CHP probe targets DA investigator

CHP probe targets DA investigator

There are 139 comments on the Daily Democrat story from Sep 5, 2009, titled CHP probe targets DA investigator. In it, Daily Democrat reports that:

A California Highway Patrol investigation has linked District Attorney Investigator Randy Skaggs with instances of embezzlement, grand theft and using public resources for personal gain.

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Woodland watcher

Colfax, CA

#1 Sep 5, 2009
Do the District Attorney now has to find some way to slander and discredit mr. skaggs. Not a surprise since all fo the negative comments about him recently in two forums.

Mud-slinging is a very common tactic in politics. However, if mr skaggs did not have a case against Riesig before, he sure would have one now! In personell issues, it is not acceptable to share information with anyone and Reisig is blackballing him from ever getting a job. Now he is having it printed in the paper for all to see!

It also appears that Reisig has called in "a favor" from the CHP. The CHP will do anything for Reisig for the conviction over Andy Steven's death!

I expect to see the CHP as an endorsement for the next election wouldnt you say? Nice try Reisig, but my opinion of you has not changed
Reisig Payback

Vacaville, CA

#2 Sep 5, 2009
What a crooked DA, this is just a smear campaign to help Reisig. Funny, Reisig and Naliboff get a CHP helicopter ride, on tax payer money, for payback for getting a conviction on the recent CHP killing. Maybe the ride was not payback enough. Suddenly, the CHP helps the DA investigate someone who makes him look back. More payback? This DA is dirty has lots of people doing his dirty work. Another connection, doesn't the Sheriff's wife work for CHP? Isn't the good buddy of Reisig, Ed Preito a retired Capt from the CHP? All coincidences I'm sure.
Reisig is good

Vacaville, CA

#3 Sep 5, 2009
Timing here is so perfect one would think it is planned. Reisig gets blasted for retaliation of Skaggs for whistle blowing in law suit. Gore gets settlement to do retraction letter. Suddenly Reisig's CHP buddies gives payback and releases this press release. Reisig's dirty hands appear to be pulling a lot of strings here.

Vacaville, CA

#4 Sep 5, 2009
Funny how this works, one day Lt. Skaggs is used by Reisig as an expert to get a conviction and prison term, then when Skaggs comes out against Reisig for Hiding evidence, suddenly Reisig gives info to CHP so they investigate Skaggs, CHP investigates and then almost a year later has CHP do press release to discredit Skaggs. How low will Reisig go and what will he not do to get you, if you tell the truth on him. Very scary tactics.
Andy RIP

Vacaville, CA

#5 Sep 5, 2009
A good Officer was murdered and that is a tragedy. Reisig wants to use his death as a political tool. If Reisig was a real man he would not allow this killing or prosecution to be tainted with his political games. First Reisig said Gore's letter interfered with the CHP case (a good way to turn the CHP against his enemy). Then Reisig accepts a payback helicopter ride for him and Naliboff (wanting or accepting something for doing his job and the right thing). Then Reisig provides(according to the article)information on Skaggs to the CHP, since Skaggs confirmed the allegations in Gore's letter. CHP, hardly impartial at this point, investigate Skaggs to discredit him (helps Reisig Politically). Now in the middle of very unfavorable press coverage to Reisig, the CHP (gives more favor to Reisig)and suddenly releases an investigation on Skaggs.

Anyone that believes all this just happened without Reisig using his power really needs to connect the dots.

Vacaville, CA

#6 Sep 5, 2009
wow,reisig appears to be really cashing in on his chp conviction. investigations,chopper rides,press releases. i guess it pays to have friends.
rexroad pr firm at work

United States

#7 Sep 5, 2009
You should be richer Rexie, your company is great at what it does... discredit then conquer
El Tigere

Colfax, CA

#8 Sep 5, 2009
"Woodland watcher," "Reisig Payback," "Reisig is good," "Expert," "Andy RIP," "wow"

It must suck to work in an environment were you always have to wonder who the "leak" or traitor is. Obviously the individual who wrote most of the previous posts is one in the same. He sounds like someone that can not be trusted and who obviously thinks he knows a lot. This guy is just slinging mud left and right. Please refrain from dragging peoples names through the mud, specially those that have now passed.

Really very sad!
I was waiting

Salinas, CA

#9 Sep 5, 2009
Anyone who speaks out against Reisig knows he will be publicly humiliated. A word of caution to everyone who has worked with him, or does work for him: never speak out. You will pay with your reputation.
Expect your new bosses to get calls trashing you, expect the papers to print "official investigations" results that suddenly put your ethics into question. Warning to everyone who even socializes with him: your organization will be trashed the day you decide he is not "perfect for your club."
Peace Officer

Vacaville, CA

#10 Sep 5, 2009
Reisig's message is clear and all cops should take note, if you cross Reisig's "blue line code of silence" he will do you in one way or the other.
Charles Bronson

Sacramento, CA

#11 Sep 5, 2009
Wow - I am just more amazed at the lack of perspective. First everyone is claiming that it is Reisig and the local cops, oh, and the County HR department that investigated Gore's complaint and found it held no merit.

