Centerville, IN

#21 Aug 26, 2011
You have it wrong again dumbass, Benji's Mom wrote a check from her account to pay the department back. Get your facts staight greese balll.

Centerville, IN

#22 Aug 26, 2011
The town had nothing to do with it because it was not a town department. Dumbass Troy keeps telling people that the town covered it up and wrote a check. No, dip shit, his Mom wrote the check to pay back the money. And it was in the news paper because one of the firefighters brought it up in a town meeting. So Troy, you freak, it is old news. Your about 3 years behind loser.

Centerville, IN

#23 Aug 26, 2011
In my opinion the reason no body listes to Crazy Troy is because

1. He is freaking nuts

2. He is a drunk

3. He has been arrested many times.

4. He does not work

5. Did I mention he is freaking nuts?

Centerville, IN

#24 Aug 26, 2011
Troy blames everyone but himself for his miserable life. He blames society because he can not function as a normal human being. No matter how hard he tries people still think he is a nut job. He makes basisless accusations and pretends he has facts when all he has is the voices in his head. Be very carefull of this person.

Centerville, IN

#25 Aug 28, 2011
Troy must be drunk again. The only facts he has correct is well (nothing) Troy seems to think the town of Paoli owes him money for a failed business venture. Troy is not exactly a business man and if he did make any money he would piss it away. Ask Troy what he did with the money he made from selling his land to James Qualkenbush. He drank it away. Troy wants something for nothing because he wont work. He would rather walk around the square and tell lies about people. Troy people think you are nuts. You are banned from entering many many places in Paoli because you act like an idiot. EVERYONE thinks your a nut job. No one pays attention to you cause your dirty and crazy. Go back to KY.

Centerville, IN

#26 Aug 29, 2011
Again TM is looking like a dumb A$#. He has a wild imagination and a vendeta against the town of Paoli because he is too lazy to work. Benji Farris's Mother wrote a check to pay back money from the fireworks fund not the CC. Mitchell should have stayed in school and got an education. He should get a job and take care of his kid instead of being an idiot. No one listesns to you TM cause your a freaking loon. No one cares TM.
we want the truth

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Oct 6, 2011
billybob I mean mark I heard your wife caught you cheating again did you slap her around this time too! whats the matter u could satisfy her so u had get another young one sounds like Beth needs a real man instead of quick shooter sound like your perverted chasing young little girls
we want the truth

Indianapolis, IN

#28 Oct 6, 2011
its sad that the town council president cheats on his wife withs little girls ,threatens private citizens,one man said that if mark threatens again he will just consider it self defence!!!!!!!!!!

Loogootee, IN

#29 Dec 28, 2011
You man that drunk, greezy haired, lazy waste of space is still being an idiot. Cut your hair, quit crying, get a job and be a productiv member of society instead of a dirt ball.

Richmond, IN

#30 Dec 28, 2011
What this idiot does not understand is Jones was not on the council when the ordinance was passed. The entire nieghberhood, includeing me went and asked the council if something could be done. This was in 2007. Mark was not on the council then. All the nieghbers from the area wanted something done. The council passed an ordinance. Not Mark. Then this loser sold his property to Qualkenbush in late 2007. So this idiot no longer had a dog in the race but he kept crying about corruptsion. No you idiot, citizens asked for something and the council passed an ordinance. No corruption, no nothing the council just passed an ordinance. And again remember by this time the idiot sold the property, took his money and drank it up. Then he starts running around like an idiot blamming everyone because he is a loser and wont work for a living. Everyone ignorse him because he is a nut job. TM clean up cut your hair and get a job and be an example for your son. Not the example you have been up to this point. What you go around spouting is not reality. It is only in your freaked out head. So move on. Society is really tired of your nut case antics.
we want the truth

Indianapolis, IN

#31 Mar 13, 2012
to billy bob, carl and dave. You can all try your best to degrade and down play this matter! Richard and Mark done every thing in there power to sabotage Troy Mitchell, having the Police as his gang,the town supervisor coming to the property,trying every avenue they could to stop the movement of mobile homes.Mark even purchased property infront oy Troy to control his property until they could use all the propaganda they could get to launch Marks and Richards champaim against Troy, to destroy his property rights and stop the mobile homes from coming on to his property! Troy was sued by Carol Clevidence and Doris Stinger,JC Tucker handled the case Troy won JC Tucker as their lawyer deeded the back piece of property to Troy deeded April 10th 2007 Mark Jones bought the front part to control the easement his deed on record deeded April 19th 2007 handled by JC Tucker the mobile home ordinance conspired by these private individual with the municipality board members and the attorneys JC Tucker and Todd Young fast tracked the ordinance forced Troy in to selling to James. James repeatedly came to Troy seeing what you all were up to convincing him to selling to James telling promising him if he sold it to him he would take the town on and when he won he would help Troy go after the town but he would have to beet the town win the law suit that would come ,when he got the law suit money he would help Troy! Troy Knew what he was up against last resort he when for his friends help ! Troy went to the town meetings troy held the Protest and in the end his friend backed out, just wanted his deed and the cashflow it would produce he was shafted by the whole town!Now Mark Jones and YOUR Orginzed Gang , U TELL YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!

