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FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#1 Jul 8, 2014
*Please leave ignorance and hate out of this post*

I am very sad to see the slide of my hometown, it really was a nice place to live, now I worry about the safety of my family living there still. I am still shocked when I hear stories from friends and the news.

I have traveled all over the country and experienced many places that do things right and wrong, I think every city could learn from each other no matter where they are and that was Maples issue, not taking proactive steps in protecting the city. We should have added a ton more of police and assured we would have been the safest city instead of allowing great citizens to flee.

Living near Cleveland proper made us a natural next step for most, which is fine in many cases. However, we did let nonsense slide for too long in many areas. This turned out to be a critical mistake due to the fact that we let people who did not care essentially ruin things. A prime example, Petitis garden center how many times was that robbed before he left?

The city now will even tumble further, I believe we lost roughly 12% of our citizens since 2000 and this will continue to fall as soon as the old school residents leave, which is slowly happening and will continue to happen once things keep getting worse. Ohio is way to affordable to live in Maple Hts now. We can't attract business, we can't get tax revenue off of section 8 and welfare, schools need levys every year, and property value has plummeted. We will end up the new East Cleveland soon here once we approach 20,000 residents(EC is at 17,000). With no jobs locally, why would college grads move here? The future is bleak.

Is it too late for Maple Hts? Most likely yes. Unless you can attract some businesses by chance and turn things around, which would take years. I don't see it returning to its glory days it once had. The inner ring isn't a place people want to be anymore sadly.

Here is a good link
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#2 Jul 9, 2014
I fully agree with you, Former Rez. But the reason Maple Hts didn't hire lots more police is because of the city management of tax funds. They thought by building all new schools that things would change here but it only got worse because a lot of the so called residents here don't pay their property taxes. They buy a house, make a couple payments and then quit paying. Then it takes about a year to evict them or foreclose on them so there's a years worth of taxes that aren't getting paid. Their kids (keeds) get to go to school though and welfare and food stamps keep them in money and food for the time that they stay here.

In the olden days, none of this would be tolerated but with the new laws today where certain 'people' need to be 'catered', we're not allowed to make any sudden moves to better the city.

One way to get some revenue is, get the police to hand out more tickets on the street. For instance, there's a law stating that if there's ample sidewalks, all pedestrians must use the sidewalks and not walk in the streets. I can go anywhere in the city at any time and see someone walking in the street. So, write him/her up a ticket!

Post a cop by an intersection and hand out tickets to those who think Stop signs me 'just keep going!' They'd make a yard full of money each day. Hand out more speeding tickets, and parking across sidewalks. We have a noise ordnance here, hand out tickets to those with loud speakers blaring.

If all these things were enforced, more police could be hired from the money that would roll in.

Maple Heights, OH

#3 Jul 9, 2014
Be careful what you wish for, it just may come true.

Maple Heights plans on putting up red light cameras in our city. Of course it can't be because they are looking for ways to get extra money. LOL!

There is an organization fighting it and asking residents to join up with them, but we'll see how that goes.

But I digress:

What Maple Heights is experiencing is no different than dozens if not over a hundred cities in the US: The Federal Government.

Years ago people were able to protect their neighborhoods by selling only to those that were worthy. Thanks to Section 8, Fair Housing Laws, and various other laws, that's no longer possible. So the federal government disabled us from doing anything to save or preserve our neighborhoods. It just can't be done....... legally.

Now the only option is to run away. But the people that did run away years ago did not do so out of fear for themselves, but out of fear for their families.

That brings us to public schools. Get rid of them. Because people move out of an area in fear for their family, it's public schools that are the culprit. People can keep an eye on their kids while at home or in the neighborhood, but they can't do that in school.

