It must suck to be sitting in your and suddenly hear bullets and/or pellets hitting your house. No one with a brain is going to say it must be a great thing to live with. But, did these folks even look around the area before moving in? My understanding is that Drake's Landing has been there for quite some time. Don't potential home buyers have a responsibility BEFORE purchasing a home to know what they are moving close to? If you moved in next to an auto body shop, would you expect that business to be closed down because there's metallic grinding and cutting going on? You have no right to simply blow this logic off like it doesn't matter and then expect your own to stand. The senior Andrew has served Harnett county in a public capacity on the board of commissioners for a very long time. They, too, own land and houses in the area. They, too, have rights just as the homeowners do. Folks, the MOST reasonable answer is for you to move and remember next time not to purchase such a heavy investment with no thought for the area you buy in or what it's future is trending towards. To punish the Andrews business is, imo, totally absurd. They have probably put more money back into Harnett county in five years than the homeowners will in twenty. I'm not saying they have more value as human beings or anything of that sort, or deserve MORE rights. I'm simply saying that if a decision is going to be made, it must be made in favor of the most logical course. It is NOT logical to purchase property next to a gun range and then complain about frag hitting your house, it's simply unfair and hypocritical to do so. Also, Drake's Landing gives responsible citizens a place to shoot and handle firearms responsibly rather than blasting away in their backyards. I'd rather see use of Drake's Landing in this area HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to - surprise!- PROMOTE neighborliness by gun owners in the area choosing to be courteous to their own neighbors by not shooting at stumps in their backyard or within 500 feet of other houses,( which is far more dangerous than some shell pellets hitting a house btw ), and instead choosing to pay a few bucks to shoot in safer, saner conditions and promote the concept of responsible firearms ownership, and also support a local business inside Harnett county. If Drake's Landing is closed down, I think the dangers of gunfire would become worse, not better, because then the many gun owners in the area might opt to not bother with a gun range at all. I think courtesy to neighbors in any community is exceptionally vital to avoid internal strife, which always weakens rather than strengthens people, and it is just as courteous to simply admit,"Dang, I should not have bought that house next to a gun range. Next time, I will research an investment property much, much better." That's called honest self-analysis and handling the repurcussions of your own choices like an adult.