Dallas, TX

#21 Aug 16, 2007
I couldn't agree more with Kilroy and Bill!!! I like how parents spend 18 years screwing up their kids and then expect the police to waive some magic wand and turn their messed-up degenerate kids into law-abiding angels with 4.0 grade point averages! It is NOT the job of the police to raise or discipline your children. Police officers are trained in law enforcement not child psychology or social work. the way..I'm sure that all you people clammering about how the police won't help you with your kids are the first ones to file citizen complaints or threaten lawsuits or deny that your little Johnny did anything wrong when the "mean officer" did try to straighten him out!!

Livonia, MI

#22 Aug 17, 2007
I think we have gotton off the topic.
DHPD Wife wrote:
I couldn't agree more with Kilroy and Bill!!! I like how parents spend 18 years screwing up their kids and then expect the police to waive some magic wand and turn their messed-up degenerate kids into law-abiding angels with 4.0 grade point averages! It is NOT the job of the police to raise or discipline your children. Police officers are trained in law enforcement not child psychology or social work. the way..I'm sure that all you people clammering about how the police won't help you with your kids are the first ones to file citizen complaints or threaten lawsuits or deny that your little Johnny did anything wrong when the "mean officer" did try to straighten him out!!
concerned citizen

North Little Rock, AR

#23 Aug 17, 2007
Next Friday, August 24th at 10a.m. Star International Academy is holding a PUBLIC meeting with the school's principal and vice principal and the contractor of the construction site. It will be in the Star Internation Academy's library. I highly suggest everyone and anyone who has been affected by the schools blatent disregard for common curtousy in the neighborhood attend the meeting. My neighbors and I have found through countless phone calls that the contractor as well as the school aren't holding up to their end of the laws and agreements. Please attend and make these disrespectful people own up to the chaos they have caused in a once peaceful community. Make them held accountable!!!!!!

Farmington, MI

#24 Aug 19, 2007

Farmington, MI

#25 Aug 19, 2007
I am the mother of this child and I would like to say this: No one ever blamed the PD for my sons death. What we are blaming them for is not notifying his next of kin which would be me his mother. He was not married so I find it very interesting Kilroy that you seem to know so much about my sons death. Obvioulsy you have false information because we dont even know how he died. I find it strange that all of you not knowing my son would come to the conclusion that he is a POS. You don't know his medical history so why would you assume anything. There were over 300 people that attended his funeral. I don't think POS people have that many friends and family. Shame on all of you for assuming what you do not know. And shame on all of you for attacking a grieving father. As for you Amy, your defending the PD as you do concerns me. I have lived in this city for most of my life. Both of my children have lived here their entire lives. You would think that the PD would display better humanity skills with thier own community. They are not just law enforcement officers. The are to protect and serve the community. Where was the service part that day my son died? Oh I forgot my son was POS and you people assume that the circumstances had something to do with not notifying me. Amy you spoke about the fallen officer. I have a question: Did they send him to the morgue and let him lie their without notifying his family? I bet not. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves picking on a child of GOD who isn't even here to defend himself. My son always said: "Only GOD Can Judge Me". With that said people like you are a disgrace to humanity and I am disqusted that people like you live in my community. Some day you can answer for yourself and when you do I am sure Jimmy will be right there with open arms forgiving because you see thats the way he was. Its a shame that people like you get to stay here and he had to go.
Jimmy's mom
Jim Groh

Evansville, IN

#26 Aug 19, 2007
Hello everyone, I apprecieate your condolences as far as you "KILROY F. JONES" Your information is wrong and if you have friends at the DHPD you should get your information correct. My Wife wasn't notified I will take a lie detector test to prove that and as for your statement that you wrote in the note Kilroy Wrote " "aggrieved" parents want to start pointing fingers at the police for failing to notify them of their son's death why don't they look at themselves in the mirror and see what failings they had as parents which may have led to there son's death " I think that is terrible that you stated that, you were wrong for making that statement very wrong. Everything that I had written in that statement was true very true we weeren't notified Fact. And as far as you Amy you do sound immature I do agree with you on some of your note material i do believe that the officers do not get paid enough but it is funny when the Corporal, Chief of Police, Mayor, and Detective did not contact me I guess that the saying goes like this Silence is the best thing and "Never Put anything in Writing" that's why none of them responded to my emails, I used to be a Military Police Officer, Gulf War Veteran 1991 Era, Impeccable Record in the Military, Airborne Etc... As for being upset over a death that was our son again I quote "How would you feel" As far as Tickets if your speeding then I believe that you should get a ticket I had a couple no punt intented on that, It has been hard for us at the parents greiving this situation, put yourself in that situation advance forward to the funeral imagine you as a parent to a son looking at him up there in the Casket.... Following them after the funeral to the Graveyard having a short service there to cap it all then watching them load him on the truck with a crane after putting his casket in the vault then watching them take him directly to the Grave and watching them lower him in the ground covering him up VERY HARD AND EMOTIONAL I wish no parent to experience that, I just think this situation should have been handled differently as parents we should have been notified we werent Kilroy if you read the report or was told that Is false documentation for a cover up, and again your statement about the parents failing to do their job not trying to offend anyone else here in this topic for you Kilroy I extend my right hand in the air why don't you imagine the Gesture as I smile!