Indirectly, it's the schools that allow the deterioration of an area like Maple Heights. If we had a different system than public schools, would that have saved our city? Maybe not, but it sure would have retarded the deterioration process.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#4 Jul 9, 2014
As for the police, if you had more patrol years ago and harsh sentencing this would have deterred crime for sure. Do you remember the law fining parents that was deemed unconstitutional by ohio Supreme Court in Maple years ago ? That was a great step! Should have been done years before it went downhill and better planned out to avoid being struck down if possible. You know why people don't speed through Northfield Ohio???? They don't eff around, neither should we have. Bottom line, Maple police was great but we should have put the full court press on the criminal activity and showed them who's boss.

Red light camera are a money source, nothing more.

Section 8 is a neighborhood killer. Ask anyone anywhere and they will say the same, look up any development that has it and then look up the court docket for that city and it more than likely will be full of crime. Don't believe me? Please pull up Timber Lake on Avon Ohio docket site, there is pages of legal cases concerning its tenets. This is a city with million dollar homes.

Public schools allowing bad actions is another problem. You let idiots kids run around all day, what smart kid and parent wants to stay there? Guess what? Smart people usually make good money and people that make good money help the neighborhood.

Maple Heights, OH

#5 Jul 9, 2014
This is true.

Years ago I worked with a guy that had a son that lived out in Hudson, Ohio.

Hudson had great houses and property with a lot of well-to-do people living there.

But Hudson at the time had a problem. On the outskirts of town, they left a bunch of old houses up to remind them of how the community started. The citizens there loved that section of town until the blacks moved in because the rent and properties were cheap.

So Council had a meeting and agreed to increase the town's property taxes by a thousand dollars per year for four consecutive years.

By the second year, the blacks moved out and the city eventually purchased their homes and property. The leveled all the homes and built stores there instead. Problem solved.

I was talking with an associate at work that was looking at homes about a year or so ago. They were looking out in Eaton, Ohio. It was explained to them by the realtor that the town decided to not allow any homes to be built less than 3,500 square foot. The reason for that was to insure that the town would never become like Maple Heights in the future, if you know what I mean. This is why you don't see problems like HUD in Hudson or in Eaton. They would never buy properties with so much money and maintenance.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#6 Jul 9, 2014
Personally, I feel red light cameras just might save lives, or at least have fewer accidents. No way I could count the times some, eh, person of color?, ran red lights and almost rammed me. I drive defensively though, VERY defensively! If I'd have just taken off every time the light turned green, I would have been 't-boned' many times. Same with 4 way stop signs. I get to the intersection first, I'm on the approaching cars right, according to the law, I have the right of way, ha!, big joke I do! The car on my left that's being driven by a, um,'person of color', blows right through the intersections! So, I'm all for the red light cams. Hell, put stop sign cams up too to make sure these knuckleheads stop for the stop signs and also to see who's at fault in an accident.

Maple Heights, OH

#7 Jul 9, 2014
The problem with red light cameras is that cameras are not people.

In the past, cities and states that used these cameras got greedy. It became a major revenue source such as it did in Cleveland. They began to issue citations to the owner of the vehicle even though they weren't driving the vehicle at the time. In one story, a court was filled with people who got citations for crashing a red light, but most of them knew each other. They were part of a funeral procession. Other cases reported that cities began to reduce the time of their yellow light in order to produce more light crashers.

So while there is good with cameras, there is also bad, and that doesn't become an issue until you are a victim of the camera.

I deliver in Cleveland quite a bit, and there are times traffic is so heavy I have to get under a green light in order to make a left hand turn at the intersection. When the light turns red and opposing traffic finally stops, I have to start out in low gear and make the turn. By the time I pull my trailer through that intersection, the green light of the cross traffic has been on for a few seconds.

So far, we have not been issued a citation because I don't turn anywhere where there is a red light camera, but what if I have to some day?

My employer is not about to spend much of his morning driving into downtown Cleveland, finding a parking space, going to court and sit through that for an hour or two just to plead not-guilty to a traffic violation that had reasons behind it.

