Motorcycle crash kills man in Uniondale

Motorcycle crash kills man in Uniondale

There are 74 comments on the story from Aug 31, 2006, titled Motorcycle crash kills man in Uniondale. In it, reports that:

A man riding a 2000 Yamaha motorcycle southbound on Uniondale Avenue was killed this morning when his bike collided with a car backing out of a driveway near Mathilda Place, Nassau County Police said.

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Vaughn Hunter

Brooklyn, NY

#1 Sep 4, 2006
I previously submitted my views on this situation, but received no response. It is amazing to me how little press coverage this story recieved in comparison to other stories considered to be "newsworthy". The gentleman who was killed in this tragic accident was none other than Alarza "Kip" Collins of ALC productions. Mr. Collins was a multi-platinum music producer who has produced and written amont other things for such huge artists as Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez. He has achieved a level of success in his field that many aspire to, but few achieve. When I consider the level of press coverage Newsday consistently gives to stories, especially in the black community, that are degrading and rightfully shameful events about the state of affairs in our community, I am appalled at how incidental this story was reported, given who this man was. If this had been a drug bust, everyone involved would have had thier name plastered on the front page and on all the local news stories prominently. The fact that the reporter apparently had no idea who this man was, is also indicative of the little amount of research that was done while reporting the story. Newsday, I assumed, possibly incorrectly, is a news vehicle designed to report news relavent to Long Islanders. In addition to the status and level of success Mr. Collins Jr acheved in the music industry, his father, Alarza Collins Jr., is a local business owner in the Hempstead, NY, area for over 20 years, and played with the original house band at the Apollo Theater for many years. He and his wife and daughter are left to grieve their son knowing how this story was reported, and a sense that Mr. Collins' accomplishments in his field did not warrant his death being more of a news story than an incidental death in a Newsday Column.
Natalie Newman


#2 Sep 9, 2006
I was kind of surprised at the little coverage that was given for such an outstanding, positive and successful Black man in the community. I only knew that Alarza was a producer because I was his trauma nurse that took care of him that tragic morning and was told by his passenger who also was a patient in the E.R. New York Newsday have to do better than that in the future and you are probably right because if he was a negative individual he probably would have made the headlines.

Brooklyn, NY

#3 Sep 9, 2006
I knew Kip for over 6 years and I completely agree that there should have been much more coverage of this story. He was one of the few people who was not only extremely successful, but genuine and caring and sweet all the way through. I loved him and miss him terribly. However, regardless of the little press coverage, his funeral was packed to the rafters, so clearly he has made his mark on those he knew and will never be forgotten. People everywhere should aspire to be half the man he was.
Marsel Watts

Philadelphia, PA

#4 Sep 11, 2006
I was just online searching for a story on Kip and I found this one. I wanted more information on the crash, etc. I attended his memorial (he has a great family) and returned to L.A. yesterday. I met Kip in Vegas in May and he made a great impression on me. The news of his death saddened me. I will never forget him.
Kendra aka redz

Washington, DC

#5 Sep 12, 2006
I lost my HERO my big cousin Kip.Though he's gone His DREAM will FOREVER LIVE thru OUR FAMILY.Kip wasn't a star struck person he was the family guy & someone you could always count on.He will be missed but I know he doesnt want us 2 cry anymore because he lived his lilfe to the fullest 24/7.I love my cousin wish he was still here but I know he's in a better place then where I am now & I cant wait 2 join him

Franklin Lakes, NJ

#6 Sep 12, 2006
if someone you love rides a motorcycle, tell them to be so careful.
College Roomate

Lawrenceville, GA

#7 Sep 12, 2006
I was Kip's college roomate and knew him for 17 years.
He was like a brother to me and I have many questions about the type of injuries he sustained. Can you please contact me at ?
Natalie Newman wrote:
I was kind of surprised at the little coverage that was given for such an outstanding, positive and successful Black man in the community. I only knew that Alarza was a producer because I was his trauma nurse that took care of him that tragic morning and was told by his passenger who also was a patient in the E.R. New York Newsday have to do better than that in the future and you are probably right because if he was a negative individual he probably would have made the headlines.
Carolyn W

