How can she be re-elected in 2004 and graduate from DCL in 2006 ? Close all the bars and ban it from restaurants, if you breathe wrong your busted, its truly a Nazi state out there and she is part of the hypocrisy... Keep the courts full and give the rest of the jail personnel something to do, oh yeah let the attorneys get their cut and oh don't forget the DRF the state gets their cut. Just exactly what did she do wrong before she was pulled over ? Ever notice they never write tickets for what you were doing wrong when they pulled you over ? Guess they were just giving you a break ? Take away drugs and alcohol and what would all these do gooders have to do? Wasn't Warren where they had the 1300 a month stop sign ticket scam channel 7 exposed ? Throw the book at her and all like her. Top notch police work from a city of less than 2300 with a state police post, sheriffs dept and the key stone cops city boys. Hope everyone feels safe, your tax dollars are at work. The last sacred cow public safety. How does it feel to be on the other end of the shake down your Honor ?