Fortenberry will win. Gollott from what I've read/been told likes to micromanage & has no clear vision.(not that Fortenberry has a vision either, he just co-opts what others do)

Oh. Mr. Harding.....

I know that guy, met him a few times. Nice guy, really polite but kinda eccentric. I wish people would help him out by giving him advice to stop running, he has no shot in hell in winning.

And since he seems to be from out of state he doesn't seem to understand the way local politics around here or in this state works. People don't run on ideas around here. People vote only on the basis of party or on "who they know" -- Fortenberry is a connected good old boy so that's why people are voting for him.

Dunno what Mr. Harding does for a living(valet?) these days but he'd do himself a favor by staying @ his current job. Nice guy but he doesn't seem to understand just how corrupt local politics is around here.