ro's bbq slaw recipe

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#42 Aug 9, 2010
You haters are just ridiculous. The slaw is excellent. I intend to go get me some, right now! However, they need to update their web site and remove all the non-existing grocery stores and others that no longer carry it. I went to 4 damned stores looking for it with no luck and I am in Charlotte, right next door...

Englewood, CO

#43 Aug 11, 2010
I'd be interested in knowing too
Damit boy

Greensboro, NC

#44 Aug 14, 2010
Eat and breath ros BBQ and blacks everyday I eat the slaw on every thing
My Dog For Sheriff

Lincolnton, NC

#45 Aug 20, 2010
No friends and I boycott RO's...he has proven himself to be quite the bigot.

Temple, TX

#46 Sep 26, 2010
ladoodle wrote:
<quoted text>
To each his own, but I read books, paint and write to conquer boredom, I eat to satisfy hunger. I suppose if you like that type of thing and grew up around it... but if I think about it much, I get a sickening, swirling feeling in the pit of my stomach. All I remember is a very soggy pork sandwich dripping with what tasted like a weird,cheap, nasty tasting bottled thousand island dressing..
Who let a liberal move to Gastonia? Paint? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Watercolors, I bet! OMG! What has happened to Gastonia?
not a kid anymore

Sophia, WV

#47 Nov 3, 2010
Not the recipe wrote:
My grandmother was raised beside the Blacks, the family that owns R.O.'s (R.O. Black ) and Tommy's Drive In, which serves the exact same slaw as R.O.'s.
Mrs Black shared the recipe with my gran. It's still a huge secret and the above recipe is soooo far off and wrong.
The slaw does NOT have pickles, it has Dukes Sandwich Relish (MUST be Duke's brand).
The mysterious red is Pimento Cheese (Ruth's brand). NOT pimentos.
The slaw only has 5 ingredients, and another is cayenne pepper.
I worked for RO's for 4 yrs in hs. There are only 3 ingredients that are correct in this recipe. My mom worked for Tommys (his dad) and theirs is totally different. They let us watch it mixed, but never told how much of each ingrediant, but we knew what went into it. I could never duplicate how much to add when I did it at home, only came close, but never exact.
not the same

Decatur, TN

#48 Nov 28, 2010
when i first started eating at RO'S 50 years ago the slaw was great.. I use to crave it..i dont know what they did to make it like a dip but they need to go back to the way it was made when they first opened with the slaw... However the last time I ate there 3 years ago it was mushey and the pork was cold.. Im done with the place... Craving gone..
slaw lover

Gastonia, NC

#49 Nov 28, 2010
jguffey wrote:
if you have the right ingerents for the blacks or r.o. slaw give it up
I like blacks on 321 south,better tha ros.
50 yrs and lovin it

Salisbury, NC

#50 Dec 15, 2010
ro's and blacks r the best for chips,hotdogs,burgers,and anything u want to use it for.ive been a fan for 50 yrs.if u dont like the bbq make ur own and put it on the bbq.then see how u like it.
Is it the same


#51 Jan 18, 2011
While living in Gastonia in l974, there was a BBQ downtown with a lunch counter and stools. There sauce was excellent and their sandwich looked like the pressed one shown in this article. Is this the same family and if not does anyone have the recipe for that little restaurant? The recipe's read like they would taste to be the same.
Good Memories

Bunnlevel, NC

#52 Feb 24, 2011
RO's is unique. Everyone has their own tastes as what BBQ should be. I live in Eastern NC now and even like the Eastern BBQ. My favorite is Lexintgon BBQ and Red Bridges in Shelby. But RO's is special. The pork is nothing more than roast beef but when combined with the slaw has a special taste. They used to toast the rolls on a grittle shich flattened the sandwich. I'm not sure that they still do. I'm a mid 50's kid and have fond memories of crusing between the Beacon and RO's. The back parking lot at RO's (It was not lighted then) has some special memories......

United States

#53 Feb 26, 2011
Gaston Local wrote:
Well then, that explains why it tastes like crap! That is not slaw to me.
.... GAY
Good Memories

Bunnlevel, NC

#54 Feb 27, 2011
eric wrote:
<quoted text>.... GAY
You're gay? And you think the slaw tastes like crap?? I guess you know what crap tastes like.....
Chris R

Crouse, NC

#55 Mar 30, 2011
Here is the original recipe
2 heads of cabbage, chopped
2 oz can pimento peppers
1 c mayo (I am assuming it's Dukes
1 c Miracle whip
1 c Tomato juice (or they used to use bloody mary mix)
16 oz ketchup
1.5 tablespoon salt
4 oz sugar
1.75 teaspoon chili powder

Charlotte, NC

#56 May 1, 2011
To ladoodle:
If you don't like RO's BBQ or their slaw then why are you looking up recipes for it and then commenting on them?? If you don't like it then don't eat it. Those of us looking for a recipe for RO's slaw do not care that you don't like it.
Had Enough

Gastonia, NC

#57 May 18, 2011
What's up with the horrible attitudes of every person that works at RO's? Everybody in there acts like you're pissing them off just by walking in the door. No courtesy, no manners and, God forbid, no smiles. Those guys act like they hate you being in there. You would think they'd treat their customers a little better.

