Boise, ID

#21 Nov 22, 2012
Hope all guilty people associated with sham are prosecuted.

Ocean Springs, MS

#22 Nov 29, 2012
What amazes me is than anyone who is able to do this kind of stealing...from their neighbors and people of their state and other states too, just has no conscience and look at their fellow man as marks. They do not know the meaning of honesty or compassion, and only care for themselves and indulge on booze, drugs, partying and women. They enjoy life on OUR dollar. It doesn't get much worse than this folks. They are the scum of the earth. Everyone that is involved should be drawn into this investigation, because it has the components of a conspiracy. That is why it was able to go on for so long. They all lied for each other and were paid off with money, booze, and women to keep their mouths shut. I don't feel sorry for a single one of them. We are the ones who need to be pitied!
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#23 Nov 30, 2012
Large amounts of money makes people do things that they would not normally do.If you found a way to sell your home for 16 times what it is worth would you? The temptation to do this totally blinds some to the legality of the transaction or the consequences of being exposed. I am sure the sellers knew what they were doing was not right while maybe not illegal.All involved had to work together to make these sales happen or in other words conspired to do so.Was it illegal? Time will tell. Sad thing is that these funds could have been used to benifit people of modest means that need to be relocated from flood prone areas and could not afford to do it any other way. Instead this money was diverted to people of wealth by buying properties under their control for as much as $1,260,000.00 per acre.Where is the public benefit of these purchases? It does not exist.

Diamondhead, MS

#24 Nov 30, 2012
I could not believe what I was reading the 1st time I saw what Walker & his cronies were getting away with on DMR scandals. It is absolutely outrageous that they be allowed to get away with paying their crones 100's of times what the properties were assessed at- and paying these exorbitant amounts to friends and relatives. They all ought to be prosecuted and made to return the money plus do jail time for this obvious fraud paid for by the citizens of Mississippi. Some people have no shame or morals and these people are all in that same boat. Prosecute them for fraud.
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#25 Dec 1, 2012
So confident they could get away with buying useless property at inflated prices with bogus appraisels and then declare there is a public benefit, they did it in the light of day and assumed the taxpaying public would accept it because they are who they are.Wrong. Heard the FBI has visited Scott Walker at his million dollar home very recently.An investigation is ongoing by both state and federal authorities.It will be slow and methodical. It will include many people,all who conspired to pull this scam on the public using money that should have been put to use for the good of everyone,not a select few.Buying 17 acres of salt marsh for $1,250,000. off of Rod and Reel Road that was already put into conservation by Mother Nature is just an example of the boldness of this fraud.If you sold it ,bought it,appraised it or blessed it in any way they are coming for you. You better hire the best attorney these illgotten gains can buy because when it is over they are going to make each and everyone of you responsible for this fraudulent scheme.

Greenwood, MS

#26 Dec 2, 2012
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#27 Dec 2, 2012
Excellent site that always has interesting facts about a wide range of wrongs that are occuring in our area.If you go to the info post please read what the remedy is if these bogus land deals are found not to be in compliance with the guidelines.All future funding will be stopped until a resolve is reached and monies paid back by somebody which could be anyone responsibility including taxpayers of the state of Ms.That would be another slap in the face of the hard working people of our stste.Please take the time to read the info on the CIAP funds and how they are to be used.

Greenwood, MS

#28 Dec 3, 2012
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#29 Dec 3, 2012
After reading the latest info posted on Slabbed.org I wonder if anything set out in the guidelines for the CIAP program were complied with.It is obvious from the OIGs review of just the appraisel process somebody has major problems ahead and the repayment of these funds mispent for useless land must be accomplished.Also this reveiw does not cover all properties purchased,like for example the Scott Walker lot in Gulf Hills is not listed in the review because it was funded in a different way. How many more are there like this one The taxpayers have a right to know.

Greenwood, MS

#30 Dec 3, 2012
3 months in jail +$75,000 fine for 1 similar count in Alabama

See: http://blog.al.com/live/2012/11/judge_imposes...

(link says 3 -year, an error)

Since: Dec 12

Bay Saint Louis, MS

#31 Dec 3, 2012
Great link.
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#32 Dec 4, 2012
Yes I agree that this case is similar.Federal money being used to buy realestate with inflated values from related party.The big difference is the amount of money involved.The money wasted at DMR is going to be at least 500 times greater than this case.And that is just what we know about at this point.This greatly enhances any sentence one might get if convicted of wrong doing.And the fines plus restitution would be in the millions.Time to get a lawyer if you are involved.
Roberta Sparrow

Eagle, ID

#33 Dec 4, 2012
Just wait until the news comes out about them also stealing state money through the Rigs to Reefs program. Yes, the gang's all here...who do you think owned the boats that DMR rented and fixed up and partied on, all at taxpayer's expense? Like,$80,000 for new engines and complete refitting? Why, could it be...David Harris and/or his bogus charity, YADA?
Must be nervous

Ocean Springs, MS

#34 Dec 4, 2012
Also I feel certain that many oil spill clean-up contracts that were presented by you know who will be looked at with a magnifying glass.These contracts are ones that needed DMR approval and got it with the right consultants opening the door at the Bolton Building.
Redneck Riviera

Ocean Springs, MS

#35 Dec 4, 2012
What abot the Palazzo land deal!!!!!!!!!!

