New GC Football Take Over

New GC Football Take Over

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Blue Devil

United States

#1 Sep 1, 2012
Well I thought that Bill Housewright was the Head Coach but boy was I wrong. I would like to take this time to say way to go Gary C. You have had one great start for the BLUE DEVILS. Last night in Harlan you did a great job in getting our boys to the side lines. I hope you slept good last night cause I know a lot of our players didn't. I was beginning to think last night you didn't like QB's but that would be hard to believe. I guess since yours can't play then they should all be hurt. I heard from a lot of people that don't want you on the sideline and have to agree. So why don't you let your kids earn there spot and sit in the stands. Well I just hope that Bill will see what's happening before its too late. Have given mine the option to move to another school thanks to you Gary. So now anyone else got any comments about him (Gary)?

Johnson City, TN

#2 Sep 1, 2012
Uhh, what do you expect this year? This is a rebuilding year. Our starting QB and backup was already hurt going into the Harlan game, it's not the other kid's fault. Someone has to step in and play. There isn't much you can do against a team like Harlan Co. that doubles our enrollment and has some huge players on the field. Collier just calls offense by the way. Like I said, down year, not a lot of experience on the field, you gotta work with what you got. and sometimes it isn't much whenever everyone is getting hurt left and right.
Blue Devil

United States

#3 Sep 1, 2012
Ignorant well what a fitting name cause you are not with the program. Guess you wasn't in Harlan last night or you would've seen the injured player I saw doubled over and Collier wouldn't let him come out. So the point is shall not the Head Coach over ride this man. Oh and by the way I am very proud of our boys. They played hard and everyone knew we couldn't win but they played with there heart. So I am saying Gary Collier needs to leave.

Gate City, VA

#4 Sep 1, 2012
Gary is probably the most qualified person to call offense. Other coaches on the sideline are almost all defensive minds. Collier was an all-american of sorts at Emory and Henry, and knows how to mix it up. Agreed we are in a perfect storm of lower than normal talent, a schedule that sets us up for failure (or injury), and alot of veteran players that are now sitting in the stands. Beaver, South, Clintwood, and Union will be similar stories. Best we can do is keep our head up, play hard, and wait til the storm passes in a couple years. Collier is not the problem. There are many.
The General

Johnson City, TN

#5 Sep 2, 2012
Don't have any "Redshirts" as we have in the past or if we do they are hurt.

United States

#6 Sep 2, 2012
why do we play harlan county when everyone knows in a good year we probably couldn't beat them. i thnk houseright is the one thatought to be taken to the woodshed. i predicted we wouldn't have enough players to play our own district and it looks like thats coming true. housweright can be replaced. where's colobro when we need him. houseright is not the coach colobro was!!

United States

#7 Sep 2, 2012
on an off year we used to just lose 2-3. what has changed? no one coming out for football like they used to. wonder why?
Blue Devil

United States

#8 Sep 2, 2012
Well when you hear the players complaining about him then there is a problem. When he refuses to let a hurt player leave the game there is a problem. I agree Coach Housewright is somewhat to blame he should put his foot down and help his boys by getting Collier off the sidelines. If we need Collier to call plays the put him in the box that way the boys don't have to personally deal with him.

Richmond, VA

#9 Sep 5, 2012
You can find players that will complain about every coach on staff.

Unfortunately we HAVE to schedule teams like Harlan. It is very difficult to find "local" teams who will play GC. I believe Harlan was scheduled because Eastside, and then Sullivan North, backed out of agreements to play.

Going to be a long, rough year.
Big Blue Fan

Axton, VA

#10 Sep 5, 2012
Gary is a huge JOKE. his son and the Bowen BOY are supposed the be the best QB's, Since neither one of those two was allowed to dress for the game we lost one of our best player's Neff Gardner. If they are so good why aint the playing? Oh wait, so they dont get hurt. Gary's kid did play some in the Jamboree and in the first reg season game, but he aint no QB. Just because your dad is a sideline bum that dont make you a star. wait and see once we get past the harder games those two will be well enough to play. They need to start playing the other players as well, those kids are HUNGRY for some action and i bet they will do better than the coaches pets.
Not Happening

Sunbright, TN

#11 Sep 5, 2012
Sounds like some parents have sour grapes. I've always heard "if you don't have the right name in Gate City you won't play." I'm proof that is a lie. I will tell you what has created many problems for parents. It is Little League and Upward. While they are good programs parents think their kids will be played just like in LL or Upward. Not at the Middle and High School levels. If your kid isn't playing, they need to work harder to earn playing time. And parents could spend their time helping their kids improve by working out with them. And that doesn't mean working your fingers on a keyboard. IF you or the kid doesn't like their circumstance then put in extra time. Simple solution.
Amazing stupidity

