wease show undergoes more changes

wease show undergoes more changes

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Holley, NY

#1 Jan 31, 2013
As everyone knows by now a major part of the show has left.The major ??? s are why.

The usual answer has to do with money and I would suspect that is what happened this time.Jammie is a top talent who was a rising star in comedy and with that comes the success that is inevitable.People in that business are highly sought after in Hollywood ..

CC is under immense pressure to deliver profits at any cost and in this case it seems as if that cost them a top notch comedy talent.CC has major debt payments due very very soon and they are obviously cutting corners in detriment to their own cause.

Alan the brother wease el levin was able to find a buyer before the economic collapse and that was lucky for him.As any one can see they have changed how they do business and are chopping and cutting costs wherever they can.

How long will Alan be able to stay on is to be determined but one thing seems to be certain ,money will be the biggest issue and that is just business 101.

No one can ever dismiss the fact that Alan Levin was at one time the top man in the small market of Rochester NY.He was actually the highest rated radio DJ in the country and that is a fact.It must be mentioned that he had no competition until Howard came to town and then he was beat outright. Any one that knows Alan will tell you that this upset him to no end but life moves forward and he has tried to stay on top ever since and is failing miserably .

.Nothing is harder than to watch a old veteran in any business ,sport ,ext ,ext try to hang on past his prime only to finally sulk away knowing they held on too long.My feelings is Alan will actually always find a spot somewhere locally as he never could syndicate successfully and as such the people in the small market of Rochester NY will support him in any diminished time slot there.The big money will just not be available any more . One must never forget the role aging plays in any ones life and even thought Bksie can not be honest ,Alan is fast approaching 70 and that is not a fake number.I personally only wish him the best as I always have but honesty is not what some people want to hear and in this case I wish Alan will stop the hate and stop the anger .No one at 96.5WCMF is responsible for what happened and that is a fact.But it seems as if hate is what Alan has chosen to pursue in regards to that matter.

Holley, NY

#3 Feb 2, 2013
So you deny that Alan is upset with Billy and in turn also Mr Mule because Billy made a off hand remark regarding a pool ?

If the few listeners Alan has left understood the anger and hatred he has toward some people for the fact that they disagree with him on some issues they would start to see how selfish and hypocritical he is.

It certainly seems that Alan is a two faced dj who is running out of options and is turning his anger on old friends and co workers who he once held in high regard.In other words ,Alan made a decision to abandon them and now looks to blame them for his problems.typical when one considers his past ...

Holley, NY

#6 Feb 3, 2013
Well at least he knows he is no longer viable as a Dj in the small market of Rochester NY .They say nothing is worse than to watch a man who still wants to be number one being told it is time to stay home.I can tell you honestly and this is sincere and from my heart that Alan was extremely upset that hoard beat him in the ratings .Even though it was a tenth of a point he still lost and that is a fact.

At this point Alan will always pretend to still be relevant but he is his own worst enemy because he has always mocked the people in that small city and maybe he has a point.The people there are very conservative and Alan is not.

I for one agree completely that Alan and the richest 2 percenters should pay their fair share and stop breaking the backs of the middle class.I can only hope that Alan actually means what he says about this and supports the new tax for the ultra wealthy because he usually talks out of both sides of his mouth and I would not be surprised if he does not agree that he should pay more.If it was up to me the super wealthy would pay 70 percent as the new president of France has imposed on the rich there.

Alan has always preached liberalism and lets hope he meant what he has said.But do not be surprised if he does a 180 because this is what Alan has done before.It is what it is.

Holley, NY

#7 Feb 3, 2013
This is a great article on how Djs are still important today,

“You can’t throw DJs away. You have to work on making the disc jockey an attraction. The history of radio proves that,” says RadioInfo publisher Michael Harrison.“Just because you immediately assume people have short attention spans, doesn’t mean the DJ doesn’t play a role in holding their attention. A few well-chosen words, a heavy dose of charisma and a spark of enthusiasm can actually entice a listener to pay their limited attention to an upcoming song that they otherwise might have either burned out on or worse not realize they want to hear. Personality is not necessarily a tune out.”

Holley, NY

#9 Feb 4, 2013
What problem Bksie. I am embracing the liberal policies he and the President have endorsed. What are you talking about.

Brockport, NY

#10 Feb 4, 2013
The best change would be Wease retiring.
See ya !!!