The Father,

Jim Groh
Amy-Dbn Hegts Rsdt

United States

#27 Aug 19, 2007
First of all, I NEVER said that your son was a POS. Second, don't comment about that officer because you don't know him. You said over 300 attended your sons funeral well over 1500 stood in salute to Jason as he was laid to rest. You asked if the "sent him to the morgue and let him lie their w/o notifying his fanily" - Carie, his family responded to that call that claimed his life alongside him. So did the media - his death was played in full across television sets. So you speak of the pain of you situation try watching your loved ones death a a television set....I wasn't turning this into a shouting match or to give your son a bad name. I have no doubt in my mind that your son was a stand up guy and I too agree with "only God can judge me" -after all one of the best rappers made that song! The point that I was trying to make was this, your family experienced a horrible loss, but it's not fair to blame the ENTIRE police dept. if you didn't like the actions of a few members of that department. Those men are individuals, the actions of one, two or three of them don't represent the actions of the entire department. And as for you not liking how I defended the department - I don't really care because their my family and I will continue to defend them until the day I die because those men and women put their lives on the line to defend us. I too have had some bad experiences with some of the officers but I sure as hell didn't take it out on the entire dept. If you want to know the cause of your sons death you should contact the morgue and ask for the report.
To the father-I know exactly the pain you are speaking about - And I'm sorry you had to go through that. I agree with you 100% no one should have to deal with that sort of pain. Maybe the situation could have benn handled differently - maybe they handled it according to policy - maybe not. No one can say for sure because no one was inside that investigation. But again, you shouldn't let the actions of a few people tarnish the reputation for the entire group/department. You have every right to be pissed off and you have every right to look into the matter but I don't think that it's fair to slam the entire dept. To be completly honest with you, the corporal you singled out probably didn't have anything to do with that investigation as he is not a detective or RO.

Livonia, MI

#28 Aug 20, 2007
It is all about proper department protocol. If the parents are next of kin then they should have been contacted. That does not bold well for the department's reputation.
For Chief Gust not to respond to a grieving father is unacceptable. A telephone call?
Amy-please don't compare an officer's funeral to that of a citizen. There is no point to that.
Jim Groh

Evansville, IN

#29 Aug 20, 2007
Joe thank you for your note, that is true No phone call was given, I wrote Chief Gust he didn't reply, I had to call the Dearborn heights Police Department to contact the detective and he spoke with me briefly and has not been in contact since to inform my wife and I the circumstances a follow up nothing, we are very dissappointed and have no faith in Chief Gust or the Detective. And as far as blaming the whole department Amy no not true there are some nice officers in the DHPD that do their job and that are very cool. I put it like this If Chief Gust didn't respond or neither did his detective then since Chief Gust is the Head of the Department everything stems from that it must be messed up from the head down. The Dearborn Police Department isn't like that they are tight on their Protocol. Plain and simple Dearborn heights Police Department Made many mistakes and not reponding to the Mother and Father lying low only explains that they did make mistakes, imagine this your at home your son dies and no one from the Police department comes to tell you and as everyday goes by they still haven't contacted us and talked to us personally about this situation this seems really weird and unprofessional, now if the are conducting an investigation then i understand this but at least they could come to us and let us know, terrible just terrible.
Amy - Dbn Hgts Rsdt

