CalNeva Broadband Cable TV Office Closes

CalNeva Broadband Cable TV Office Closes

There are 90 comments on the The Mountain Enterprise story from Jan 6, 2010, titled CalNeva Broadband Cable TV Office Closes. In it, The Mountain Enterprise reports that:

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - CalNeva Broadband, which provides cable television and internet services to the Mountain Communities, announced today that its Frazier Park business office will close.

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Richgrove, CA

#1 Jan 25, 2010
Broadband Consumer

Frazier Park, CA

#2 Apr 7, 2010
I certainly hope that someday, somehow, some way, we are able to get at least DSL in Pine Mountain Club... I'll subscribe in 1/2 second... Cal Neva made promises of fixing things up from the 'rapid cable days' fiasco... but as of April 2010, things are very much status quo, and NOW you can't even call to report an outage after 5pm... and they have discontinued all tech support numbers (the one they used to have, now says that tech support is no longer available)... will someone else step in sometime before this company goes the way of the Dodo? one can only hope. As of today, for the month of April, it's a little over 90% uptime... that is NOT good by any standard...though i'm sure they pride themselves on it...come on guys, this isn't grade school where 90-100 is an "A"
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#3 Jun 3, 2010
I have belonged to this service since they were Rapid Communications.
I am so happy I have never subscribed to their TV service, just their internet service.

This is the worst service and if I could move to Frazier Park, I'd get ATT service in a heart beat.
I pay $50.00/mo for their fastest service speed wise and bandwidth wise and only get 1/5 of what I pay for.
Speeds are horrible and at times equal to dial up.
ATT provides a better package with more bandwidth (about 3 times the amount) for $5.00 less a month.
Unfortunately, for us PMCers, ATT is not an option but Frazier Parkers, I can't see CalNeva holding on too long.
This is now June 3rd. Last month was the worst on record.
Internet down at night. 6pm and poof. No internet.
They have the gull to charge me FULL price for that?
I've been prorated up the yink yang but pennies and not enough to cover their downtime.

Now they state they have upped their service to 20GBs upload and download combined but ATT still offers a package way better then that and...they have very little down time and give the speeds promised on their package.

Just about 15 minutes ago, CalNeva went down again.
They say it's because "They are working on the lines".

Excuses given over the years with both companies?
Lines been cut by vandals
Lines been cut by disgruntled employees.
Can't get access to fix old lines due to forestry.
T lines need replacement parts (will come in any day now).
It's our model (we changed it three times)
It's our lines.(also changed three times)
Greg, wow, there is one. States "I don't know" when he comes to check on our problem.
It's the cold weather.
It's the hot weather.
It's the spring time and fall weather.

Can you add to this because I know there is more but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

I have contacted the FCC to let them know we are one of the areas in the US with little or no broadband.
I also have concerned they throttle certain sites.
They always ask, do I have their TV service and I happily state "NO". Dish Network works perfectly for me and all the channels I require.
This makes me think because I only have their internet service, I'm a second class customer for their broadband almost dial up equivalent.
I am a Net Neutrality supporter and this is the perfect example of why.

High prices with little or no service and speeds not delivered as promise...but the monthly bill is.

I am getting ripped off for what I pay but, since there is NO competition in PMC, it's what I am stuck with.

I urge FP residence to use ATT since it is available there.
For us PMCers, this or dial up is all we can get.
I like to watch online TV (streaming)but with their highest package for $50.00 a month with out going over their low low limit bandwidth wise, that's the equivalent of 6 1/2 45 minute shows each month and why I say, they want you to Buy their tv service and lower the speeds we pay for.
Dial up $9.99/month.
CalNeva,$25.00-50.00/mo (comparable to dial up speeds).
ATT $45.00 for 60GBs of bandwidth and speeds as promised.

CalNeva is a ripoff for those of us with no choice.
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#4 Jun 3, 2010
"I like to watch online TV (streaming)but with their highest package for $50.00 a month with out going over their low low limit bandwidth wise,, that's the equivalent of 6 1/2 45 minute shows each month..."

Correction in the statement above.
2GBs of bandwidth = 5, 45 minute online tv shows

They do have a bandwidth meter on their website now but, I fully recommend for single computer users to download bitmeter or, if you use a router buy one with a meter already installed.

