Should state mandate immunizations? N...

Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July

There are 9755 comments on the story from May 4, 2011, titled Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July. In it, reports that:

Immunizations are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect children against childhood diseases and Tennessee law requires documented immunizations.

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Sparta, TN

#6731 Dec 13, 2012
In the 2009/2010 flu season pregnant women were given both the H1N1 & the annual flu shot. Both contain 25mcg of mercury for a total of 50mcg.

Mercury divides preferentially to the placenta, the the fetus, with zero blood brain barrier is hit especially hard.

Spontaneous abortions spiked during this time frame, as did nursing home deaths.

“In addition, because of the order of magnitude increase in fetal-loss report rates, from 6.8 fetal loss reports per million pregnant women vaccinated in the single-dose 2008/2009 season to 77.8 in the two-dose 2009/2010 season, further long term studies are needed to assess adverse outcomes in the surviving children. Additional research concerning potential synergistic risk factors associated with the administration of Thimerosal-containing vaccines is warranted, and the exposure-effect association should be verified in further toxicological and case-control studies.”

Sparta, TN

#6733 Dec 15, 2012
good point wrote:
<quoted text>this is a very good point thank you
You are welcome.

To put things in perspective, 50mcg of Thimerasol, the ethyl mercury preservative used in multi dose vaccines will fit on the head of a pin. This sounds minute, though in reality it is 24 thousand TRILLION ions of mercury.

In this University of Calgary video, how mercury does it's devastating neurological damage is explained.


Sparta, TN

#6734 Dec 15, 2012
Here's another lesson learned.

Dr. Werrerhahn didn't display symptoms of mercury poisoning for quite so time after the accident.
Had she known the danger & sought immediate treatment she might have survived.
man o man

Oneida, TN

#6736 Dec 15, 2012
Who Cares

Sparta, TN

#6737 Dec 15, 2012
preaching wrote:
<quoted text>this is very good to know thank you so much as a mother with a new born all i hear is everybody preaching to get the shots
I love the "blame the unvaccinated child" argument every time there is an outbreak.

Even the CDC knows that's a fallacy.

"While pertussis and its prevention is complex, speculations that current outbreaks may be due to vaccine refusal do not hold up, said CDC spokesman Jeff Dimond."
“The numbers don’t support that argument,” Dimond said.“There’s no cause and effect relationship there.”

North Augusta, SC

#6738 Dec 16, 2012
Geeze wrote:
<quoted text>
You are welcome.
To put things in perspective, 50mcg of Thimerasol, the ethyl mercury preservative used in multi dose vaccines will fit on the head of a pin. This sounds minute, though in reality it is 24 thousand TRILLION ions of mercury.
In this University of Calgary video, how mercury does it's devastating neurological damage is explained. =XU8nSn5Ezd8XX
Sigh! If only everyone was as smart and well informed as you.

Masontown, PA

#6740 Dec 17, 2012 ... Free-Dumb decision?
Brittany Rice

Ooltewah, TN

#6741 Dec 17, 2012
Jon wrote:
Peruse thru the adverse reaction database before you decide that we should have zero say in what is injected into us or our children. vaccine injuries are real.
I totally agree.....there are vaccine injuries, I know for a fact...and its my right as a parent whether or not I choose to have my vaccinated!!!!

United States

#6742 Dec 17, 2012
Check out the website of Dr. Mercola...he has lots of info about how terrible the vaccines really are. The govt LIES to us.....
Capn Bill

Millington, TN

#6743 Dec 17, 2012
Do you trust your government officials?

North Augusta, SC

#6744 Dec 17, 2012
Capn Bill wrote:
Do you trust your government officials?
Can I trust you?

United States

#6747 Dec 18, 2012
Reilly wrote:
It is law in TN. Your child can't enroll in school without proof of immunizations, been law for a while.
Also, if you don't want your child to have immunizations, you should be forced to home school. I do not want my children exposed to all those horrid diseases, because you don't believe in it, that's just stupid!
As for the lawsuit argument, we already know the people that don't want their child inoculated don't have a pot to piss in, so why should we be forced to live by the decisions of the opposition?
If your so called shots work why do you have to worry about someone else's child giving them something???? I'm confused. By the way your child can enroll in school without immunizations. Its a scare tactic the schools tell you to get them their shots. They don't have to have them.

United States

#6748 Dec 21, 2012

Multiply that times every man, woman, and child and we will all be set!!!

Because they let criminals use HeLa cells for over 30yrs. they KNEW came from a woman who had Syphilis knowing that the proteins they carry were immortal...

Could not be killed by any means known to man....

