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#1 May 24, 2014

So now the world has their panties all bunched up in their a$$e$ because Mark Cuban said something like,'If I see a black kid wearing a hoodie coming towards me on a sidewalk, I cross the street. And if I see a white guy with a shaved head and tattoos all over coming towards me, I'll cross back to the other side.'

So now he's in trouble for saying that. What he should have said was:'When I see a black kid wearing a hoodie coming down the sidewalk towards me, I stay on the sidewalk and if the kid pulls a gun or knife on me and kills me, well, so be it. Same with the white guy with the tattoos. I'd stay on the sidewalk he's on and if he clocks me with a chain and paralyzes me, I'm fine with that!'

WTF is wrong with these idiot a-holes that piss moan about everything people say? If I'm walking down a street and decide I better cross to the other side because a gang of blacks with hoodies are coming towards me, that's my choice. What, am I supposed to keep walking and risk getting killed because some politically correct a-holes expect me to walk past these hoodies? And what if they start attacking me and I pull a gun and shoot them in their heads? Is it wrong for me to defend myself?

What would be great is if the morons that don't like this kind of talk would be walking down the street with their family and run into some hoodie wearing blacks. I'd love to see what they do, especially to their white, blonde daughters

Ever since this Obama character became 'king', it seems like we went back into the 60s' racially.'United we stand, divided we fall' and it sure seems like Obama is trying his hardest to divide blacks, whites and hispanics.

Berea, OH

#2 May 25, 2014
It's not really DumBama this time, it's the people that support him. Now everything is racist no matter who makes what comment. If you disagree with his healthcare law, his stance on terrorism, or his reduction of our military, you're racist for being against his agenda.

We got to this point because nobody dares to challenge political correctness. As long as people keep cowering, it will only get worse. I wish this was the 60's because back then, a comment like this wouldn't have made their local paper yet alone national and nobody would have cared. In fact, most people would have sided with this team owner.

We are living in a world similar to the book 1984 where if you dare think or say the wrong thing, you have to be reprogrammed. But it's like sweeping the dirt under the rug, the dirt is still there, it's just that nobody sees it. So discussing these types of issues is only allowed on boards like this one where nobody really knows who you are. You can't change the way a person feels, all you can do is silence them, but they still feel the same way.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#3 May 25, 2014
Good points, xxx. This country is just going down hill fast. The programs this so called president is pushing through congress stink. The one I like is the one where they want to make Mexican illegals American citizens. This would include any criminals that are already here. I heard too something about wanting to let out a lot of black criminals because they say that blacks go to prison for longer sentences than whites that do the same crime. Hell, why not let all the prisoners out and maybe they'll all go down to Washington DC to find places to live.

Berea, OH

#4 May 25, 2014
DumBama recently let a bunch of Mexican illegals out of prison--some of them murderers and rapists. He didn't send them back to Mexico, he let them loose on US cities and streets.

Don't let anybody sell you that BS about blacks getting more time because of their skin color. Those are only bare statistics.

When a judge sentences a person to prison, there are many factors not considered in these race statistics. A good example is past criminal record. A jury is not allowed to know a criminals past, but the judge does. A judge will sentence a person that's a known troublemaker longer than a person that may have made one mistake in their lives.

Another thing is attitude in court. Judges frown heavily on a suspect that sits there giving dirty looks throughout the trial and having an I don't give a ship attitude; shaking their head all the time and looking down as if they don't care.

Judges also discuss a case with the arresting officers. I know this because I was summoned to court as a witness to an accident. The police tell the judge how much of a hard time a suspect gave them, whether they were cooperative or not, whether they had respect for the uniform or not.

All these other factors were not considered when they created these statistics of blacks getting more time than whites. All they looked at was race and sentence, and then concluded that it must be because of race. There is no truth to that at all.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#5 May 26, 2014
The guy that made the comment on blacks getting more time than whites was a white politician looking for black and Hispanic votes. They think we're all stupid and won't figure that one out.

I agree that sentences are given due to past criminal history no matter white or black.

That was nice of O'Bammer to set all those criminals free. Hopefully they'll all nest in Washington DC.

And how come us whites aren't still mad at the British? After all, they sent their armies here back in the 1700s' to fight us to take our land away. They made it hell for our ancestors way back then. Shouldn't we be still pissed at them for that like the blacks are still pissed at the whites for slavery? And by the way, if blacks really knew how to read, they'd read in history books that black tribes in Africa who were at war with other black tribes would capture a whole village and take them to a shore where British vessels would buy the captured villagers and sail them to the USA to sell as slaves. So, it's not like whites went to Africa to capture them and enslave them. It was because other villages couldn't stand them either in Africa. And now the ancestors are here in the USA, driving Mercedes Benz with the windows down and blasting rap crap and robbing gas stations for $50 and killing the attendants. Yeah, happy Kwanza to you!

Berea, OH

#6 May 26, 2014
The problem is much of our public are ignorant voters.

Take this recent liberal tactic of the War on Women. What war? Well the one Republicans created when they said the government should not be forcing insurance companies to provide birth control. Commie Care made that a mandate for employers. But because Republicans said it's not the governments business what an employer or insurance company provide, that constitutes a war on women and not on government. Many people just assume the headlines are correct and Republicans really hate women and Democrats love them.

The latest one is this Equal work--Equal Pay thing that the liberals started. As if employers pay women less just because they are women. The truth is in physically demanding jobs, women produce less. They don't have the strength and abilities men do. Second is the fact that women take more time off of work to have children or tend to them. Some take a year of or more after they have a baby and employers do pay more money for people that stay on the job all the time. It's only fair.

But when you talk to these liberals, they really believe that Republicans and employers hate women. Democrats do quite well promoting hate because it's worked so well for them in the past. Informed voters understand that these Democrats are FOS, but to the uninformed voter, this hate thing really exists. They have no idea that they are being used like a dishrag.

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