Petition drives opening to ban traffi...

Petition drives opening to ban traffic cameras in Cleveland, Garfield Heights

There are 16 comments on the story from Apr 10, 2010, titled Petition drives opening to ban traffic cameras in Cleveland, Garfield Heights. In it, reports that:

Two local groups say a Cincinnati-based political action committee is assisting the petition drives they are launching Friday to ban traffic cameras in Cleveland and Garfield Heights.

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#1 Apr 11, 2010
I got a camera ticket and have no intention of paying it. If I have to go downtown, it will either be on a bus, in a taxi or a ride from an un-ticketed friend.
I am tired of seeing the police blow through stop signs and red lights while the people of Cleveland get gouged for stupid camera tickets. Plus, look at all the corrupt @hole politicians who are getting away with double dipping, giving tax abatements to fatcat developers or ripping us off with horrendously expensive parking tickets and towing charges.

What kind of chit was it that the tow yard didn't used to be open on the weekends until A WEEK AGO? God knows NOBODY needs their car on a weekend after its been towed on a saturday night, right???

Stay the hell out of downertown Cleveland. I just read that city employees are having their monthly parking fees increased. God forbid they should make the fing Jacobs group pay THEIR FAIR SHARE.

Cleveland, OH

#2 Apr 12, 2010
Big brother is watching you everywhere.. They have no money for anything anymore but now they can erect thoes BIG poles on the freeway and place a camera on top of them to monitor where everyone is traveling... They say that it is traffic control but we all know - They just want to watch you - I am tired of all the BIG goverment watching every thing that goes on.... Say NO to Big goverment and all the camera's that they snoop with ..........
Barbara Gibson

Batavia, OH

#3 Mar 19, 2011
I have received 2 dang tickets by mail on the same street. The ticket does not add up my car was in the shop for a week on one day that is posted as the issue time for this ticket.

There is no way to tell who was driving my car just a plate # and the rear bumper of the car.

What if my mechanic was test driving the car? How can I tell. I don't know If I was driving it, my fiencee was driving it or a mechanic.

Why should I have to pay a $93.00 ticket for something I did not do? and who is to tell that this is accurate?

Brook Park, OH

#4 Mar 19, 2011
Nobody. But people would just rather pay the ticket than to fight it. That's the problem in this country; nobody wants to fight for what's right anymore. :-(

Bedford, OH

#5 Mar 19, 2011
I believe they are finally going to put the traffic camera ban on the ballot in Cleveland this year. They should have done it a long time ago.

I remember when these things first came out idiots actually believed this was about safety. It took a while, but finally people woke up and realized it was a money grab.

Every time these cameras get their chance at the voting polls, they lose. Local governments try to find flaws with the petitions so the people can't put them to a vote. People need to keep fighting this corruption.

Brook Park, OH

#6 Mar 19, 2011
The difference between Cleveland and other cities is that the residents of other cities are the victims of the cameras. These cameras in Cleveland are on streets frequently traveled by people outside of Cleveland who come there to work. So I wouldn't be too confident that the residents of Cleveland would want to cut off all that money coming in from suburbanites. :-(

Bedford, OH

#7 Mar 19, 2011
Actually they have them in some of the poorest areas of the city also. Like on 116 and 131. People probably making minimum wage and barely getting by and they need a $100 ticket? Poor people are less likely to be politically active so it took some time for this to happen. The group getting it on the ballot say they have no trouble getting residents to sign, somebody just needed to take the initiative.

Running red lights is so far down on the list of complaints in the city of Cleveland it isn't even funny.

But Cleveland is the same city that wants to disarm the residents so they can't protect themselves. They just know the people in the inner city aren't politically active so they can get away with murder.

Brook Park, OH

#8 Mar 19, 2011
You have to remember that those people in poorer areas don't bother to pay the tickets. People from the suburbs have a check mailed out the next day. If you travel along Broadway in Cleveland or Chester Avenue where suburbanites are going to the Cleveland Clinic or University Circle, those cameras are right there. Ticket wise, they can probably net more offenders at East 105th and Superior than those other areas. It's just that no suburban people are in the East 105th and Superior area going to work or get medical services.

Think of the last school levies that passed in Maple Heights. Those levies passed because people who don't pay the extra taxes do benefit. They rent, or otherwise take in family children just so they can attend the schools. HUD resident certainly don't care. Hell...... vote the new taxes in like they're trying to do this May.