Brockport, NY

#12 Feb 5, 2013
The point is..more like we won't have to hear Wease

Holley, NY

#14 Feb 5, 2013
It is true that Alan is a complainer and even though he will not debate me for reasons of pure fear he still can cause people to react to him.That is all Alan wants at this point ,he really does not care what the debate is ,its all about stirring peoples emotions and even though he is not number one any more in the small radio Market of Rochester NY ,he is still trying to remain relevant.

Look at the facts ,Alan is still working and it sure seems as if he HAS to work and its not the love of radio that keeps him getting up at the earliest hours of the morning and going to the most boring repetitive corporate meetings in the world.

Alan in his prime could show up 5 minutes before air time hang out for a few hours and race off and enjoy being a big fish in a small pond.He was the highest radio show in a market for a while and that is a fact.However he let that slip and Howard beat him outright and he has never been able to recover from that time.

He even tried to syndicate and was run out of Buffalo. At this point it is obvious to any one in the business that Alan has to continue to work .It is possible that I am wrong but i doubt it.He would have never ever put up with the BS he is dealing with now.They are blowing up the show he is on at their will and he smiles and says thank you CC .Not one person besides his professional dog walker is left on the show he is on and that is not conducive to starting a new show from scratch.
Lets remember people Alan will be 67 in the blink of a senior citizens eye and that is a fact.Look for Alan to stay on the air until they force him out..

By the way this is sincere heartfelt and from my heart ,look for Alan to make lots of excuses to say why he will want to stay on the air and this will include the people who he will say depend on him for a salary ( even though he was happy to use them when it served him). What man would not want to retire at 67 and be able to spend time at home and never ever worry about money again.I really hope he will not stoop to asking listeners for donations but It would not surprise me.

Holley, NY

#19 Feb 17, 2013
The new rumor is that CC is continuing to change the show Alan is on.Seems as if they just can not find the right mix to garner the money they are spending.Why else would they let one of the best comedians in the country slip away.

As I have predicted the changes just keep on coming over there and not one person is left from the original show Alan is on,not one .Unless you count Alan's semi servant Bill.That can not be good for the continuity of any radio show.
west 4th lake

Ardsley, NY

#21 Feb 17, 2013
semper fi forever wrote:
But you keep ignoring the fact, that THE SHOW IS NUMBER ONE, IN THE BIG NUMBER DEMOGRAPHIC!!!!!!!!!!
When you have all crap shows in Rochester and you're #1? Well that still leaves you in a group of crappy shows.


Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#23 Feb 18, 2013
RFCBF wrote:
I thought bob Lonsberry was number 1 ??
That a joke,everyone knows that you can't think troll.

Holley, NY

#24 Feb 18, 2013
Bksie is akin to a politician who skews polls and number any way they can to get the desired result.

It is why he is so angry when it comes to talking about the facts.As you can see he still does not want to mention how many changes that the show Alan is on has undergone.I guess because he does not want to believe the truth an alternate universe must be created to help with self assurance issues.

I also find it strange at a bit gay that a Man has to defend another man as if Alan can not defend himself and to be honest that is the way it looks.Strange for some one to fall on their sword for a man who has let lots and lots of people down from flesh and blood to close family members.

Just not alot to see in Alan from any perspective and that is a fact.But yet some people have to find a way to defend him and that is some strange behavior.I can tell you that Alan only worries about Alan .
maggie B

Geneva, NY

#26 Aug 20, 2013
semper fi forever wrote:
WOW, gary's off his meds again,'THE SOUND AND THE FURY, THAT SIGNIFIES NOTHING!!!!!!" What a pathetic excuse for a human being.Rambling on and on, jsut because Wease wouldn't pay for his sex change operation!!!!!!!!!!
it appears that Wheeze pays ppl 2 stik up 4 him...sadly he never pays 4 anything!
Ha Ha


#27 Aug 20, 2013
maggie B wrote:
<quoted text> it appears that Wheeze pays ppl 2 stik up 4 him...sadly he never pays 4 anything!
Wheeze pays semper fi with sexual favors.
semper fi is latin for "nose always up wheeze butt"
Das right chillren

Fairport, NY

#28 Aug 20, 2013
Any time I tuned in to Wease's show over the years, In A Gadda Da Vida was playing. We're talking odds of 800 kazillion to 1 here, maybe more.

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