Mr Obvious

Lafayette, IN

#142 Oct 14, 2013
Could really care less. I dont understand why people let him get away with bullying them.

Lafayette, IN

#143 Oct 17, 2013
You have a self esteem problem. Maybe you should talk to Dr. Phill.

Lafayette, IN

#144 Oct 17, 2013
He does look good in white but the red shoes would be way over the top.

Lafayette, IN

#145 Oct 17, 2013
I am going to the court house to find this idiots arrest record. Lets see who the real criminal is. I will post it when I have it. Hope we have enough room to fit it all.

Lafayette, IN

#146 Oct 19, 2013
I already have it. The Big T has been arrested for battery, PI, numerous alcohol related offences, making threats over the phone, providing alcohol to a minor, and now paper work is being filed to stop him from harassing an 80 year old man. WHO IS THE CRIMINAL.. Real piece of crap. Keep fishing. Better yet get a freaking job..... You have spent 7 years padding your little man purse with papers, that I thought someone had stolen from your shack. Oh yeah forgot, you where drunk that day, and the day you told the cops you got shot. Keep collecting your papers maybe you can insulate your house with them and your arrest record papers. You have managed to galvanize in every person that you come in contact with that your a loony tone. You wonder why everyone ignores you. You tell people you are an agent with the FBI. I believe the FREAKING BROTHERHOOD OF IDIOTS is what he is an agent of.

Roanoke, IN

#147 Oct 30, 2013
Nice try big T. Pissing up a stump again. Your anonymous report was full of lies and BS and the dude looking into your bogus claims said you where a goof. Went no place big guy. Sound familiar doesn't it.

Wolflake, IN

#148 Nov 2, 2013
so a council member also an asst fire chief used his influence and used town equipment to knock down a building across from the fire dept. and said it was to be used as a parking lot. Too funny. Lets call it what it is. A buddy doing a buddy a favor. The good ole boy system at work. Funny, the old police station parking lot which isn't being used and can park 30 vehicles wasn't thought of? So people complained and they lied and came up with a lame excuse. People see right through that. Since then, the so called parking lot hasn't been used. CORRUPTION>

Wakarusa, IN

#149 Nov 3, 2013
No dip shit your wrong again. The police side is being used by a construction company and also water is sold to citizens there. Also when there is an emergency, dumb ass, seconds matter. The building is locked on that side to keep real criminals like your punk ass out. The firefighters would have to run around the building and waste precious time. Course your dumb ass wont understand that. Furthermore, dip shit, the parking lot across the street is being used. Nothing illegal and everything was paid for so cut your hair and get a job. Mr. Summers had offered his land to be used as a parking lot a year ago, dumb ass. So keep trying your lame ass crusade to fight corruption. Got an Idea, you freaking loser keep your own dumb ass self out of trouble. Giving booze to a minor is CRIMINAL ass hole. Making threats over the phone like a punk ass is criminal and harassing 80 year old men over the phone, again punk ass, is criminal public intox, is criminal, battery is criminal, threatening people is criminal, all this sound familiar grease ball. So I ask the same question, punk ass, who is the CRIMINAL. What will we see next in the court news in regard to this capped crusader (TM) being arrested for another crime. I for one feel real safe at night (NOT) knowing this ingrate is looking out for the communities best interest. What has this person ever done for anyone or his community, which is not Paoli. He doesn't live in Paoli. Well he has done nothing to serve anyone. But he does get arrested a lot. Again his record includes many charges and the latest was in the paper last week. Giving Booze to a minor. What a stand up guy..... No what a freaking loser.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#150 Nov 4, 2013
Next the council member will do is make a paid postion as a full time fire chief which Paoli does not need. Wait and see..

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#151 Nov 4, 2013
a paid position for himself that is anyways

Wakarusa, IN

#152 Nov 5, 2013
We already have a paid fire chief. His name is Dutch Parks. Where you been genius? Been like that for four years.