Maryville, TN

#12 Sep 6, 2012
Some people always seem to amaze me. Blue Devil you are the one that is not with the program. First of all, Colloier does not call the plays...Gose does from the booth. Because Gose is the oc. Second, several kids came back to play this year because Collier was coaching. He is probably the most liked of all of them. I know this for a fact because my son is one of them. My son and I talked about the kid coming to the sidelines hurt. My son said Gary told him to sit down on the field in order to get a "free" timout to give them time to get his replacement in the game. Sounds like smart coaching to me. Support the program that you have proved you know nothing about.
Ha ha

Johnson City, TN

#13 Sep 6, 2012
Big blue fan must have avoided his academic classes. Surely,he must need to return to his remedial program before critiquing the football program. Big blue fan, you are the reason for the saying"you can't fix ignorance". House right minus 2 . Put the blame were it belongs.
Move on

Charlottesville, VA

#14 Sep 6, 2012
Blah blah blah....last year and the year before it was all darren reeds fault, now that he is gone its this new guys fault.

Ask anyone that knows gc football, and they would have said 6 months ago that we were going to be weak this year. We r down players not to mention the seniors who would not come out. Maybe you should check with them to see why they did not come out...the new offensive coordinator has nothing to do with that.

Did it ever dawn on anyone that maybe the new offensive coordinator was hired only to take blame off of the real problem. if gc was going to have.a strong team this year, houseright would have given the offensive job to one of his boys. Besides, gose is the one calling the plays and the head coachs job is to oversee. Houseright ain't the type to let anyone but himself have the last say, so the responsibility falls on him.

Bottom line, blame who you want but they are a tough group of kids to take the physical and verbal crap and still come back week after week. The least you could do is try a little positive for their sake. Gc I football has changed, kids have changed and the quicker we all realize that the better off we will be. We can't compete against schools 4 times as large as us and expect to come out unharmed.
Pathetic Parents

United States

#15 Sep 6, 2012
Really people???? It's Child's play! It should be about the children and for the children. The BIGGEST problem is grown men trying to rectify their short comings. I'm sorry you never got to play pro ball. However using these boys to try to feel a sense of accomplishment through their achievement is PATHETIC! For parents who allow their sons to play....... I hope it's that important when your child suffers physically for a lifetime over injuries in a HIGH SCHOOL game.

Johnson City, TN

#16 Sep 7, 2012
Has the time come for high school football to be regulated by the federal government to the point that it be phased out. You don't see boxing in high school sports becasue of its safety for the players. Is it time for football to go?
For Young Athlete

Johnson City, TN

#17 Sep 7, 2012
A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury most often caused by a sudden bump or blow to the head or other parts of the body. It also can be caused by a fall. As a result of the sudden impact, the brain moves around in the skull causing chemical changes. These changes make the brain more sensitive to stress and other injuries until it fully recovers. In addition, the immature brain of a young athlete is known to take longer to recover and requires specialized medical attention.
Big Blue Fan

Axton, VA

#18 Sep 7, 2012
I just got home from the Game at south. Once again GOLDEN ARM Collier screw it up as well as his non throwing son. I mean after running the ball up the middle the first half and not getting anywhere you would think as any reasonable person to change it up. NOPE lets run it up the middle the second half too. Except for the last minute and half of the game, then #12 GOLDEN ARMS kid throws a few passes of which were not complete. Coach Collier SUX A$$, replace him with the waterboy.

United States

#19 Sep 7, 2012
way to go move on. you are exactly right. my son quit back in the late 80's because of the houserights abuse. sure you have to get tough with them but he carrys it too far. just wonder why the seniors didn't come out. i have my guess. ready for the housewrights to move on!!!!
A true fan

Charlottesville, VA

#20 Sep 7, 2012
It is one thing for nasty adults to get on here and badger one's a whole nother level of pathetic to bash a CHILD. Big blue fan, you r no fan at all if you can say such mean things about a kid. We have at least 4 starters on the sidelines, and 2 more kids with concussions tonight. What do you expect? Besides what I saw of the game, it does not matter what we r doing on offense because we aren't getting it done on defense either. We r small and young and it's going to be a tough year. After all, it is just a SPORT. You must have missed the fact that the school system had a tragic loss of a student a couple of weeks ago because u have clearly lost reality of what really matters.

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