This is besides the fact a Ohio court already found the cameras to be unconstitutional because they are issuing tickets to the vehicle owner and not the driver.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#8 Jul 9, 2014
Red light cameras are going to finish the city off. So basically your giving people more of a reason to avoid maple hts while taking more money out of the cash strapped people, to spend even less? It will raise money but hurt the city even more.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#9 Jul 9, 2014 read that, that post is too real

Maple Heights, OH

#10 Jul 10, 2014
A lower Ohio court ruled red light cameras as unconstitutional, but the Ohio Supreme Court is waiting to rule on the case after a court in Toledo rules on theirs.

I hope Maple is not investing too much money into these cameras because they might not be able to legally use them.

Usually cities hire these companies to install and maintain the cameras, and they get a cut of whatever the city brings in.

Whatever the Ohio Supreme court rules will be the law of the state unless Cleveland or others want to take the issue to the US Supreme court which I don't even think will hear the case.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#11 Jul 10, 2014
Good point on the court rulings. It's a last ditch effort on the cities part.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#12 Jul 10, 2014
Ok, I see your points about the bad side of red light cams. It just pisses me off how these Maple residents feel that stop signs and red lights don't apply to them.

I still say if Maple Hts hired two cops just to mainly do traffic infractions, they'd not only be able to pay the two cop's salaries but have plenty of money left over for hiring a couple more cops and/or firemen.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#13 Jul 10, 2014
I would have liked cops stationed places when I was there. I think strategic placement of police is a great thing, wouldn't give criminals much confidence to commit crime. Heck what would giant eagle be like without a cop always there? So yeah a cop stationed by traffic areas could be a good thing.

I don't like police making money off of tickets though, I think its wrong to use traffic as a funding source, but in our circumstance it could help things by having a presence at least and hopefully creating better driving conditions.

Another thought I've had for years was the use of CCTV public cameras monitored by police. I know New Jersey uses them, not sure on the stats on success. But I would much rather have those than a red light camera.

Maple Heights, OH

#14 Jul 11, 2014
We citizens can get involved. We can install our own cameras if we so desire. I've thought about it many times, but the only thing stopping me is the cost. The cameras are reasonably priced, but it's hiring an electrician and running power to the cameras that might cost you a few bucks.

The thing is our police are so busy that they don't have a lot of time for traffic stops. Another thing is it's dangerous at times because while they're trying to raise money for the city, they could pull somebody over that wants to shoot them or run them over.

On the weekends I'm always driving up and down Broadway in the 25mph zone. I go about 30mph just to be on the safe side, and these blacks are whizzing by me doing at least 40 or better. No cops in sight.

I see the same thing on Warrnsville and Northfield although I don't drive through there much. But when I do, it's the same thing I see on Broadway.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#15 Jul 11, 2014
Yes great idea, I think ppl should perhaps install their own cameras. Crazy idea, but maybe even a camera co-op where you can access other neighbors cameras with permission. I know I would be more than happy to watch my neighbors backs since I'm on the comp a lot anyway. That might be an effective way of fighting back. But price would be an issue, maybe costs will go down someday. Essentilly this would just take neighborhood watch into modern times.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#16 Jul 11, 2014
A few weeks ago I was on the west side of Maple Hts and saw a white kid that looked high school age aiming his cell phone at a 4 way stop. Looked to me as if he was filming the idiots blowing through the stop signs. Good for him!

Trouble is, from what I've seen with Maple Hts police, if that kid ran the videos to the police station, I can just hear the desk sgt asking him,'Well, what do you want us to do about it? We're short handed the way it is and have to go answer dumb calls like loud music or someone breaking into an empty house to steal the copper pipes.' lol

Maybe the next step, knowing this government and how they encroach on our privacy, will be the government ordering us all to install cameras on our dash boards and in the rear of the cars to record other cars blowing red lights and stop signs and also record speeders and accidents too.

