You pay for em one way or you pay for em the other.

Either kick the illegal Mexican aliens out of the section 8 in Pascagoula & give these idiots the money to move into a double wide or a cheap apt.

Either that or pay the obscene amt. of money it costs to put them up at the ADC or city jail where you comp them free dental/health/tv/rec time/3 hots & a cot.

Either pay up & get them into apts./trailers and on food stamps or you pay the more expensive way -- put them in jail & let the costs accrue.

There is no "blight" or "homeless" problem in Pascagoula. The problem is that in the past decade you had the shipyard lose half its jobs while the number of illegal aliens ballooned from under 100 in the late 90s to several thousand now who send their kids to freeload in your public schools(about 10k a year per student I might add, they're costing you millions).

Wanna clean up the blight? Get rid of the illegals, send them back to Texas or whereever they have family out west, put these people to work & give the others the welfare the illegals were stealing.