central ky bariatric and pain management

central ky bariatric and pain management

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Lexington, KY

#1 Mar 27, 2011
is this the pain clinic everyone is talking about going to for pain management? I heard no pharmacy will fill for them? Why won't they fill for them?
Not Sure but

Morehead, KY

#2 Mar 27, 2011
They have more than one location across Kentucky it seems. I rarely have heard of anyone having a problem getting a prescription filled by them. It might help if you can go to a pharmacy where they already know you and your past prescription drug history, as I am going to go for the first time soon and already discussed this with the pharmacy that already knows I am a chronic pain patient. I'm only changing doctors.

There is a Topix REVIEW of one of their places in which a member claims they ARE NOT any sort of pill mill, and they do all sorts of things to catch dealers and abusers. I believe if you try another pharmacy they might fill any responsible prescription from them. Any pharmacy that wont fill their prescriptions just has no idea how this place operates.
Concerned citizen

London, KY

#3 Mar 27, 2011
They seem to be a pill mill. They screen but they don't use a lab. Go if you want but they are being watched very close by the DEA. Only legit pain clinics use labs to check the patients urines.

Morehead, KY

#4 Mar 28, 2011
They do not seem like a pill mill based on what others have posted most recently (there must be 5 or 6 threads about this place on topix in different cities in Kentucky). And even the drug testing of urine in such collection labs first do a simple walmart quality dip-stick drug test first before they bother to screen the urine any further through a gas detection machine so they can keep their profits high. I know a person that used to work at such and outfit. The use of a lab for testing does not mean crap, for one thing the labs are often wrong and do not even detect common nerve meds and such because I have seen it happen. Next think about the math- If a pain clinic charges $200 a month that is high enough PLUS the cost of meds, we do not need $250 urine checks on every person because then the clinic raises their rates. Also Kentucky has the toughest anti-pill mill laws of any state near us, just look up the laws.

And of course the DEA is watching. Every single opiate 'script has a DEA # stamped on it, they do not need to be told what they already know. The clinics do drug testing and random pill counts and at the prices they plus a pharmacy charges, just how the heck is a dealer going to make a profit or how long would a true abuser last before getting caught?

The clinic is keeping a close eye on what is going on out of state as they screen new patients for any out of state evidence of getting meds in Florida or where ever. This became very obvious to me based on their questions and gathering of my most personal information. Not a pill mill to me.

I have an appointment for this place, and I learned a lot via the last phone conversation. I had to call more than once to even get a chance to make an appointment and I mainly got in because I am already being treated by another doctor and I just want to change to a doctor that I feel does more to control pain. An abuser could easily buy pills off the street cheaper than jumping through all the hoops this place has and pay about a thousand for monthly meds for one person, while Florida has patients going doctor to doctor on the same day as they gather hundreds of pills to bring back. A dealer would be hard press to make a profit on this local clinic based on how I am advised they prescribe meds too.

Giving Florida's Governor sudden change of heart about putting a prescription monitoring system in place it seems to me that the DEA will still have to stay on Florida's ass- Florida is making too much money, and they have to be making a killing on taxes too- Thats why they suddenly changed their mind about putting into place their prescription monitoring data base- it would mean a depression for their state!! So Florida remains Kentucky's main problem with people down there reporting in some parking lots having 90% Kentucky plates on the cars/trucks. And as fast as they close them new ones open up. And I want nothing to do with it because I think the day will come where the DEA may just take a week and bust the entire state down there due to lack of cooperation.

Lexington, KY

#5 Apr 1, 2011
Does anybody know what this clinic gives out? The only reason i ask cause i can't take methadone because i am currently prescribed xanax. I am used to getting 168 30mg oxycodone and hydrocodone. This medicine really helps me i don't want to go up but try to stay around the same so i can continue working with a little bit of pain. I don't want to be zoned out or anything like a lot of some of the others that go down south looking for the ones that give the most that's not what i want just enough to be comfortable.

Anderson, SC

#6 Apr 1, 2011

Lexington, KY

#7 Apr 3, 2011
I heard.. IDK, but others say its very legit, although they say it seems to be a somewhat legit "pillmill". Ppl have told me the docs are from Fl and you don't get turned down and the office stays packed.

Morehead, KY

#8 Apr 3, 2011
Believe me, I just spent a LONG time over there trying to get with their program, and it is NOT even close to being a pill mill! I have went through hell and back just trying to get ANYTHING there, and let me tell you, it's sure isn't easy for me to get prescribed anything for my pain. I have heard people crying in pain and still have about 100 hoops to jump through and watch them get handed scripts for meds on the $4.00 list at Walmart.. They want solid proof of your pain and even though I did everything asked I still feel strongly that my $250 could of been better spent. I was not prescribed anything that is addictive, all though I have been prescribed hard pain meds for many years and just wanted to change doctors.

