I loved my job at Hobby Lobby. I busted my butt for that place. But if u think the changes aren't real u are delusional. I was told specifically to point customers in the direction of what they were asking for. When helping a handicapped lady, I was told I am not a personal shopper. She could barely stand. I asked for an approval on a transfer because another store messed up a raincheck and was told that the customer's lack of planning was not my problem. The n word was scratched into one of the stalls in the ladies room. Management was notified by one of the only 2 black employees in the store. They ignored it. We were all told we were replaceable and we were probably fired after Christmas. By management. And as far as the employment at will thing goes, ur right. They can fire u for no reason. Even if u've served well for years and none of ur bosses or customers wanna see u go. And they will. Only a year ago none of that was true. A year and a half ago it was unheard of. Things have changed and not for the better.