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Some fans are idiots

Johnson City, TN

#21 Sep 7, 2012
Big Blue Fan is completely wrong to call out a child on a forum. This person is nothing but a low life to do that to a child who is playing a game. I agree with A true fan. Its going to be a tough year. That happens in sports. Some people have no place being fans and should go back to hanging out at the video game aisle at Wal-Mart.
Just saying

Nickelsville, VA

#22 Sep 8, 2012
I cannot believe that someone would get on a public site and write something so nasty. It's bad enough to call yourself a fan and talk about an adult but to talk about a child that was doing the best he could at that time. Just because GC has had a top team for so many years doesn't mean that they can't have some bad games. Hopefully the season will improve my suggestion to you "Big Blue Fan" (NOT) is to just not go to the games until they start winning then jump back on the band wagon. In the mean time don't talk your nasty stuff about the coaches and especially the children who are playing their hearts for their team, school and even you . If your a true fan, well you should be a fan when they are winning and when they are losing.
Blue Devil

Lawndale, NC

#23 Sep 8, 2012
Amazing stupidity wrote:
Some people always seem to amaze me. Blue Devil you are the one that is not with the program. First of all, Colloier does not call the plays...Gose does from the booth. Because Gose is the oc. Second, several kids came back to play this year because Collier was coaching. He is probably the most liked of all of them. I know this for a fact because my son is one of them. My son and I talked about the kid coming to the sidelines hurt. My son said Gary told him to sit down on the field in order to get a "free" timout to give them time to get his replacement in the game. Sounds like smart coaching to me. Support the program that you have proved you know nothing about.
Well I don't see that as smart coaching on the kids parts. Cause I thought that smart coaching would be to use the timeouts you were given when you know that you have a hurt player. So I don't see nothing smart about our boys not having someone to stand up and support them. So I say if you know you have a hurt player then waste a timeout to get them off the field.
Blue Devil

Lawndale, NC

#24 Sep 8, 2012
Well I am sure glad to know that we have put the oc in the box where he has no sure control over the offense. It doesn't matter what Gose calls from the box if Collier doesn't call it on the sideline. So I really regret to inform you that you should check your information cause I sure don't think Gose has that much influence. I think that since I am certain to know who you are Amazing stupidity I know why you jump so to defend Collier. But I don't mind that you defend him cause opinions are like A$$ holes and we all have one. I just think the kids deserve better than Collier wants to give them.
concerned fan

United States

#25 Sep 8, 2012
This year is a rebuilding year, but what happened to our little league and JV programs? These young boys are weak on the basics. They were not prepared for these first 4 games the way they should have been. The strong pipeline from LL up has always been GC's strength. Our problems didn't start on the varsity field.

The biggest problem lies with why the senior players won't play. They almost walked out last year but sucked it up for the school. But the problem continues to prevent our better players from showing up on the field.

Several key issues that need to be worked out before GC gets back on top.

Gate City, VA

#26 Sep 8, 2012
Last year it was all D Reed's fault and this year it's all G Colliers fault. The funny thing is Housey and his whole fam damily are ruining things at GC ..Colliers isn't even the off coordinator-- Gose is ,and it wouldn't matter who was calling the plays our boys aren't big enough and don't have enough talent to be playing schools this much larger than us. We will have a tuff time competing in the Clinch Mountain this year and years to come as long as Housey and his boys keep running off players. Just wait and see this isn't going to end well

Gate City, VA

#27 Sep 8, 2012
Just face it Gate City football sucks because the talent just isn't there. The players are young, inexperienced, small, and weak. No coach can win with a team like that. As a true fan you just have to support them and hope some talent is coming.
Outside the Box

Axton, VA

#28 Sep 8, 2012
Anyone know when the Alumni game is gonna be played?

Rathdrum, ID

#29 Sep 9, 2012
the kids are busting their hind ends, no offense at all to the players. why did the coach or whoever agree that we need to play three teams that was gonna almost totally wipe out our team before the league games come around? i would love to have an answer to that. that could be said that it will give them the experience before they get to the league games. but we won't have any players left to play at the rate you are going. how many concussions now? if i were the parent of a player with a concussion, that would be the end of playing under this coaching staff. and i would really like to know about the seniors. why they are not coming out, and why they almost quit last year. it looks a lot worse on the coaching staff then it does the players. hang tough boys. it won't always be like this!