The remarks about druggies is way out of line. Nobody should have to suffer and everyone I meet there had very legit problems and solid medical evidence before they ever got in. Just forget this notion they are like those places in Florida, I have been in one of their offices a few times and I swear everything is legit. If anything they make it extremely difficult for many long term chronic pain patients to be prescribed anything.

Frankfort, KY

#9 Apr 8, 2011
It is sad to say that we live in a society where we do have to worry about people abusing drugs that were meant to help. But there are still people out there that do actually have problems and need help.

The cost of health care and our great government has made it almost impossilbe to get any type of help for cronic pain. And even if you don't have it yourself, you still have to understand that there are people out there that do and need medication to function on a day to day basis. You know, so they can walk! And Work! And take care of their families.

I am not saying that there aren't people who abuse it. I'm just saying that the true abusers can get whatever they want from any doctors office. They know how to work the system.

Next time you think of bashing people who need pain management, just think what you would do if you were in their shoes.

Cincinnati, OH

#10 Apr 11, 2011
Your a very mean person. I worked two jobs before getting sick. Due to no health insurance and no help with the pain. I no longer have work and my life to a dramatic dip into Hell.
well well

United States

#11 Apr 16, 2011
You know theres always so people that have to be neg I was crushed between to cars have had5 surges that pain killers everyday im a druggie it people like inknowwhat that needs to go after the drs they are the one started this shit making brug that are worse than crack cok opys are the worst thing on the drug market but there very good for pain theres people that abuse them but i work everyday and i walk in to my work place witch is for the gov there 55 percent of the people there on ppills so people that think all people that ttakes a pill is a druggie what in your med cab.everyone in america take drugs one time in there life my brother is fighting cancer is he druggie you people run your mouths about the pain clinic you beter be right with god because if the people going there there the ones that have to answer to god so think about it is god going to be happy your on here bad mouthing others when you dont know there storie its say judge not to be judged.so people do your pain pills right and dont abuse them.god bless
Drug Testing

Grayson, KY

#12 Apr 21, 2011
I am going for my second time within a couple weeks. On my first visit they drug tested every single pain patient AND they had a sign up that a person watches ever patient "pee" in order to rule out methods of spiking or substituting another person's urine to pass.

I also have heard the same thing another member here posted about the urine drug testing labs all using a fast quick dipstick/cup test (sold at any pharmacy) and if everything tested negative on the first screen they do not do any further lab testing on such urine samples, they simple pass the negative results on. But if the simple test is positive to anything they further scan the sample though a machine to find out the exact drug being used, be they prescribed or non-prescribed drugs, as they only test for what asked for and do not know what a patient is taken or the reasons for the test.

They test for 3 reasons:#1: They want to make sure you test positive for any opiates etc they are prescribing you. If you are negative for the opiates prescribed they assume you took them too fast (abuse which can kill) OR you are you are a dealer that is selling all/most of your pills.#2: They want to know if you are positive for any street drugs, which if found will result in the patient legally being withheld future opiate prescriptions based on the assumption if the patient is using street drugs then they are likely to be abusing or selling their pills. Finally #3: These urine tests are said to be observed (prevent cheating) AND it is exactly how most outlines for pain clinics are encouraged to do and most law enforcement expect bogus "pill mills" to rarely if ever preform such strict drug testing because pill mills only want your money. Some pill mills even take cash to not wait and be the next patient seen, for prices like $200 more (info found online news).

Hard core addicts have a very difficult time taking pills as prescribed AND still test positive for them while also be negative for any non-prescribed or street drugs. There is no need for a "lab" in the context of how this clinic watches each patient (as their sign reads) "pee" into the cup. A lab is not needed in this context, and will only drive high rates even higher while not resulting in any real protection from abusers/dealers.

Like a few others here I have gone for one visit, found one woman up front to be extremely rude to all patients, but the doctor seemed caring yet prescribed me a really weak non-addictive pain med after I have already been prescribed some of the strongest pain meds right here in my home town. My pcp thought it was in my best interest to see a pain clinic, but I went without his written referral and one rude woman at the front simply is rude to all patients and tried to kick me out even after I made an appoinment on the telephone. Otherwise I agree with those that say all the otehr workers are very nice, and the doctor I seen was NOT dr Finch, as I understand he left. But my doctor spent over 30 minutes taking notes on me, but I left feeling like he put me on some very worthless pain meds considering my condition and having a past showing what an extremely high tolerance I have due to many years of taking what my pcp prescribed me. It cost me hundreds of $$ to top it all of.

I hope and pray things go better on my next visit as I am no abuser, I only need meds in order to function, work and live my daily life. Most people do not know how bad the toll on the body that true chronic pain patients really is. What is too strong a med for some may be just the right dose for a person with a high tolerance.

Sorry for the long "book". I rarely post here so I try to fit everything in one post.

