What hotels to tax? They have a dump behind Sonic that's basically an apt. complex. They have a run down Best Western on the other end of town that's barely occupied most of the year. Who are they gonna tax?

What restaurants? There are less than 20 restaurants I think in the entire city so its not like they're really gonna be raking in the cash.

And what parks? Before Bacot was abandoned I had never even heard of Buddy Davis Park & I read about it in the newspaper. And even if they upgrade Bacot part -- who in the hell is gonna go there? Its a glorified field for homeboys to walk their pitbulls around on. There were scores of car burglaries & assaults & gunshots around there when they were playing baseball there. An Asian gas station & a self-serve run down laundrymat are the only 2 businesses down that way. They even shut down that car wash because it wasn't worth keeping open.

These idiots would be smart to wait until Walmart is in town with all the new restaurants before they worry about doing this. And even then even if they fix up several of the parks like the one behind 1st Baptist Church & Bacot -- no one will go there as they're all dumps.