Riverhead, NY

#8 Sep 12, 2006
I hate to say it, but I live near Uniondale Avenue and if a motorcycle was not speeding, it should easily have avoided the crash. I agree with the other posters that this man deserved a lot more publicity, but I had to say that he should also not have died. I listen and watch as motorcyles race up and down this street and I shudder. My boyfriend was riding a bicycle on Hempstead Tpk a number of years back when a motorcyclist was killed in the same way, by a woman pulling out of Cunningham Avenue in front of him, but he was speeding and his gears were really winding. Then it was BOOM! The car bumper went to the left of my friend, the bike to the right, and the motorcyclist right over his head. No, the young motorcyclist did not live either. I never saw the write-up. It wasn't that newsworthy I guess. My friend will never again ride a bicycle.
S Clark Westbury

Bronx, NY

#9 Sep 14, 2006
It is very unfortunate that the media did not do a thorough job in researching Kip. In light of that, I think that it is our responsibility to keep his memory alive. Kip was a gentleman with a magnetic smile, an awesome spirit and, most importantly, a man living his dream. I wish that more of us could be like him. We met @ Morgan State Univ. and although I was not a part of his intimate circle he was still a friend. That friend that you see once or twice/speak to maybe three or four times a year. Kip I celebrate your life and embrace cherishing my own.
Georgette C

Chestnut Mountain, GA

#10 Sep 14, 2006
I last saw Kip on August 26th. I was actually saying goodbye to him that night. I was relocating to Georgia. The night was vivid and beautiful. As I stepped out of my car to embrace the man who had my heart more than he had ever known, stood before me beautifully...we kissed...we held one another. Although I hadn't seen him for over a year, it was as if he'd never left my side. Kip always had a way of bringing a certain tenderness to my heart. I was still in love with this incredible human being. I so admired his drive; his determination; his love for his family; his heart. He held his dreams close and pursued them courageously! He was a born leader, a winner, and a man's man! He was patient and loving - always willing to extend himself to those less fortunate. The night I found out about his passing, I had a dream about him. I asked him what had happened and he calmly told me about the motorcycle accident, BUT, most my attention was captured by his every movement and word, he told me that he is "OK". There was no emotion, no pain, no concern...just peace from his being. As he spoke to me, I weeped. I weeped because I felt sorry for him, but, again -- he reassured me that he is "OK". He did not shed a tear. He did not look fearful. His energy resembled the energy he embraced while here - assured, confident, and strong. My memory took me back to that night on August 26th when we embraced, laughed, and talked...he was so vibrant, so ready for the world! His passing has definitely affected many lives. The reality is that no one knows when that last day is going to, love, live, and pursue your dreams powerfully as the wonderful, sweet and kind man KIP COLLINS did...we love you Kip.

Pleasantville, NY

#11 Sep 14, 2006

where long islanders' opinion matter
Cella and Che

Athens, GA

#12 Sep 15, 2006
Kip will be with us FOREVER! He was (and remains) a great and wonderful man. He remains because his spirit is still alive in everyone that he touched. And believe that he touched people world-wide. Kip was the epitome of success - not only in his chosen profession, but in his treatment of people, humility and desire to help others with whatever he has. You probably can't even count the number of aspiring artists who slept on his couch, free of charge and became better at their craft under his intense tutelege. He was the kind of person who put a smile on your face and gave a song not only literally for a head nod, but also for your heart with his unchanging kindness and sincere friendship. Now it is time for us to hold unto God's unchanging hands. It is truly painful to know that we will never see him walk into another room and light it up or crack you up with his practical jokes, however, it is worth rejoicing to know that he has accomplished all that he was challenged with and that his essence is now returned to He who created it. The way he used to tirelessly romp and play with my son like they were both 5, and coaching him on instruments, you knew he had a special touch from GOD. I hope my son will grow up to be half the man that Kip was as he was definitely a role model for people of all ages in my eyes. Most of all, he was a wonderful friend who was more like family. I fully intend to support the non-profit organization his family is creating for children and music in his honor. I hope everyone else here will too! We love you Kip! GODspeed to you!