God Bless.
Drug Testing

Grayson, KY

#13 Apr 21, 2011
My post directly above applies ONLY to the WINCHESTER clinic, but I assume they both operate in much the same way.
wake up people

Gary, IN

#14 Jun 6, 2011
PILLLLLLLLLLLLLL MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I live very close to this place, spend a lot of time around druggies, and work in health care. They love this place, all talk about it, can't wait to go back, and simply love not having to drive all the way to Fl, OH, or elsewhere. The pharmacies won't fill prescriptions for these doctors due to the code of ethics that says they don't have to if they feel like a prescription was written without an established Doctor/patient relationship. There is also a reason these places only deal in cash. First of all, most pill heads don't have insurance and this keeps their records internal to prevent insurance audits and drawing attention to themselves. You ever noticed that most of these pain clinic open up off I-75 (i.e. "pill pipeline." Mark my word, they will not be open for more than another year and I would be willing to bet none of the doctors that work there own property in these cities becuase they know it won't last. This is one of the most ingenious marketing strategies I've every seen. Hell, their website offers the exam fees on their homepage in bold letters. They have patients lined up out the door with $250 in hand on the first of the month when everyone gets their checks...Heck with this, I'm tired of ranting, ENABLERS!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#15 Jun 7, 2011
kentuckian wrote:
Does anybody know what this clinic gives out? The only reason i ask cause i can't take methadone because i am currently prescribed xanax. I am used to getting 168 30mg oxycodone and hydrocodone. This medicine really helps me i don't want to go up but try to stay around the same so i can continue working with a little bit of pain. I don't want to be zoned out or anything like a lot of some of the others that go down south looking for the ones that give the most that's not what i want just enough to be comfortable.
You don't want to be zoned out but ur use to takin over 5000 mg a month. Wow noone needs that much medicine that can still work.
concerned wife

Nicholasville, KY

#16 Jul 6, 2011
my husband goes to the central ky bariatric clinic and i assure you that it is a legitt dr .the problem is so many people hear about a dr that isnt afraid to help there patient with pain control and all the blood sucking leaches come out from everywhere . The dr have to see the patients that have been referred from a primary care dr or else they would be sued and it takes 2 3 months to wean out the ones that are there just to get high if a patient is in legitimate pain a dr can tell after just a few visits but it takes that lon. g to just get medical records fpr that patient. last month i personally saw them call poloice on people that were going to georgia and thought they could come here too and yes the dea has been watching this clinic closely due to thelarge amount of narcotics coming from there i hope and pray that they do not shut this clinic down it will definately hurt alot of patients that need pain management most dr wont give you the time of day to explain your pain it is always up to the dr if he writes a script or not most drs are afraid and wont because of the dea.the dea will probably win in the long run and the ones that really need it will suffer. as long as each patient has there documentation that states there is true injury and the dr follows protocol i dont think the dea can touch them but its all the ones with fake mris and false medical records that screw it up for the ones that r legitt so i pray that god will help the drs there wean out all that druggies and help keep this place open these drs have balls that no other dr will and they truely help alot of people that truely need it

Whiting, IN

#17 Jul 11, 2011
Well no one n Frankfort or shelbyville will fill for them especially Dr white and its always double booked appointments at 11 am usually get seen around 5 pm standing room only I got discharged not for peeing dirty or shopping or any thing like that I got discharged for takin a pic of the waiting room being so full and sending it to the owner can ya believe that shit?

San Antonio, TX

#18 Jul 11, 2011
I think one needs to do what works for them. GOod luck.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#19 Jul 11, 2011
pain..ya right..bunch of hypocondriacts is what most people who go to these places are. Find it so hard to believe so many people in this state are in "pain". If you were in so much pain, you'd go to a surgeon and see about getting your problem fixed!! Either A. you're a big baby and can't tolerate any sort of pain or B. you're lying and are really not in pain...you're in withdrawl!!

Someone who is really in pain and wanted to do something about it would find other alternatives or do whatever they could to fix the problem. There are other options to deal with pain like surgery or physical therapy. I had damaged discs for 7 years and ended up having surgery. Best thing I have ever done. Never once did I take a drug but you know what? I got tired of being in pain and not being able to walk well so I did something about it and found a suregon.

And in case most of you don't know...a real doctor like an orthopedic surgeon only charges $80 to $100 for a visit.$250 to a pain clinic is a rip off and obviously not doing you much good because you all still keep crying about how you're in pain even though you take the drugs. And don't talk about how you can't afford a real doctor or surgery...they will let you make payments which is far less than the $250 a month you pain to go to the pill mill.

There are military veterans who've had limbs amputated who re-nlist in the military or go on to do big things like running a marathon...you don't see them crying or whining about being in pain now do you???!!!
Fed up

Louisville, KY

#20 Jul 29, 2011
This is a pill mill...note all positive remarks from Morehead? Wonder who wrote them.
Wake up folks, PILL MILL!!!!!

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