Boise, ID

#36 Dec 4, 2012
Here's Harris' YADA charity filing on record http://dynamodata.fdncenter.org/990_pdf_archi... It says he gave $150k away, to whom?!? Can anyone tell me who benefitted from this charity? An organization? Person? School? Anything?

In slabbed.org article mentioned above, the company that did the land valuations and assessments is listed as Global Valuation Services INC which I uncovered is based out of Gulfport but owned by an Ocean Springs resident Jason Garner, married, I believe to Leah Garner, owner of East Beach Specialties. I could be wrong in my research, so please correct me if mistaken.

Boise, ID

#37 Dec 4, 2012
Roberta Sparrow wrote:
Just wait until the news comes out about them also stealing state money through the Rigs to Reefs program. Yes, the gang's all here...who do you think owned the boats that DMR rented and fixed up and partied on, all at taxpayer's expense? Like,$80,000 for new engines and complete refitting? Why, could it be...David Harris and/or his bogus charity, YADA?
WOW so what you're saying is, YADA gave money to DMR for boats?!?!?

I still stand by what I say, NOTHING will happen to these people. Sad, infuriating and unjust, but that's small town politics.

Mcnary, AZ

#38 Dec 5, 2012
ossomom wrote:
<quoted text>
WOW so what you're saying is, YADA gave money to DMR for boats?!?!?
I still stand by what I say, NOTHING will happen to these people. Sad, infuriating and unjust, but that's small town politics.
You know, I hope for fucksake you're wrong. I really do but in the back of my mind there's something festering, like an itch you can't reach. Just nagging @ me & I think you may be right. The politician will get greased a cool 100 grand & a few letters will be written. Politicians will lean on bureaucrats who will "lose" the right paperwork & the lawyers will keep pushing it back & the right good old boy in the regional audit office will get a new boat or vacation to Hawaii with a nod & a wink & paperwork will go "missing."

Typical shit. You know the right ppl -- you always have job security, no matter what.

Greenwood, MS

#39 Dec 5, 2012

See last paragraph of article.

Autauga County man, former USDA employee pleads guilty to wire fraud stemming from $6.2 million theft

By Erin Edgemon | [email protected]
on November 20, 2012 at 3:43 PM, updated November 20, 2012 at 3:44 PM

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- An Autauga County man pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to one-count of felony wire fraud stemming from the theft of approximately $6.2 million in checks made payable to the federal government, U.S. Attorney George L. Beck released.

Ricky Nelson Dawson, 54, will be sentenced next year by the U.S. District Judge Myron H. Thompson. He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Dawson agreed to forfeit the $165,157.30 in his E*Trade account, a 2010 Chrysler Sebring and 2007 Procraft 18-foot boat.

Dawson is out of jail pending sentencing on a $25,000 unsecured bond.

According to court records, Dawson, a United States Department of Agriculture employee had served since 2000 as director of the Bay Minette and Camden offices of USDA's Rural Development programs. One of those programs was the Rural Utilities Service, which provided loans and grants to local water authorities and electric utilities.

Between March 2007 and May 2012, Dawson received checks—all payable to "Rural Development" or a variation thereof—from various water or electric utilities representing funds intended as payment to USDA, according to the court.

Dawson embezzled the checks by depositing them into an account in the name "Ryal Development Farm" that he had opened at First Community Bank, in Chatom. On some of the checks, Dawson hand wrote the letter "y" over the "ur" in "Rural" to make it appear as if "Ryal" Development was the payee of the checks.

After depositing the checks, Dawson transferred the funds into his accounts at Regions Bank and E*TRADE Securities. He also used the funds from later thefts to make payments these water and electric utilities that were the payers of checks Dawson had previously converted and to USDA.

"Government employees that steal will be prosecuted," Beck stated. "Government employees are held to a higher standard than the average citizen because government employees are watchdogs of our federal tax money. As a watchdog of our tax money, Dawson was in a position of trust and those in such a high position must be held accountable."

Ocean Springs, MS

#40 Dec 5, 2012
I bet Walker sr will get in minimal trouble, taking the brunt of the fallout to protect baby Walker. The rest....they'll walk, at most, they might lose their cushy jobs.

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