Spiceland, IN

#32 Mar 16, 2012
WWTT, I just looked over your post and here is what I think, SO F'ing what. Did someone force your dumb A&# to sell to James. Did someone twist your arm? Wow, again get a damn job and stop blaming everyone else for your problems. Did you wear a harness's and hard hat when you would work and was putting on roofs. Some contractors are sure interested in talking to you sometime. And this is America dope, if you want to buy property you take the money and go buy it. No conspiracy just how it works. How can someone force you into selling anything. Stop your crying, cut your hair and get a damn job. People are board to freaking death with your crying bullshit. And it's "what Richard and Mark did" not "what Richard and Mark done" nice.......

Spiceland, IN

#33 Mar 16, 2012
Are you serious? Wow what a damn imagination. So you where forced to sell to James? Someone twisted your arm and you "had to sell to James" are you for real? Why don't you cut your hair, quit crying and get a job. No one cares about your lame excuses and your blaming everyone cause you wont work. No one can force you to do anything. This is America. When property comes for sale anyone with the means to do so can take there money and buy the property. Buying property is not criminal. But some how in your freaked out mind it is. Wonder why Troy's friends dropped out. Well maybe they think Troy is a nut job and they don't want to be around him. Here is a tip. Cut your hair, stop crying and get a job. No body wants to hear your freaked out crying about how everyone has done you wrong. It is really boring. Another thing, if I remember from the paper no one in the neighborhood and the town for that matter wanted you around because of the things you have done and how you act. Can't say I blame them.

Spiceland, IN

#34 Mar 18, 2012
Hey did TM go to a gas station throw the pump nozzle on the ground then storm inside and cuss out the cashier for gas prices being too high. I hear the cops are looking for him AGAIN............
we want the truth

Indianapolis, IN

#35 Mar 23, 2012
Mark i mean dave ,gobob,or who ever you are today! one thing about all this, there is no statue of limitation for the felonys committed and the terrorist acts committed aganst the citizens of paoli just to protect your land values your day will come, just hang in there i have plenty of time! Im not leaving paoli until i see justice servered! your time will come. karma aint that far!

Madison, IN

#36 Mar 26, 2012
Hey bbob your right, this guy is a freaking idiot. "Aint" Is that a word? Hey TM no one freaking cares. Some roofing boy's need some help and they where asking if you are available for work so I gave them your number.

Madison, IN

#37 Mar 26, 2012
Carl, I told you. He is a legend in his own mind.
Oh, is "Aint" a word" If Karma is real then TM is in for a wild ride......... I wonder if TM telling someone that he is going to "shoot" a group of people is considered a "terrorist threat" The witness who overheard the conversation and filled out a statement attesting to that fact thinks so. I wonder who will go to prison fist?
out side looking in

Bloomington, IN

#38 Mar 28, 2012
looks like tm has three or four people constantly on the attack toward tm looks like these people now what really happened here! They now more about this than there telling! No I think these people no exactly what they did! Thats why the keep on the attack,trying to make the public focus on tm other than the people who started this personal vendetta against this man!I think tm is right on the money about about the corruption that is still goin on in paoli,thats why you stay on the attack! Sounds like the only truth is hurting MR.Mark Jones!!!

Spiceland, IN

#39 Apr 2, 2012
Oh TM has many many more then just 3 or 4 that think he should get a job. Try like everyone that knows him. Thing about it is he brings it on himself. This is America, if you want to buy property you go buy it or you don't. I don't think it is "outside looking in" and yes outside is one word. It is more like "inside looking in" and here is another tip. It is "They Know" not "they no" And here is another tip the public is not focused on anything he says cause the public does not give a rats ars what he says cause it is all BLAH BLAH BLAH. Let me repeat THE PUBLIC DOES NOT CARE because there is nothing here to care about. I would suggest you turn your conspiracy theories back on the grassy knoll or the UFO's flying around. It makes for a great story for someone who won't get off there duff and get a job to blame local government for everything that is wrong with there hopeless life. This is America get off your butt stop crying and get a job. Stop using others as a crutch and an excuse for you not doing something with your life.

Jasper, IN

#40 May 5, 2012
Hey TM next time you talk to James ask him why he doesn't take some of that money he brags about all the time and buy some hair plugs. The comb over doen't get it. And a guy who claims to have so much money why does he drive such crappy vehicles.

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