As for their office...they seem to contract out the tech support service and I agree, it's horrible.
The main office isn't much better in what ever state they are in.
You mainly get the "They're working on it" routine.
Well, they've been "working on it" for 18 months and in my opinion has gotten far worse in the last month, not better.

There is absolutely NO help in any direction. No support, zip.


Paradise, CA

#5 Jun 3, 2010
If your're going to post; AT LEAST BE TRUTHFUL AND present THE FACTS! The last two post are FULL of mis-information!
Pissed In PMC

Frazier Park, CA

#6 Jun 3, 2010
Hey Rochester, NY how can you say the last two posts are full of misinformation and untruthful? How can you comment on something happening in the mountains of Southern California? I happen to know that the two posts before you speak the truth. What misinformation is there in the two posts and what is not factual and a lie. Show us all what Rochester, NY knows about Pine Mountain Club, Ca and the surrounding areas.
The tech support for CalNeva is a joke and God forbid you want to be on the internet here after 8pm. Yeah can't wait to get out of PMC and into Frazier Park or somewhere that I will have more choices on how to get online.
Pissed In PMC

Frazier Park, CA

#7 Jun 3, 2010
For those without the Tech Support number here it is 1-866-821-8280 but beware they try to blame your equipment and the lines running into your house also if you call after 9pm Pacific 12am Eastern you will only get level 1 techs the techs are based out of Atlanta, Ga as I have been told by several techs when I have had to call every night about the net being down for the past month or two
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#8 Jun 3, 2010
If your're going to post; AT LEAST BE TRUTHFUL AND present THE FACTS! The last two post are FULL of mis-information!

Please troll on another board.
This is about CalNeva and it's issues which is not located in NY.
However, if you have specific Issues you'd like to debate, I am all for it.

I also, as you can see above, have posted this on our local boards and thank you poster above for replying on my behalf.

So XOXO... please state specifically what you feel is false.
Personally, I feel you just happened apon this thread and posted for the sake of posting since you didn't add what exactly rubbed you the wrong way so, we can turn this around and as you say, post the facts on why you feel this is false.
My facts are the people in our area living with this every day.
Today alone it's gone down twice.
My facts lie here on this performance site:

Now, unless you have pertinent information to add, I have no reason to take your post seriously.
triple player

Frazier Park, CA

#9 Jun 4, 2010
Well I seam to get through all the time , they have a 24 hour answering service and I had seen the Tech response late at night and early morning I know some of you know WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. Also ask some of the TV customers in the mid town of PMC and asked if there service has im proved im sure they will share with you. I have heard of the modems dropping out at night but I seen improvement that they had stayed on Lately, I see they are moving in the right direction.
CalNeva - Owner

Laton, CA

#10 Jun 4, 2010
I became aware of the Frazier Park forum this week and will answer factually the issues warranting further explanation. I do not wish to engage in any name calling, arguing, etc.. I will address the relavent topics and ask you to put yourself in my place while evaluating my responses.

CalNeva acquired 5 cable systems from Rapid Communications serving approx 4,000 Video and 1,000 Internet customers in 5 rural communities in CA, NV and AZ. Rapid operated these systems utilizing individual 1 person offices and a contracted call center located in Utah. Early on it became apparent single person offices provided less than desirable customer service.(vacations, sick children, varying hours, local weather,etc..) Doubling the staff by adding personnel to each office was not economically possible. Instead a centrally located call center was set up in Westwood, CA. The call center is currently staffed with
4 CSR (customer service reps). I can and do review the monthly phone call stats - which include - time to answer, on hold time. length and number of calls etc.. I can say without hesitation the level of customer support has improved significantly over Rapid and the early days of CalNeva's ownership. Having the dispatch, order taking and order closing out funtions centrally located provides the ability to get to the bottom of things much more efficiently.

In addition CalNeva has partnered with IBBS to provide 24/7 technical support for its Internet subscribers. Also, as of 4/1 the after hour voice machines at the Westwood call center were replaced by a live person contracted answering service which has all contact information of the local on-call technicians in each cable system.