Now a Statewide organization is involved and more importantly, the investigation into Skaggs took place last fall...But everyone still is crying that Reisig is pulling the strings (Right on the CHP!).

It's more likely that the ol' boys in the DA's office that may not have been real clean are getting moved out and they don't like it.

Corruption....Skaggs... Double dipping and charging both the DA's office and The Peace Officers Standards and Training....Hummm sounds like a crooked guy. Having the CHP at the lead of this makes it pretty clear this is the real deal.

West Sacramento, CA

#12 Sep 5, 2009
As usual, the Daily democrat has produced yet another story with misinformation and completely wrong information.

First of all, the Galvan brothers were not "beat up", as reported. Secondly, the incident took place behind a school at about 3:00 a.m., and no where near their home. Thirdly, Skaggs was not and has never been the training officer of the officers involved in the event. And let's keep in mind that the defense attorney for the Galvan's, Mr. Palik, is the one who wrote the letter that is referred to in the article. Palik needs to come up with something to slant things his way because the last time this case went to trial the vote was 11 to 1 by the jury to convict the Galvan's. And if Palik looses the criminal trial he won't make any money in the ensuing civil trial, which is the only reason he's defending these guys in the first place.

United States

#13 Sep 5, 2009
How interesting & how easily things can turn. All you Reisig bashers (Gore or Skaggs supporters) keep your eyes and ears open for further developments.

If, as you all claim there's dirt on the DA, then bring it out. It'll all come out in the wash, ergo now's as good a time as any. Or is that which you post mere conjecture, speculation, and/or parroted unsubstantiated gossip.

BTW, I'm not on one side or the other (except the side of justice). Lookong forward to the fact pattern as it builds.

United States

#14 Sep 5, 2009
oops darn typo shoud have read "looking..."
Charles Bronson

Sacramento, CA

#15 Sep 5, 2009
Tom -

That's all find and dandy...There's always two sides to the story - how do you manage to "mistakenly" double fill out your time cards and then use gas cards for personal use?

Remember the charges are for Embezzlement and Grand Theft...Use of public resources for public gain....

Do you guys have anyone who is not a avowed liar or thief to use as your poster boys??

So far it looks pretty clear the DA is trying to get the bad guys out of the office....

Score so far: DA 2 Reisig haters - 0
Both sides

Vacaville, CA

#16 Sep 5, 2009
Look at the Reisig supports, all the time calling for evidence on Reisig and calling for "PROOF". Now Reisig's propaganda tactics releases "an investigation" and all of sudden they want to believe what is said. Before everything said against Reisig was not true, now that Reisig controls a press release, everything is true.

Did anyone notice that conveniently there is no mention of charges or convictions. It everything printed on Skaggs is suddenly true then everything printed on Reisig must also be true.
Has Skaggs been charged

United States

#17 Sep 5, 2009
? Really. If CHP found that Skaggs did something illegal and there is any merit to it, wouldn't Reisig or the AG have charged Skaggs by now? Or was Reisig sitting on it as leverage if Skaggs ever tried to sue him?(Blackmail????)

If the CHP and Reisig never referred this to the AG, they must not have believed their own results.

If Skaggs was so dirty in the Galvan case, then Reisig must want to dismiss charges against the Galvan bros. and apologize to them, file a complaint against Schlie and make sure West Sacramento Police Department fires him instead of promoting him.

Gee, none of that has happened in the three years since the Galvan brothers were arrested and beaten. Or beaten and arrested. Whatever.

Something is wrong here. I think this is just a hit piece on Skaggs for Reisig's benefit. Did the DD ever look into the REST OF THE STORY??????
This smells

Vacaville, CA

#18 Sep 5, 2009
This is so clearly a smear job by Reisig. Anyone that condones and supports this "Mafia" tactic is also suspect. The people that endorse or associate with Reisig know what is going on and their credibility and ethics are also in question.

Who supports him? Have not heard anybody stand up by name yet?
to el tigere

Vacaville, CA

#19 Sep 5, 2009
El Tigere wrote:
It must suck to work in an environment were you always have to wonder who the "leak" or traitor is. Please refrain from dragging peoples names through the mud, specially those that have now passed.Really very sad!
You make the point, Reisig is using anybody dead or alive to gain political points. Plenty of dirt in the DA's office to go around. I heard one attorney dated a woman on "his" jury during a trail and then married her. I bet that defendant got a fair trial. Talk about a traitor to justice system.

Santa Rosa, CA

#20 Sep 5, 2009
I call bullshit, Reisig is just looking for an entity to do what he wants and get the results he wants! How many agencies is he going to have look into these guys? AG, CHP who is next, FBI? Why is there so much turmoil in the DA's Office, maybe it is because of Reisig himself? everyone sees it except Reisig. And I agree, the CHP will do anything for Reisig, even give him a helicopter ride.

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