Canton, MI

#30 Aug 20, 2007
Jim, you titled your original posting "dearborn heights police failed to do their job" when you say "dearborn heights police" your claiming that the entire department failed to do their job when clearly that is not true. Then you went so far as to single out specific officers and the mayor - Both of the officers you singled out are not investigators and neither is the mayor. If you are having issues with a detective you contact his Sgt., Lt., or Det/Capt., not the Chief of Police. What would happen if everytime someone had an issue or question they contacted the Chief? Their would be no reason for any other officers or use of dispatch...I'm not saying what happened is right but I am saying that in the original posting the entire department was blamed. And I don't agree with you, the DHPD has mad some mistakes in the past - true - but many mistakes - false. And again, in your last posting your claiming that the department must be "messed up from the top down" the DEARBORN HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT is NOT messed up. And let me be very clear about this: our officer are highly decorated, very respected and well trained- and I would put put our department up against any other department any time of the day. Two of our officers were recognized as 2 of the 10 "TOP COPS" in the nation. They are always recognized by the P.O.A.M for their efforts and dedication to the City. Now, if their "people skills" are at 85%, 90% or 95% rather than 100%- I don't think you can really blame them because they get shit on day in and day out from the "average unhappy citizen" who is always waiting to critize their every move. If they make a traffic stop - it's the Officer's fault and never the driver's, if they respond to a run and arrest someone - the officers has not right but just wants to make an arrest. If you have an issue with someone you address the issue with that person not the entire group.
I didn't mention anything about the Officers funeral until the mother did. She asked a question and I simply responded.--- I guess what it boils down to is that we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this because clearly I am not going to change my opinion about the department and your feelings are not going to change - and I can understand that.
Why Am I Here

Garden City, MI

#31 Aug 20, 2007
This whole god damned area is messed up. When I ran into some trouble with the Inkster police, they actually tried to get me into more trouble. I said "No, no, no." yet to kept threatening me to "Do it, doit, do it!". First off I wasn't really into 'trouble', it's just that i'm one of the only white kids where I live and i'm suspicious for not being scared of gangbangers and drug dealers. I wear my pants with a belt and my cap straight, none of that wannabe 'thuggin' crap. That's racial profiling there Mister Officer Sir.

Evansville, IN

#32 Aug 21, 2007
Hey Killroy, your an ass... you talk shit
and you most certainly don't know how James died
....wait a minute, I have a question,
How did they verify that they notified what YOU called his next of kin " HIS WIFE"
Do you know Kilroy????
why dont you enlighten all of us with that information ?????...

oh, by the way I am James's Aunt
Concerned reader

Lincoln Park, MI

#33 Aug 22, 2007
To the parents of James- I am deeply sorry for your loss and I acknowledge your frustration with the police department. Whether or not negligence occurred that day is only for the department to answer to. They must investigate their own, to determine how and what took place during the investigation of death. The police department could have made that mistake or this could be a misunderstanding. The administration at the police department does owe you an explanation as to what took place. Whether they did follow procedure or not, your concerns warrant an immidiate response.

As I'm reading several of the comments left here, I am filled with disgust. And in turn,I feel compelled to respond to several of the people in this forum.

Amy-- Although it is always appreciated to have a citizen show soooo much support for the DHPD, you are not representing our department. I'm not submitting this to open up yet another opportunity for a screaming match (in type). However, many of your statements are very crude and have nothing to do with the topic at hand. I very much agree with I believe it was "JOE" when he pointed out that Jason's funeral should not have been compared to this man's. I know its hard to hear people speak ill of police officers, believe me we hear it everyday, but your fueling some of the anger posed at the department. So please if you feel the need to defend and try to represent my department, please use a little more tact. We have to deal with the anger from the do not!!!!

RENEE VINCENT- this quite possibly is the most ignorant statement I've heard. Just so I'm clear- you don't want them to search your area for a criminal and you think they should just stick to their "quota's" on tickets. Well lets look at this rationally--- the officers on scene inform you that they are searching for you call the station ( where you know the dispatchers and inside personnel are extrememly busy) and you say "they don't know much". When in reality we know exactly what is going on but are restricted to release that information. By directing you to records, you would need to fill out a FOIA (freedom of information act) request and thats the only way you would LEGALLY obtain that information.

CMD= your statement that "the police department doesnt care to let us know what is going on with our children" huh....shouldn't you know what is going on with YOUR children. And if you did...we wouldn't have as much involvement with your kids as we do.

Again, my condolences to the family that lost thier son.
Amy - Dbn Hgts Rsdt

Detroit, MI

#34 Aug 22, 2007
Again, the point that I was trying to make was that the entire DHPD did not "fail to do their job" if it was one, two or three officers than that is what should have been written . I do believe that this man deserves an answer - I have stated that before and I do feel for the parents - I have stated that as well.I will admit that when i saw the first posting I was a bit taken by the title. maybe i came off harsh or "crude" but that was not my intention and if anyone was offended then I do apologize. In regards to comparing the two funerals - there was a posting or 2 that hinted that they are out to meet "their quota's" and that's all they care for, then the victim's mother posed a question - and so I responded. maybe not in the best way but the point was that if they are just out to meet "quota's" than Jason would not have mad that sacrifice.

