Not long ago a letter to the editor was published in my name. Folks, this is exactly what I was talking about. Pay attention because the roller coaster ride can get a whole lot more exciting as you go through the process.

"Installing a new sewer system is a critical step in the urbanization of Freeland. Although county commissioners have approved a long-range growth plan for Freeland, the area cannot be developed under the plan until urban-style infrastructure including the new wastewater treatment system is in place to handle higher density development."

Higher density development? Is that what the voters in south Island County really want? I don't know the motives of the rest of the people but I certainly didn't purchase property in this area to see it end up like the area I am about to leave in 20 years.

I currently pay between $37 and $44 a month for the sewer charges where I live in Tracy. And that is tied to water consumption. With a great many people who have their own water wells, how do we determine they are not overburdening the system with their waste water when there is no real method in place to determine how much water they are dumping into the system?

Lots of unanswered questions here that should be addressed BEFORE we make long lasting decisions on this, don't you think?


To the press, you have my permission to print this if you desire. You already have my contact information should you need to contact me.

Dave Hardesty