Because those cell lines contaminated them all forever. And because they are the real cause of AIDS, the real cause of PRION/MadCow, they cannot even use PLANTS for vaccine use because we now share our genes with them too....

Fun Times in Israeli ruled USA.
All syndromes already have these but most do not even know it...Including the 1 in 29 babies being born with the lies of AUTISM today with a projected incidence of 1 in 9 by 2022.

A jab NEVER protected anyone from anything ever.

United States

#6749 Dec 21, 2012
The Israeli's in control of the medical mafia in TN. lie like the dogs they are to make you their Goyim as they believe they are Righted by God to have.

And they don't mind telling you!!!
This war is going to get ugly....
yet 53 of the 54 ticks removed from those same patients were lone star ticks, which do not spread Lyme disease.
LIE----Borrelia spirochetes have been found in all ticks.

in a vial of alcohol
===NO plasmids can be lost in medium. Just freeze.

The bite of the lone star tick can create a bulls-eye rash that appears like that of Lyme disease, but the rash isn't caused by the Lyme bacteria.
===LIE---the bulls eye rash means treat immediately. No questions asked.

Hickling's work is also in collaboration with scientist Jean Tsao of Michigan State University and is part of an EEID project to identify the ecological factors leading to distributions of tick species and pathogens--in particular, where the Lyme disease tick and pathogen are found.
===WELL HECK FIRE---all they have to do is get into pub med and learn that borrelia is prion is AIDS...don't ya thank?

This spring the Tennessee Department of Health, for example, reported a 500 percent increase in tick-borne rickettsiosis.
===YES BUT SOMEBUNNY FERGOT TO TELL THEM rickettsia turn off the immune system so they may not see antibodies for the other infections that may not be seen exept at the molecular levels.

Most bites in the Southeast are from the tick species that spread spotted fever rickettsiosis and ehrlichiosis, but not Lyme disease.

"The Southeast is dominated by different tick species than the ones that attack humans in the North," says Ellen Stromdahl, an entomologist at the U.S. Army Public Health Command and lead author of the paper.
===OH YEAH the US ARMY thought it was ok to give ONE LAB the job of making ANTHRAX vaccine for the military too...Look where that got US. Now haveing more soldiers KEEL themselves than getting KEELED.

New report to Congress this week said over 200 suicides this past yr. In 09 reported was @300 alone.

"Ticks in the eastern U.S. collectively carry more than a dozen agents that can cause human disease," says Hickling.
At least 120 not including virus'---what the freaking bother?

The majority of human-biting ticks in the North--members of the blacklegged tick species--cause Lyme disease, but these same ticks do not commonly bite humans south of mid-Virginia.


United States

#6750 Dec 21, 2012
Borrelia is prion is lyme is AIDS. And it all came from criminals who gave it to us in vaccines.

If you already have your syndrome, your psych, your cancers you can treat by killing all the infections in the real AIDS immune suppression they blessed us with.

And then your own stem cells will work well to turn on the immune systems vaccines have destroyed.

That is why some stem cell trials have failed in the failures to dissiminate the truth because they don't want US to make it...

Gainesboro, TN

#6751 Dec 21, 2012
lol funny wrote:
I think yes shots should be mandated for the health and safety of our children. In the past 2 months children have gone over sea's and come back w/ whopping cough and mumps because those countries don't mandate or can't afford shots. I watched a program that said they did research on shots and autism they said the shots had nothing to do w/ it. I don't know if they do or not but seems to me if they did more kids would get autism especially since the shots now are the shots our parents and we got. When you decide to have children you take on their wants and needs no the government shouldn't have to pay for anybody's kids. The parents should pay for their health care, food, education, etc that's most of the problem w/ government today ppl except the government to pay for everything which is us the tax payers not the government.
And it must be true cus i seen it on teevee."Blind faith in the gov will get you killed".Better do your homework on this subject cause there is alot of bad info out there, and besides that you sound like some kinda drug co.'s shill.

Pikeville, TN

#6752 Dec 21, 2012
No I think it should be up to the parents. People should do research on the shots before they give it to there kids. What you find out might shock you.

Miami, FL

#6753 Dec 21, 2012
noshots wrote:
No I think it should be up to the parents. People should do research on the shots before they give it to there kids. What you find out might shock you.
Did you get shots?

Cullowhee, NC

#6754 Dec 22, 2012
fair is fair if my kids have to get them the Mexican kids should to

North Augusta, SC

#6755 Dec 22, 2012
goodps wrote:
fair is fair if my kids have to get them the Mexican kids should to
Use a little common sense. Don't be scared! If those shots caused anything, there wouldn't be anybody left to complain about the government. Most everybody in the US has been vaccinated for something, and we're all still here.

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