Concerned Reader - I never said that I was representing the department in any way, shape or form, But i do wonder - what is you relation to the DHPD as you have stated "we have to deal with the anger from the citizens"?
Kilroy F Jones

United States

#36 Aug 22, 2007
Hey answer to your question, its called the Freedom of Information Act! Why don't you spend a couple bucks and go get a copy of the incident report instead of listening to versions of the story from pissed off family members? Without naming names, a female live-in girlfriend (which I incorrectly identified as his wife because of all the info that was blacked out) was present at the scene when this all went down. The police have no further duty to notify anyone else for a dead adult. I don't feel like getting into a pissing match with everyone over the "quality" of Jimmy's life, thats why I refraimed from detailing the circumstances surrounding his death...As I stated earlier, anyone with an ounce of compassion understands how hard it must be to lose a child...My whole point was that the parents should not take their anger out on the police for his death and if they really wanted to start pointing fingers then lets take a hard look at the whole situation (not just what happened after his death)!

Livonia, MI

#37 Aug 23, 2007
Kilroy- I'm wondering what other info from the FOIA did you incorrectly read or didn't see? In stating that, it is still unacceptable that the Chief or his representative did not return messages left from the father.
Kilroy F Jones

United States

#38 Aug 23, 2007
Hey look everyone, I got a copy of the police report because the original posting didn't seem to make sense to me (that the police simply wouldn't notify anyone of a death) and the original posting seemed like it didn't contain all the facts. In looking into the matter, someone was notified (maybe not who you feel should be notified but someone was aware of the death who could notify family members). People point fingers at police "mistakes" constantly while never looking at what mistakes got the police involved in the first place (and that was my whole point of initially responding!) To the parents, as I have stated twice before, anyone whith any type of compassion feels sorry for the loss of your child..To the mother, look back at the postings, I never refered to your son as a POS (that was someone else) and much of the disparaging remarks about POS kids occurred in side discussions about the role of the police in dealing with problem children...This whole discussion has gotten way off the intended track and is now evolving into family members defending the deceased. That is a no win situation for everyone (not to mention troubling for obvious reasons) and I don't wish to go there. I am done with this discussion and I seriously hope the parents find whatever solice they are looking for...

United States

#40 Aug 24, 2007
Alice, I honestly believe that your the one with issues - Just look how you think. These blogs are intended for smart people not high school drop outs with no common sense! By the way - Your posting has nothing to do with the topic - ease up on the boose.
Jim Groh

Evansville, IN

#41 Aug 24, 2007
Thanks Everyone for your postings,your all right this was a terrible situation that my wife, my 11 year old son,family and I had to deal with... we are left with Greif just trying to pick up the pieces and go on in life, God said that he will not put anymore on you that you can bear well it is hard to believe that statement that's for sure. It's kind of like this imagine that you have a shot gun in your hands and you are out in a field and you have a brick wall in front of you and you shoot the brick wall with a shot gun.... after you shoot the wall you see where all the buck shot scattered I am trying to put my family back together and it had been tough....... no knowing the answers my wife deals with greif in her way my son does too and I also and the family as well but as far as my wife son and I we are trying to repair the circle if you know what I mean, as far as the officer that died Jason that was a trajic event and I feel for his family, no one should ever experience anything like that we all should live a life filled with experiences, sadness, happiness, love, compassion, caring, some fear to sum it all up "BALANCE" then grow old and pass on in our sleep peacefully but that is not the case in some situations, we all have a map laid out before us and depending on the turns that we make we either go down the road for awhile or hit a dead end. Amy I am so sorry for my title on my posting I shold have detailed a bit better but was hurt, upset,dissappointed, let down and full of Greif i am sorry if I had offended you in any way over the title your right a few people made mistakes no the whole department. Thanks concerned reader, Kilroy I accept your condolence as well as everyone elses.

The father,
Jim Groh
jus me


#42 Aug 28, 2007
Well,,,,Im not to informed on this whole situation at all, but from what I have read...when you are part of a department and what ever actions you do, being one person or 3 do reflect on the others in the same department, like a "team",,,even though certain members had nothing to do with the investigation they still get that "tarnished" image....The parents were NOT notified,,and those whom were responsible for the investiagtion need to step up and have a personal conversation with the parents, and explain their reasoning whatever that maybe for NOT contacting the mother,,,or if they honestly thought that it was his wife they were speaking with, then they need to admit that also,,,that may clear up alot of this confusion of WHY the parents werent contacted,,,,,,as for Mom and Dad and brother, My prayers are with you, and as for DHPD,,,,the officers that were present get in contact with the parents and answer some of their unanswered questions,,,to all the others here that posted,,,God Bless,

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