I've lived in Gastonia all of my 45 years and have eaten at RO's as long as I can remember but I've finally had enough. I won't be going back.

They've had the bad attitudes for years there but I could kind of let it slide since I loved the food. But with their prices going through the roof the last couple of years, combined with the horrible customer treatment, I just won't be going back. I had lunch there the other day and it was the last straw with every employee acting as though they were disgusted that there were actually customers in there.
Good Memories

Angier, NC

#58 May 19, 2011
caligirl wrote:
I have had RO's only two times in my life and there is nothing that compares to the slaw, however i an willing to try the recipes shown. I live in California but my husband was born and raised in Gastonia. There is nothing out here on the west coast that even resembles RO's! Only thing is we dont have Dukes brand and what is pimento spred? If anyone has answers please let me know!!!!
Dukes is made in Richmond, Va. You may can order it via the internet.Hellmans is probably the closest thing to Dukes but I was raised on Dukes and just prefer its taste. Pimento spred is pimento cheese which is basically made with pimento peppers and cream cheese plus what ever other "secret" ingredents they may put in it.
bbq connoisseur

Bessemer City, NC

#60 Jul 15, 2011
I admittedly am not native to Gaston County. I grew up on Lexington Barbecue. And spent ten years in the Eastern part of the state. The biggest debate on barbecue should be whole hog or shoulders. I love both the tangy eastern barbecue with cole slaw or Lexington with Barbecue slaw.

Now, back to Gaston County "Barbecue and slaw". When I first moved to Gaston County, I heard so much about RO's that I was excited to taste it. I ordered a sandwich with slaw and nearly gagged. To be fair, I thought it might have been a bad day, so I tried it again. Same result. Then I made my own barbecue and decided to try the slaw on real barbecue. It was inedible. RO's slaw reminded me of the slop I took to pigs when I was young.

I have also bought Boston Butts from both churches and fire depts. in this area. Ended up throwing most of it away. I am not sure how you cook a pork butt to make it have orange grease coming out of it.

I will road trip to Lexington any day to buy 4 or 5 lbs of BBQ. I can make my BBQ slaw and I am happy.

I have also heard RO's called Lexington style. Anyone who does this either has never had real Lexington Barbecue or has been eating this stuff for so long your tastebuds are dead.

Gastonia, NC

#61 Aug 8, 2011
I love RO's and Black's BBQ slaw but don't like their actual BBQ at all. I use the slaw on burgers and also use it as a dip.
Ex-BBQ Kid

Charlotte, NC

#62 Sep 14, 2011
I couldn't agree more. I worked in a BBQ place growing up and I can tell you from experience everything that RO's does is wrong. They don't have BBQ sauce, just prepackaged junk that's more for dipping chicken nuggets than pork BBQ. They don't know that when you slice BBQ you don't slice it across the grain and finally the so-called slaw is putrid. Ketchup and mayonnaise are never put together except in Thousand Island dressing and certainly not in slaw. Real BBQ slaw has ketchup, salt, vinegar, sugar, black pepper and red pepper, no mayonaise. A guy I work with brought me a sandwich and he knows I can’t stand the slaw so I got a plain BBQ, just meat and bun. I covered it up with mustard, just to get it down. Come to Shelby if you want some real BBQ. I’ve never had any BBQ from Gastonia that was fit to eat. All that being said, if they can sell it and people will buy it, more power to them. I only wish them the best.
ladoodle wrote:
<quoted text>
So true. I have lived in this area for 7 years and originally from Greensboro NC. My father was a BBQ man for 60+ years. His restaurant was established in 1932 in Greensboro with his brother. They had three locations and he was well known for his BBQ.
Since that time, I have traveled most of the USA and eaten BBQ from the West Coast to the East Coast..I love NC Eastern BBQ with the vinegar base as well as the NC Piedmont BBQ, such as my father served.
But..unfortunately, since moving to the Gaston County area I can truthfully say the BBQ here is ghastly and I've tried RO's only 1 time.
Basically, this is what I got. A poorly constructed sandwich with a huge pile of soggy BBQ on a bun drenched with what appeared to be "Thousand Island" dressing aka "RO's Slaw". If there was any cabbage (main ingredient for slaw) in that concoction it was faint.
RO'S BBQ is nothing short of "BARFeCue". I swear to God I cannot understand what all of the hooplah is about but they have this nasty crap in grocers and people actually buy it. Now I will say on their behalf, that yes, it could be used for a dip of sorts but to rape a pig sandwich with it is a crime against nature.

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