CalNeva has and will continue to make the changes necessary to provide great customer support. Some of the local plant related problems inherited will not be fixed overnight - but progress is being made on a daily basis. The Westwood call center's toll free number is (866)330-2028. IBBS toll free Internet technical support number is (866) 821-8280.
CalNeva - Owner

Laton, CA

#11 Jun 4, 2010
Internet Business in Frazier Park.(The Facts)
Connectivity to the Internet In Frazier Park is accomplished by acquiring individul T-1 circuits from AT&T. A T-1 has 1.5 megs of capacity and AT&T charges $426 per month per T-1. The capacity is delivered over AT&T's copper wired infrastructure.(not fiber). At present this is the only capacity available to CalNeva in Frazier Park.
In urban cities, Internet connectivity is delivered over fiber and can be acquired in 45 meg circuits (DS-3) for around $2000 per month.(less than $50/meg), in 100 meg circuits (OS-3's) for around $25 per meg or in increment of 1,000 megs (GIG-E) for far less.
CalNeva offers several tiers which provide 2 things - a speed that sets the upper limit on the cable modem (the best it will be) and a limit to how much traffic can be uploaded and/or downloaded each month. Just a few short years ago the industry standard algorithms (based on time of day useage etc..) supported over 75 customers per T-1 when Internet usage was primarily email based. As you can imagine with todays' useage (on line gaming,file sharing, audio and video streaming etc..) the number of subscriber serviceable per meg has and continues to drop. In urban markets with the availability of cheap bandwidth increased useage is not a problem. In rural markets where circuits are very expensive it is a huge problem.
In Frazier Park a very small miniority of subscribers use more than 1/2 of the bandwidth available. At present CalNeva is charging a small fraction of the cost of the bandiwth these users require each month. In order to provide good service to everyone one of the followinhg has to happen:
1)cheaper bandwith becomes available.(The recent federal stimulous funds will accomplish this in certain aras of the country over the next 2 to 3 years in the form of "middle mile" subsidized fiber projects or 2) The heavy users need to be identified and moved to higher useage (priced)tiers in order to allow CalNeva to acquire additional T-1's.
CalNeva in order to stay in business and provide good service to everyone has begun taking steps to assure all users are paying their fair share based on its economics. The free ride (subsidization) is coming to an end for the "heavy users".
I've been accused to my face of price gouging when in reality not only am I providing service to the heavy users at a loss but the reality is CalNeva is far better off economically having the heavy users disconnect.(assuredly not my goal)
Its difficult to issue credits to users who complain their Internet was slow when their useaege exceeds 500 gigs over the period and they (and a few others) are the cause of the slow speeds for everyone.
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#12 Jun 4, 2010
Here is a link to the PMC site which I also posted originally on until I found this thread.

You talked about tech support 24/7 but what you didn't say is it's only level 1 tech support that is available.
When you need help, and level ones idea of unplugging the modem and plugging it back in doesn't work, they send you to level 2.
Level 2 is not 24hr support and goes home after 9pm.
This leaves us with no one to contact. Level one will not bother contacting the isp services.
"It's sorry we can't help. Call the office tomorrow".
Out ISP starts to drop it's connection anytime from 6pm to say...midnight. The average being around 6pm.
Our internet slows down to a crawl and eventually drops service completely.
The office, nice people but, they are only there from 9am to 5pm.
Once Amy us gone, yes I know Amy and Cindy, there is literally no help for us.

You might want to check into your so called tech support you contacted out after 9pm to see what you yourself are paying for and their quality of service.
Again, unplugging the modem is all level 1 will ask you to do and then say contact the office tomorrow.
Never, by the way, when we did go down early before 9pm, level 2 would tell us they'll contact the main office.
When I call the main office the next day, no one was told there was an issue.
This has happened more times then I can count.
A pat on the back is all we get here.

Here is a direct link to the PMC site.

I have supplied a link to this site as well on that board.

Your reply would probably be better served there then on this thread as FP, their TV and ISP service, seems to be more efficient then here.
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#13 Jun 4, 2010

My download speed as of right this minute is, according to


See above what service we pay for?

In a while if it goes the usual route, it will be down to .4...and then offline or to the point moving or loading pages is impossible...then, after that, our modem will start blinking.
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#14 Jun 4, 2010
Last update

a few minutes later


.41 download
.27 upload.

