Citizens getting frustrated as they h...

Citizens getting frustrated as they hunt for 'miracle' | The Columbus Dispatch

There are 21 comments on the Columbus Dispatch story from Nov 17, 2010, titled Citizens getting frustrated as they hunt for 'miracle' | The Columbus Dispatch. In it, Columbus Dispatch reports that:

Cindy McBride stood protectively near her find, uncertain whether she had come across an important clue - or a piece of trash.

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This is so stupid

Columbus, OH

#1 Nov 17, 2010
"The social-network page had attracted more than 7,700 followers by last night, with posts offering up prayers for the missing and suggesting places to be searched."

What a waste of time. It's not like this is an actual missing persons case. You've got the guy who knows where they are. Beat it out of him. We'll see how serious he is about his suicide threat when he starts singing...
Big Johnson

Columbus, OH

#2 Nov 17, 2010
Facebook to the rescue!
Dan Gleesack

Columbus, OH

#3 Nov 17, 2010
I agree. And if that doesn't work, drag his parents in there and see if they can get the information out of him. If they can't, then start beating on them, right in front of him. Then maybe he'll talk.
This is taking too long. It's time to stop trying to reason with him.
three finger brown

Kent, OH

#4 Nov 17, 2010
sounds like it is waterboarding time.
Knox County detective sux

New York, NY

#5 Nov 17, 2010
Maybe they should enlist the help of Dora the Explorer. Her and Boots are really good at finding things.

Columbus, OH

#6 Nov 17, 2010
yeah this idiot wants to commit suicide because he is GUILTY AS SIN. they seriously need to pressure him to talk. this is ridiculous
animal control

Huntsville, OH

#7 Nov 17, 2010
I don't do f-book but I think I have heard 7,700 different versions of what is going on, on this?
So matty (actual first name is John)was a plumber in steamboat. Then he was a tree trimmer in knox county? Wheres the wood chipper story?
So far he has out-smarted everyone, I give up on the massive law enforcement & media group & now I figure the 3 missing will be found by fishermen or deer hunters.

Columbus, OH

#8 Nov 17, 2010
We can talk all we want about "beating" a confession out of this guy and torturing him, etc. The sad fact remains that he is mentally ill and will not talk if he doesn't want to, and I don't think he wants to. I think he is guilty and knows where the rest of them are, too - but have a sad feeling that he is the only one who knows and he will not talk.
brian dill

United States

#9 Nov 17, 2010
Hopeful wrote:
We can talk all we want about "beating" a confession out of this guy and torturing him, etc. The sad fact remains that he is mentally ill and will not talk if he doesn't want to, and I don't think he wants to. I think he is guilty and knows where the rest of them are, too - but have a sad feeling that he is the only one who knows and he will not talk.
mentally ill people don't want to experience excruciating pain, attach a couple of electrical leads to a battery and connect them to his private parts and you will find out very quickly where the remainder of this family is. The rights of this dirtbag, mentally ill or sane, do not take precedence over the rights of this woman her son and her friend, who unfortunatly are almost certainly dead. I don't think there is any question as to his guilt seeing as how they found the woman's daughter bound and gagged in his basement.
animal control

Huntsville, OH

#10 Nov 17, 2010
Looks like a case for the real pro's at 'america's most wanted"
John Walsh has made a good living going around solving cases that the half baked law enforcement quacks don't even have a clue how to handle.

London, OH

#11 Nov 17, 2010
Amen, we do need a miracle! We've already had one in finding Sarah, and we are all so very grateful for her being found safe and alive, but we cannot give up hope for her brother and mother and the family friend. We must pray, and we must be united in hope too.

London, OH

#12 Nov 17, 2010
Another thing that boggles the mind is how did he abduct four people without help? Doesn't anyone think he has had to have some accomplice or accomplices in this criminal activity? It is curious if he took them individually, to separate places, and that's how he took all four of them. It doesn't seem possible to me that one person can take 4 people, does it? Does anyone else think it's strange that one person could accomplish this? Maybe he had it thought out for awhile and had a way to do it, but I suppose for the normal person it seems impossible. Any insight into this would be helpful to me? I can't get it out of my head there are others involved, at least one other person? Also, did anyone else notice the fact that the police actually questioned Hoffman on Thursday at the Brown Environmental Center parking lot on the trail? Wonder why he wasn't taken in for questioning at that time? Can he be that sick and act normal enough to fool police? I suppose he is a psycho-path. God help the police. AMEN! God be with these families and help us dear Lord to find the answers, and soon. In Jesus' name we pray! AMEN!