Maple Heights, OH

#17 Jul 11, 2014
I don't think the police can issue citations based on a cell phone by a citizen. I think it would have to be more legit than that.But he could send it to his council person or even attend a council meeting and ask them to do something about it.

Speaking of council, they are a bunch of gutless wonders. They are afraid to do anything that would improve our city.

I asked my Councilman to increase our littering fine from 50 to 500 dollars like all the other cities. He said his fellow Council people would never approve of it.

I also suggested that we have an ordinance that forbids vendors to sell food products to minor pedestrians not accompanied by an adult unless they are traveling by vehicle. Again, he said NO.

These little pigs come from convenient stores and gas stations eating and drinking their junk food. Along the way they dispose of the wrappers and containers of their treats all over the street.

I finally told my Councilman that before I cut the lawn, I"m not cleaning up after these animals any longer. Before I bring the lawnmower out, I take the leaf blower and blow all that crap into the street. I dare somebody from the city give me a hard time about it.

It's not my garbage and the city wants to take no action to slow it down yet alone stop it.

Maple Heights, OH

#18 Jul 11, 2014
FormerRezNowOutofState wrote:
Yes great idea, I think ppl should perhaps install their own cameras. Crazy idea, but maybe even a camera co-op where you can access other neighbors cameras with permission. I know I would be more than happy to watch my neighbors backs since I'm on the comp a lot anyway. That might be an effective way of fighting back. But price would be an issue, maybe costs will go down someday. Essentilly this would just take neighborhood watch into modern times.
If the city would erect cameras for criminal surveillance, the citizens would protest, so it's a really tough sell. But if a citizen erects his or her own cameras, and uses the videos to aid the police, nobody can say squat about it and you don't have to worry about the criminals lawyer saying his clients constitutional rights were violated somehow, or it getting thrown out of court.

I was at Sam's club about two weeks ago, and every time I go, I always check out their video cameras. There was a nice system there for under $350.00. It came with four indoor--outdoor cameras, wireless with a generous range, and a recorder that held up to two weeks of recordings. It's hooked up to your computer and you can even access the cameras from your smart phone.

I would have bought it in a heartbeat, but again, getting an electrician to run electricity to all of those cameras is where the major cost is.
Maple Resident

Bedford, OH

#19 Jul 11, 2014
I've always had to pick up garbage from the little garbage tossers and I too now just kick it into the street. I don't get paid to clean up other people's crap.

A few years ago, this old Chevy 4 door with multi colored doors and fenders went down my street and someone tossed a bag out the window and the garbage and beer cans went all over my driveway apron and tree lawn. Ok, so I went out and picked it all up and put it in another bag. So, the very next day, I was going up Rockside and saw that same Chevy parked in a drive. LOL! Well, I raced back home, got the bag of garbage, went back to that house, stopped my car in the street with the 4-ways on, then dumped the garbage all out right behind that car! Hee Hee Hee! Every once in a while, our side wins one, xxx. lol!

And as for the cameras for $350, ain't that something what we have to do now? Because of the blacks, we have to buy $350 camera systems, pay for fences for our yards, extra locks on the doors, security systems, motion detector lights, and big, mean dogs with sharp teeth. And also around $400 a pop for guns, plus the bullets. We have to buy all this stuff because of the blacks. I don't remember my parents years ago having to buy these things.

You see what we're saying here, cantstoptrying? These are some of the things that piss us off.
FormerRezNowOuto fState

Cedar Rapids, IA

#20 Jul 12, 2014
Yeah it's a high cost but what really options are you left with? Technology is the best weapon these days, if you can see faces, number of suspects, which direction they run, cars they use etc crime wouldn't be so easy? Yes it shouldn't come to this but the criminals aren't letting up.

As for protest if the city did it so be it, I'll personally fly back on be the spokesperson. You also have a right to be safe, cameras aren't breaking the constitution, they are catching criminals. Companies already have CCTV cameras this is just take it a step further with better technology.

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