I could go to speakeasy and show you our 220 ping time
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#15 Jun 4, 2010

that was meant as as the 220 ping time.
Way too long

Frazier Park, CA

#16 Jun 5, 2010
Also to CalNeva - Owner,

You fail to think about those bandwidth users and I feel this needs to be brought up.

Those people you want to get ride of may not be really using that much bandwidth.

I myself have had issues with this due to your service going up and down constantly.

For instance, I can start to load up a TV show and get 90 percent done with it and then, your service goes down.
This results in my having to try to load it up again and again, it's almost ready to stream and your service goes down. Bandwidth used, nothing watched.
Again load video, again, service goes down.
On quite a few occasions, this happened up to 8 times with one program/tv show.
How much bandwidth did I use to watch that one 45 minute show?
Refer to bandwidth used per 45 minute show above.

You fail to see this and you blame us when your service causes us to use more then we should have.

Last month, I canceled my contact with Netflix online because your service can not coexist with sites like that and paying them every month and not having the bandwidth required to use it was wasting more money.

This month, I had ever intention of catching up with Lost online, a show on NBC, since I was not able to watch the final season.
NBC hosts the reruns on their site for those who missed it but, again, I can't take the chance on those 45 minute shows because of the bandwidth issue, because your service might go down when a show is almost ready to watch.
I can not finish this anyway with the bandwidth provided a month, at least this month.

I've seen some post that state they were forced to buy another modem to get more bandwidth.
Those are the people you want to get rid of?
Those are the people you accuse of using too much when it's your service, most of the time, causing us to use more or not adequate enough to provide more when the growing needs are more these days.

Now many have had to buy a separate modem or more at $50 bucks a pop not counting installation/modem fees up front?
I see no lose here to your business.
I see only a lot of money being invested in high priced internet from your customers and hardly any service provided as promised, bandwidth wise or connection wise.

So, think about this before you begin to point fingers at others.
Your internet goes down causing many to have to reload their programs, videos, or music.

Please don't point fingers at others and accuse them of using to much when it's you for the most part causing this issue.

You don't know how many times I wanted to contact the paper about this and held back but really, that issue needs to be addressed.
Carl Reese

Frazier Park, CA

#17 Jun 5, 2010
This topic is being discussed at
Class action

United States

#18 Jun 8, 2010
To : owner of calneva
Thank you for your candid post on my forum. You should be aware that your calneva tech's, don't show up. Those that do, do nothing more that drive up and say " nothing can be done" . I've had 4 appointments in the last six months and only half were kept by your staff. Internet drops off at dark at my place ( when I get home from work and need it), then goes back online at 9am ( after I need to leave for work). I've reported the issue, and no repairs have been made.  Your new help line says ' that's just the way it is ... Live with it". Again I pay for 2 meg and rarely can get 1/5 th of that speed according to and others. I have save the results for the last six months with times and dates because I believe we have enough people that have been cheated out of what they are paying for, to start a class action law suit . If you look at my forum this topic receives the most hits daily. 36,000+ hits on this topic alone! Impressive for the size of our community. Neeless to say it's the hottest topic on my forum. As a home inspector every one that moves here asks about the Internet . Of course I give them this web address and let them see the other peoples comments.  It receives more daily hits than any other. Residents here follow this topic closely.  It would be great if you can get this issue resolved.
Worst intenternet choice

United States

#19 Jun 8, 2010
As of lastnight calneva Internet does not work:(. It dies at dark and doesnt come back up until morning.
Way too long

El Dorado Hills, CA

#20 Jun 11, 2010

April 6 Slow, Can't move pages
April 7 down at 7PM briefly
April 8 Down at 7PM
April 9 Down at 7:30PM briefly
April 10 Slow .24 mbs download speed
June 2 8AM down, back by 9am (when main office opens)
June 3 1:15AM down
June 4 8PM down
June 5 8:43PM down
June 8 Came home at 9:10PM Internet down
June 9 Internet down 9:20PM
June 10 Slow pages all day. Down by 9PM
June 11 Still down from night before

This is what we pay for.
This is part of the reason why Mr Calneva owner has no right to complain about the bandwidth users.
I lost once again GBs because of this and now I have to wait until next month to watch two lousy tv online shows due to that.
I Pay $50 bucks a month for very little online service!

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