Louisville, KY

#153 Nov 6, 2013
Wayne wrote:
We already have a paid fire chief. His name is Dutch Parks. Where you been genius? Been like that for four years.
not by Paoli tax payers . And not 40k a year like they tried to get back in 08.

Wakarusa, IN

#154 Nov 10, 2013
Well according to the paper it is tax payer money. Where else would it come from. All town expenses including fire department comes from tax payer. Where else would it come from.
been thru it

Wakarusa, IN

#155 Nov 10, 2013
Wayne is right. It is all tax payer money that pays them people where else would it come from and i don't think no one should get paid. thought it was volunteer. what does volunteer mean. my understanding is they all get paid but the chief has a salary and vehicle. no other departments around get paid. why is this dept special.
no way

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#156 Nov 11, 2013
they get paid through the state. i know, still taxpayer money but not town taxes from their budget except for vehicle. said member wants it to be paid through town so can collect benefis and pension. didnt have the votes in 2008 but has them now. thats why they are aast. chief now to avoid conflict of interest. wait and see. its set in motion now. in a year a vote will come up for town to appoint a full time fire chief paid thru town funds w benefits. just like french lick has.

Wakarusa, IN

#157 Nov 11, 2013
Nope your 100% wrong. All fire departments are paid through funds that are in the town budget. That is the law. Funds come from the county property taxes and town funds. Towns do not receive state tax dollars. its all county generated. All town funds are from county and town taxes. My dad retired from the town and he knows the clerk. You can call her and ask I am sure she would tell you. And what you claim at end of the post will never happen they will never allow it. Town cant afford a full time salary or benefits for that. Guarantee that. Anyway also saw in the paper few months back that they are going back the way it was, contract with the town. Therefore the town wont be over the department. They will run themselves. The clerk would prob clear that up for you to. The town runs the department now and according to the paper they are considered under the town now but that was supposed to change at some point and the chief and firefighters are paid by the town.

Wakarusa, IN

#158 Nov 11, 2013
I agree with been thru it. Why does anyone get paid. i thought it was volunteer. no body should get paid when it is volunteer period the head guy or anybody

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#159 Nov 12, 2013
wait and see in a year if it isnt asked to be a paid full time position. he has the votes. Its already in the works.
red flag

Mitchell, IN

#160 Nov 14, 2013
mark jones receives another kick back last time it was the kick back famously known as mobile home ordinance 2007-5! mark was campaigning for town council position and soliciting voters that he would stop mobile homes because they would devalue peoples property, he used his public position as a town board member and the position as fire chief and the town council members and the Paoli news paper to course the civilian population for the ordinance to stop Troy Mitchell, Mark Jones confesses in an email to anther council member that we have the ordinance in place he states he knows is not the best but we will have to go with it, that's what we told people we would do, that is why we were elected! Well citizens and if any government agency is watching, these are confessions the are from his own words, he cannot rebut his own testimony , these are in fact election law violations for private gain, kickbacks known as ordinance 2007-5 and 2007-6! Mark You are in the hole own this one too! the FBI needs to investigate these factual matters! To here tell there are all kinds of these emails the feds need to find these email ! I know who has a lot of them, don't you Mark Jones! here is a partial list of them back door deals using executive sessions, falsifying records, purchase of truck that even the vice president of the town council was not even aware of, theft of a transformer, theft from the crusade childrens fund!
getter done

Indianapolis, IN

#161 Nov 20, 2013
Apparently there is a lot of things going on with in the town board, i do believe there needs to be some kind of state investigation to clear up some of these allegations of illegal
Puchases, illegal policy making, and if there where back door deals going on with some of these elected council members, then these issues needs to be addressed. But if there is a citizen making false allegations then there are laws inn place to deal with making such claims against elected officials . Lets end this matter once and for all .lets ask the state for a full investigation, lets just see who is lying and who is telling the facts.

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