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#1 Oct 17, 2012
Honestly, will they ever do anything with this girl in the legal system. How many counts of drop possession, child endangerment, theft, criminal trespassing, suicide threats, and ovi/.dui is she going to get before they finally do something to her. She has two children at home without a future with her. Can you imagine what those kids go through seeing mommy go to jail and rehab. Of course, they probably think they can do the same and get away with it too when they are older. At lease one of the three original kids was able to be taken by his father. WTF, she keeps getting a stern scolding and told not to do it again, but always does. She has went to rehab twice. Once to a BS alcohol rehab that was basically a come and go as you please place, but get this, she went for drugs. Now, she went to another BS rehab in Jackson, yep, you guessed it, the Queen Treatment center for drugs, but she was facing theft and criminal trespassing. Really? From looks of it, she is going to walk again. Why won’t they throw the book at her? Come on legal system, do you really think she is going to learn anything from not paying for her actions. Something just doesn’t seem right with the whole thing. What is it going to take to open your eyes or hers. Hopefully it doesn't take a kid to suffer or worse. They shoudl do something with the worthless trash before she ends up hurting one of them. Any thoughts?

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#2 Oct 17, 2012
Dont worry to about it. Mind your own business
Momma Mia

Point Pleasant, WV

#3 Oct 17, 2012
That name sounds really familiar... But I can't think of who she is.

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#4 Oct 17, 2012
Trashy-whore.Enough said.

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#5 Oct 17, 2012
shes a squirter

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#7 Oct 18, 2012
I want squirted on!! Those are very unique women not many of those around so if u find one grab her and hold on to her only reason I'm still not with mine is because I got stationed to another country

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#8 Oct 19, 2012
For one thing I am not a trashy whore, and to "curious", what makes you think you know so damn much?? Yea i went to rehab befor, and yea it was a real rehab, and yea i went to a rehab in jackson and no i am not getin away with anything, i am lookin at prison, so surprised you didnt know that part since you seem to know so damn much! And is your life so damn lame that you gota get on here and actually start a topic about me and my life? Shit i will be the one to admit that i messed up and yes the worst thing is that my children have to suffer but you have now rite to say anything negative about my kids! I have not been the best mother in the world and i have def made bad choices and i am not making any excuses for what i have done, but until you know the TRUTH about things that have happened and why they have happened do not assume that you know me, my children, my life and all that goes along with. As far as those charges you threw up that were dropped, there was your key word DROPPED because they were things i was not guilty of. I am done explaining myself to you. God Bless

Granville, OH

#9 Oct 19, 2012
wow margo this shit is so childish. You guys really need to grow up and quit talking shit about her she might of done some fucked up shit in her past and believe me its all coming down on her now. you guys have no idea what she goes through her life isnt easy from what ive seen. btw you dont need to bring her kids into this shit all 3 of her babys are well takin care of and she is a great mother no matter what she did she is there for them and loves them very much!! so get off her case and quit worrien about what she does or tell her who you are so it can be delt with

Cleveland, OH

#11 Oct 19, 2012
How is it that u are willing to say everything about Margo but wont use your own name? Maybe you were one who she rejected in the past and now find a way to get back at her by trying to build yourself up while you yourself feel small and inappropriate? I'm curious have you ever done time, or drugs, or anything else that we can all discuss on a Friday night in Galliplois topix forum. Whats in your closet, what are you dealing with that you just want to see plastered all over the freakng internet for pure entertainment, or maybe we should be calling you the names and that you are a squirter. How is it you are so quick to have her kids growing up and acting like their mom, or even to say that they have no future WITH OR WITHOUT HER? What do you have a crystal ball you can see into their future or is it that you have no life and want to condemn those kids for the acts of their mother? If you want to discuss something lets do that so that we can see what your real fears and concerns are---YOURS!!! Cause clearly you are dealing with some things that you cant deal with so you have to create such a post to feel like you are accepted as well as make your self feel better about what you hate about yourself

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#12 Oct 19, 2012
Hey sexy don't worry about what they think its cause they are fat nasty haters!! You will always have me as a friend,so don't let that trash get you down karma will come back around and bite them in thier fat arses!!! It's sad sad sad but funny how they are worried about what u have been through what are doing! They are just mad cause they can't put ya down they are actually pretty discussed of what they have to look at every morning when they get up and brush thier tooth! Sucks to be the font let it even bother u one bit there squirt! ;)

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#13 Oct 19, 2012
jaja wrote:
Kidds gonna b trash jus like da parents! Look @ the baby daddys
damn how you gona talk shit about sum kids? that is so low of you to do! children dont choose who their parents are. what a piece of work you are. Grow the hell up

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#15 Oct 19, 2012
jaja wrote:
No I think I will b me. Hahahahahahahaha bitch
so mature
joe blow

Springfield, NJ

#16 Oct 20, 2012
since when did maturity ever matter on this site. I just love it how the truth can come out on here and it pisses people off. if you don't want people to know your busines,don't do stupid shit. So, Margo, you are facing jail time, I should hope that the court system has finally caught up with you since you have had 40 plus charges and never had to spend a day in jail. you and other people can try to defend you, but the truth is pretty obvious. They should have hung you on the child endangerment charges alone. Yeah, you may have had some charges dropped, but your little rehab ploys have helped and it also helps that you had things drug out until they had no choice but to drop the charges. I hope you do go to prison, Karma has been looking for you for a while and I hope she is a bitch.
lol blame game

Point Pleasant, WV

#17 Oct 20, 2012
I just love the line "her life isn't easy" or "you don't know what she has been through". I worked with her mom and I do know that she does not work yet she stays high so how hard could life be? I also know that she gave birth to kids that she never has ( but thank God for that because they are better off with out her). Please don't pull that BS to take up for her. She is an adult and her life is only as bad as she has made it!

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