United States

#30 Sep 10, 2012
Outside the Box wrote:
Anyone know when the Alumni game is gonna be played?
Oct 6th at Gate City vs North.
Blue Devil

Stanfield, NC

#31 Sep 10, 2012
Sandman wrote:
<quoted text>Oct 6th at Gate City vs North.
I think it is Powell Valley not North. That what I heard. Also heard the Jones brothers will be back.

United States

#33 Sep 12, 2012
as one of you on here said about the reason that gate city has to play those bigger teams. lets face it that is not true. i am sure they could have got somebody besides those college sized teams. i wish someone from the coaching staff would address that issue in the gate city paper or on here for that matter.
Past and Present

Johnson City, TN

#34 Sep 12, 2012
Now GC fans are starting to understand how some of the young teams of the past have felt when they played a much larger and older Gate City team. Now that the times have changed some the fans don't like what they are seeing. The present has caught up with the past.
Blue Devil

Conover, NC

#35 Sep 12, 2012
Well I think this has gone way off course here. I sure thought we was on here about the treatment of players by the coaches. I total disagree that GC was EVER as good as Harlan. I have seen a lot of Blue Devils but none that could compare. I just think that the treatment of the players is a shame. Some of those boys bust there a$$ to play and because they are not the chosen few they don't get to show their talent. I have thought about this long and hard and I must say that with the exception of 3 I am very ashamed of our coaches. Oh and in those three let me say they are not all varsity coaches. So coaches I say even those kids without the proper name and family deserve a shot. Play them on talent no cause who they are. We would have a whole new starting lineup if that were the case.
Past and Present

Johnson City, TN

#36 Sep 14, 2012
Can the Devils wins their first game of the season or will it be more of the same.
Great job

Charlottesville, VA

#37 Sep 14, 2012
Well mr. Big blue fan....If you have any sense at all, I bet you are embarrassed just about know. I just heard that the Bowen and collier duo just scored a 77 yard touchdown. Great play and great call. So far collier has had three touchdowns! Karma's a bitch!

Mr. Big blue fan, maybe you should start to focus on the defensive issues instead.
Just saying

Nickelsville, VA

#38 Sep 14, 2012
Mr Big blue fan (not) they have won a game I hope that you would have the decency to at least feel ashamed of running you mouth about a child. Did you go and watch them and if so what nasty thing you got to say now . Way to go Big Blue
Blue Devil

Clinton, SC

#39 Sep 15, 2012
Well Great Job and Just Saying if you were paying attention at the game then you would know that the Bowen Collier duo wouldn't have stood a chance last night had it not been for the blocking by Gardner Hicks duo. So I say let's give credit where credit is due. Oh and if you happened to see Coach Housewright run down the field and call time out right as play started. Well we had to waste that time out cause Michael Collier decided to call a pass play to himself instead of hand of to Hicks because he wanted the touchdown. Oh and another thing we had new starting lineup again. Well glad all was back after the three hardest games where over. Heard a Coach say onetime that some like to ride the Gravy Train well they sure did for the first few games. I am not talking about Nick either. Oh and before you say it I know Collier played but how many times ways he sacked and how many times did he throw incomplete. My point any one can throw a ball away but not be a QB look at Nick last night and you will see. Also if you want to see another great QB go see an 8th grade game. So don't say I am being mean I am merely starting the obvious. I am not just against the Colliers either cause I think Hunter is great QB just not his brother.
The obvious

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Sep 15, 2012
Here is the only thing obvious to are a loser. If you have nothing better to do than to get only this Stupid site and bash any CHIlD for their efforts, then you are either jealous or ignorant one...possibly both. What kind of coward are you to call a child out and yet you are not even man enough to post your real name.
chicken plucker

Gate City, VA

#41 Sep 16, 2012
Whatever gate city sucks. Glory days are over. All u guys need is a big blue passy. Suck it. Losers.

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