It's always easier to spend somebody else's money.

Bedford, OH

#9 Mar 19, 2011
I don't know if that is true. People weren't paying the tickets. Remember it is a civil fine so all the suburbanites were just tossing the tickets and saying screw Cleveland. That is why there was a movement to make it so you can't renew your license if you don't pay the fine.

It's suburbanites that don't want to pay that are leading he fight and organizing the poor in Cleveland.
Those people in Cleveland aren't seeing any benefit. Schools are crappy and the police response time is worse and now they have another bill in the mail? LOL

You know how this goes. The company with the cameras is getting rich and Cleveland is just padding the pockets of a few. The citizens don't want this, either do those of us who might go to the city once in a blue moon to check out a game or for business.

Brook Park, OH

#10 Mar 20, 2011
Here is what I found from The :

"To date, the city and private vendor ACS have mailed out 26,000 speed camera tickets worth between $100 and $200 each, while red light cameras have only generated $55,600 in citations. Red light cameras have not yet been fully deployed at all thirty of the planned intersections. Three-quarters of the camera tickets go to motorists who live in the suburbs and have no representation on the city council. Human police officers have generated an additional $2.4 million in revenue with conventional red light and speeding tickets."

It's a bit dated, but it helps support my point that most of the tickets are given to people in the suburbs.

I also found this:

Cleveland, Ohio: Red Light Camera Fine =$100, Speed Camera Fine =$200, Camera Locations = 38 Intersections, Red Light and Speed Camera Revenue =$6 million per year projected when the program began.

So we are talking about a hell of a lot of revenue in Cleveland. I don't know what they do with the money, but it has to be going somewhere, and I'm not to certain the residents in Cleveland would want to see it leave. Hell, even after Council passed Red Light Cameras, no Council person lost their seat over the decision.

Bedford, OH

#11 Mar 20, 2011
How much money was collected? I mean they issue a certain amount of tickets, but how many were actually paid? I'm pretty sure there was big issue with people not paying these tickets so they tried to make it so you couldn't get your sticker.

I know when it comes to regular tickets, residents hate it. They end up having to choose between paying a ticket and paying rent. This leads to warrants and a whole bunch of bullshjt.

Brook Park, OH

#12 Mar 20, 2011
I couldn't find the actual amount collected, but those estimates are usually pretty close. They predicted about 6 mil, but hell, if they collect 4 million, that's still a nice chunk of change. Besides, look how close the vote was in Garfield's red light issue. All those people were thinking about was the money, and not the government intrusion on their lives. Everybody is a sellout, but if it came to pass, the vote count would be pretty interesting if that took place in Cleveland.

Bedford, OH

#13 Mar 20, 2011
Residents in Cleveland are sick of tickets. The vote won't even be anything like the one in Garfield. They don't think there is any benefit when the police still take 30 minutes to show up and the schools are shjt. All they know is that one day they were running late to work and got a ticket in the mail(the ones who did get fined). Who needs that?

The people of Cleveland know what it's like to get a $200 traffic ticket and have to choose between bills and that. They aren't thinking about the revenue because they don't really see the benefit.

Most the votes I look at on these camera issues across the country are one sided. I was shocked when I saw the results for Garfield. But hey, that's the same city that built a shopping center on a toxic landfill. lol

Brook Park, OH

#14 Mar 21, 2011
What they were scared of is another tax increase or lessening of city services. I hear people in Cleveland are outraged now that they are going to have to pay for garbage pickup. Heck, we've been doing that for well over a decade in Maple Heights. Now they just include it in your property tax bill.

I still say the smart voters in Cleveland would let the cameras stay. They know that it's suburban money coming into their city. It's a city of Democrats where the motto is "Let somebody else pay for it." LOL!

Bedford, OH

#15 Mar 21, 2011
But what do citizens get for there money in Cleveland? The city is pathetic. If I lived there you couldn't convince me they spent any of that money on services.

But hey, I don't step foot in that rat hole. Just as long as they keep these cameras out of the suburbs I'm okay.

Brook Park, OH

#16 Mar 22, 2011
Especially our suburb. I bet if I purchased a box of Photo-block, went to Cleveland and told them it was illegal, but I would sell it to them for $30.00 per can, they would buy it.

Not many there have the internet or are uninformed that they make stuff to combat red light cameras.

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