Hollis, NY

#13 Sep 15, 2006
Rick Reyes

Bronx, NY

#14 Sep 17, 2006
Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and reflections about Kip. You have no idea how much this means to our family during this very difficult time. These kind words will be with us forever, thank you.

For those of you who were unable to attend Kip's service, I announced the "Kip Collins Foundation" which will serve to promote the dream Kip lived everyday. The foundation will provide scholarship opportunities for music majors who share the same passion and desire that Kip had. The foundation will also support fundraisers and help aspiring musicians locally.

The foundation is a not for profit 501C3 organization, and all donations are 100% tax deductible. Anyone interested in supporting and continuing his legacy can send donations to:

The Kip Collins Foundation
ITS Express Inc
43-49 10th Street
Long Island City NY 11101

Thank you all again for your comfort, support and love

United States

#15 Sep 23, 2006
I truly agree with the comment that you posted. Kip Collins was more than a Producer/Songwriter he was a friend to many. I was shocked when I learned of his tragic death I didnt hear about it until after the services from a mutual friend. I will miss him dearly its rare that you meet Angels here on earth. What's sad to me is there will be more peope like me that learned of this news late and never got the chance to say goodbye to a brotha in LOVE and a Marriage in music. I know in my heart that he touched so many lives and we will all keep him with us in spirit. I send much love to his family and for those of us that had the opportunity to work with Kip, Converse with Kip,laugh and smile with KIP we will forever be touched but a musical genious and spread his gift infectiously.
Stephen J P atrick

Brooklyn, NY

#16 Sep 24, 2006
Kip, I miss you brother.

I was angry at first when the press didn't cover you correctly after all that you accomplished, but then it hit me: It was not important that they didn't cover your passing. That would have been too much. Your family didn't need that. What WAS important was that the people that needed to know, knew. That was how you always were, even when we were in elementary. You were always carrying those damn drumsticks everywhere!!!! Remember how the kids used to talk about your big hands? we laughed at that, me n you.... Guess we will get around to setting up my basement studio a bit later, huh?
Oh, and don't think for a second that because you crossed over first that your bike will beat my 'Bussa!!

Love you, Kip
Steph P
dre jackson

Peoria, AZ

#18 Oct 12, 2006
it's funny how i met kip..i was a salesman for a remanufactured transmission company in phoenix,az and ordered a transmission for his bmw.after he noticed i was a "brotha" he joked with me about being in such business,thats when i shared with him that i was only there to make a living and that my real passion was for hip hop.kip then informed me that he was a producer and i should check out his website.we exchanged numbers and thats the last time i heard from him.i recently found out about his death through a friend on myspace "baiyou" and was somehow deeply saddened by what i had heard and read about this the kip collins family my sympathy and prayers go out to you.


East Meadow, NY

#19 Oct 18, 2006
i remember kip. and am shocked of the tragedy being that he was so lively. he use to come get me from the bronx and we would ride to long island with his motorcycle all the time. it was a thrill but now i realized the things he did was very risky. and then there was his music. in the basement, thats where u can found him most of his time. i remember him working with faith evans, jennifer lopez on some projects. he use to tell me how tire he was of the music business. so for awhile, he was in l.a. working for that tv sitcom theme and more. we grew apart. i would see him here and there in studios...he did call me out of the blue a few times to help his project with an artist he had. he wanted me choreograph and some stage directing. he had a vision. don't know what ever happened but i saw him last time several months ago. wow...can't believe it. r.i.p. kip
Kyeria Thomas

Wichita, KS

#20 Oct 18, 2006
Before I begin I must say im shocked I only got the chance to see his face two times in the last two years and that was at the collins family reunion right across the street from my grandparents house 2 years ago in ChaChaBluff,Al I wish I had the chance to see him again.
From his dearing and loving couisin
Kyeria Thomas

Staunton, VA

#21 Oct 27, 2006
I don't know what to say. I'm stunned. A mutual friend just told me. Kip and I went to elementary school and he was the most advanturous person I knew. He taught me to do a backflip. He was the first to have a motorcycle, etc. We lost touch but he was on my mind at times. When I thought recently of class reunions I thought of him. He was one in a million and will be truly missed.
From your friend
Patrick Sapini


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