Wow so they're finally gonna fix it? People in the mall including the pizza place people told me they "would believe it when they see it."

They've been talking up the mall now for years but nothing's happened. I doubt anything will go up. They're gonna shut it down. There's just no demand. People go out of their way to avoid Gautier & east Jackson Co.

People only come to Moss Point & Pascagoula to work @ the industry here. Take that away & these places would be ghosttowns. There's a reason they say a third of the people who work @ the shipyard live in Alabama & another third live in other counties like George or Harrison counties...

If I had the money I'd move out of the region period to somewhere like Atlanta or Dallas or even Orlando but man I understand why people move out there to places like Grand Bay or Latimer or Woolmarket or way up there in Hurley or Lucedale. Who wants to put up with the property taxes & crime?

But yeah, I'll believe it when I see it on the mall. Otherwise its just talk.