Brescia, Italy

#13 Nov 17, 2010
I'd say he camped out in a tree for a while. Maybe really early in the morning. Waited for one of the women to come outside maybe to feed the dog. Then this Hoffman fella made his move. The other's were probably sleeping. So it would have been easy for him to capitalize. He choked the women or killed the women with a knife, then he drugged her inside (blood on carpet). Took out the next biggest threat, the next adult, who was most likely sleeping. Then the two kids. He kept the girl, maybe for a prize. Keep in mind that it was probably dark with a little light outside. He could have taken the unconsionse, wrapped them up and then put them in the back of the truck.
The little girl up front with the dog. If the dog wasn't destroyed in the beginning.

He could have drove the truck to his house. Tied the girl up, then dumped or set the bodies somewhere, after that. Maybe he changed clothes during the drop off. He could have took his old clothes, then he dropped the truck off at the school. He either hiked back or drove his Yaris back home. I think he burned his dirty, old clothes at his house. He could have just dumped them somewhere near or in the Apple Lake or near the Golf course.

(The "stand-in" BF left for work on Wednesday in the morning, I think. He got a phone call about the dog being fed. I think the original report said he stayed the night at a friends house, worked in the morning and then golfed)

(This guy Hoff, is emotionally unstable. He wants to take the easy way out and hurt himself. I think something was wrong in his life growing up with his family, if he had one.(Sad) This guy might actually need somebody to relate to him emotionally in examination, be his friend and clear his confusion, in some indirect way make him understand what he MAY have done is wrong! Get him a coffee or a drink. Then maybe he will open up and tell you what has happened. This is where an expert, or a down to earth person will come into play. I think an individual of authority would turn off this situation and so would an emotional person.)

Off Note: This guy does seem like the fictional character from the movie, Predator.
"You are one ugly mutha..." -Arnold S.

Off Note: I think it was the people of the historic Zoroastrian belief, where they laid the dead on a raised platform and let the wind and other elements to take away the body.

Then again, I could be totally wrong about all of this.

Ohio citizen,

“Uzi Does It”

Since: Nov 08


#14 Nov 17, 2010
Yeah! BEAT IT OUT OF HIM, then see him walk on any charges and sue you bastards...ahahahahahahahaa.

You dunces are no better than Saddam Hussein or that idot that's in charge of Iran, you scummy, lying, weak, piece of crap versions of "americans" that are no better than illegal aliens. You make me sick.

“Uzi Does It”

Since: Nov 08


#16 Nov 17, 2010
Marney wrote:
Another thing that boggles the mind is how did he abduct four people without help?
He was strong and they were week, maybe Jesus wanted him to kidnap and kill them because they were evil and working with the devil?

“Uzi Does It”

Since: Nov 08


#17 Nov 17, 2010
Hopeful wrote:
The sad fact remains that he is mentally ill and will not talk if he doesn't want to, and I don't think he wants to..
Why don't you stick an ice pick in a veterans eye for swearing to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, which includes Amendement V.

Nashport, OH

#18 Nov 17, 2010
While Matthew J. Hoffman sits there refusing to say anything while thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent chasing butterflies to find bodies and evidence, tell me that WATERBOARDING is an immoral thing to do. Whatever it takes and as fast as possible including a speedy trial. The government knew it didn't harm or kill yet the cry babies of the world declared it sub-human. The sane nut case, would squeal immediately!

Oswego, IL

#19 Nov 17, 2010
I say string this sucker up like a trapped monkey. He deserves no mercy. We all know he is guilty so why doesn't he just man up and tell the truth. He will be charged with murder even if the bodies aren't found. I would be willing to bet that his DNA/evidence has been found that he was in her home. He won't get out of this no matter what with them finding Sarah in his basement. That links him to the crime so he is finished anyhow. Give the families and all those involved some peace by leading them to the bodies. Sadly, we all know this guy didn't let them live to tell of his crimes. Call him whatever names you like, he deserves to rot somewhere for this. Death is too good for this guy.

Indianapolis, IN

#20 Nov 17, 2010
Prayers, thoughts, and wishes for them and all their loved ones. Stay strong little Sarah, and even if you don't FEEL strong after your ordeal, know that you ARE strong, and there's a country full of people who stand with you in their thoughts and prayers.

Columbus, OH

#21 Nov 18, 2010
Where is Detective Stabler from Law & Order SVU when you need him. He'd get it out of him.

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