Since: Jan 12

United States

#86 Mar 25, 2012
Hahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahh hahahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha !
Pitbull owner

Los Angeles, CA

#87 Apr 21, 2012
Pitbulls are the best.

Louisville, KY

#88 Apr 23, 2012
I lowered my pitbull 4" and put 22s on him.

Georgetown, KY

#89 Apr 28, 2012
Pitbulls are bred to be viscous. They are bred to fight. They are bred to bite. They are bred to cause damage. They are bred to kill. That's the reality. It's in their DNA, and there's nothing you can do to change that.

You wouldn't keep a Lion or Tiger the same way you keep a Pitbull, right? If you want to own a Pitbull, keep him in a cage, and live way out in the country away from other people.

Sad fools who say Pitbulls get a bad rap need to look at the facts. You can start right here:
Doggy Lover

United States

#90 Apr 29, 2012
I have pitbull/american pitbull mixes for sale if anyone is interested I don't know how else to get to word across. My email is [email protected]
Doggy Lover

United States

#91 Apr 29, 2012
And to you need to check your stats...infact I just read in the toledo blade almost ALL of the dogs put to sleep at the pound were actually found not to be pitbulls after they were already killed infact some still didn't even have any pitbull at all but they looked like them. So obviously people who thinks pits are vicious and kill them like local pounds need to realize that a dog they put to sleep for being vicious wasn't actually a pit bull. Dogs are only how they are treated it isn't their fault that the people who choose to own them train them to fight its the idiots who fight them. Animals are how you treat them period. The only dog I've ever got bit by were itty bitty lap pitbulls and my fosters dogs so I've been around quite a few.
yeah wrong

Lansing, MI

#93 Aug 27, 2012
were you walking up the street or looking out the window when you saw this? perhaps you were simultaneously carrying a window through which you were looking while carrying a gun.

United States

#94 Aug 27, 2012
I have the perfect soultion to your problem blow its brains out.pitts are useless as a companion dog in my opinion everyone of them need to be killed.
Sam Vail-KIlgore-Tex as

Kilgore, TX

#95 Sep 11, 2012
Wow, a pit attacked a person. Now you're scared for the rest of your life. Really? Little yappy dogs (Chihuahuas especially in my experience) show more human aggression than pits consistently. The difference is that small dogs bite small. That makes for uninteresting headlines in the papers. Sure, pits have attacked humans. So has every other breed. Sure, pits were bred and trained to fight. That has nothing to do with the breed as a whole. Just because you train a mechanic to work on cars doesn't mean every person like said mechanic will be able to work on cars without that training. Breed discrimination is no different than racism or sexism. Like it or not, the media has made your mind up for you. All they were after was to sell a headline. You bought it, and without checking any facts in contrast, formulated an uneducated opinion. That makes you ignorant to the subject as a whole, and your opinion hollow and useless.

San Jose, CA

#96 Dec 30, 2012
killer wrote:
<quoted text>1 in a hundred are probably good.i honestly dont or could never see them as being a good pet to have around kids,or in an apartment complex.
you are an ignorant, sad person. prejudice for no reason and with lack o information. what if suddenly people fitting your physical description were ruled as stupid and dangerous an should be killed. or if, God forbid, you have a breed of dog that is suddenly deemed dangerous and had to be put down. you protest, wouldn't you? idiots like you are the reason the world sucks an is full of stupidity and danger. seriously. educate yourself before you judge.
O my gosh

Lockport, IL

#97 Dec 30, 2012
They r nanny dogs and they r a special kind of hungry.

Paris, KY

#98 Dec 30, 2012
Ughhhh wrote:
I am a responsible Pitbull owner. I put my dog in shows ect... I can't find rental property without breed restrictions!
the dog is renting take you dog and live there.

Fredericksburg, VA

#100 Jan 11, 2013
Okay, yes it is difficult finding places to live with pitbulls. But its people like yourself that sterotype them. A pit is just like any dog. If the owner raises them appropriately them they are very predictable and harmless. I have had a pit my whole life, you would never know she was a pit unless you were trying to hurt her family and if you are doing that then you deserve to be attacked!!!!!!!
Your an idiot wrote:
<quoted text>
The only thing I see in this comment is an idiot writing. Were you aware that some of the most aggressive dogs are the smallest ones. It is unfortunate that pitbulls are muscular because people abuse that. You can not fight a chihuahua because they are small but they are more aggressive than pitbulls the only problem is their bite isn't nearly as hard. So would you put a chihuahua to sleep because they are mean. And about pitbulls being near children. You are a fool. I had my dog a year before my child was born and immediately he took to her, protecting her, consoling her when she cried. Also, he has been around 6 of my nieces and nephews and he allows them to pull on his tail, ears etc. without so much as a flinch. You try doing that to a cocker spaniel or a jack russel terrier. That is right you wouldn't be able to. Obviously you are not an education person and I pray that you become less naive as your years progress because with this mentality you truly are limiting yourself.

Fredericksburg, VA

#101 Jan 11, 2013
sorry i read ur post incorrect and totally agree with you. My son is 3 and my pit has been around him his whole life. Sits on him, rides his back, plays in his food when he eats and my pitty loves it and has never snapped at him and I got her at 7 weeks, a week before she was suppose to leave her mom and she has been the best dog ever!!! people need to read or get more knowledgeable because any dog aggressive or not if the are raised to be mean or they are abused then they will be aggressive period. Not just pits!!!!!

Lexington, KY

#102 May 13, 2014
killer wrote:
<quoted text>1 in a hundred are probably good.i honestly dont or could never see them as being a good pet to have around kids,or in an apartment complex.
So totally false. I own and rescue pit bulls. Right now we have 7 pits and a husky and he is the only reactive dog we have.

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