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Hong Kong Jai

Decatur, GA

#23 Jan 25, 2010
I am American, but was born and grew up in Hong Kong. I love the Chinese people, but not their undemocratic government. I agree that we should try to buy from countries other than China (democratic countries whenever possible) to encourage the development and success of other Democratic nations. The philosophy of pulling China into Democracy through capitalism is not working. We are just empowering a totalitarian government by buying Chinese goods at this point.


#24 Feb 2, 2010
If you really believe what you say than first, why being so rude in your wording. Second, being hostile to China might not be the correct terminology. It is rather against a government who wishes to export its products (and that is fine with anyone because it is in the benefit of all involved) but on the other hand using the profits to fund hackers who attack international websites because the government does not agree with their policy is rather bemusing me. Further, what me stikes most is that it uses its economical power to make threats to other coountries. I make reference to the upcoming visit of the Dalai Lama to the USA. I would in the first place like to understand on what grounds it bases itself to prohibit people and politicians to meet eachother. There is a freedom of speech in China as well, or? Further, things that are not discussed become tabou and that is the basis for more misunderstandings and eventually conflicts. Further, I do not understand why the Chinese government is so afraid of a relative small number of Tibetans that it has to use military force since several decades rather than trying to find a peacefull solution. I hope I have not offended anyone with what I have written, but I have the impression that mankind is not worthy of the planet it is living on.
ebsilk wrote:
stop buying products will only prove that you are a completely idiot. I don't know why you are so hostile to china? why not living your peaceful live? ask your self

Oologah, OK

#25 Feb 2, 2010
What people don't get is the TAX ramifications of buying elsewhere. When a US employee gets a paycheck, the taxes taken out of his/her check are used to support his/her local/state/federal roads/bridges/schools/military . By off-shoring your money (buying Chinese), you are _permanently_ sending your money to that country... supporting THEIR local/state/federal roads/bridges/schools/military .

This is miniscule when compared to off-shoring (or "best shoring" as big companies like to spin it) an American job. When a US worker receives a paycheck, what happens? Well, part of the pay is taken to support our roads/bridges/schools/military . The other part is either spent (at local grocers, retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues) or saved (at a local, state or federally sized bank). THOSE ACTS SUPPORT OUR ECONOMY AND OTHERS WHO LIVE BESIDE US. However, when that paycheck is instead sent off-shore, someone elsewhere is seeding that money into THAT economy.

Hmmmm.... now I wonder which is the better choice for our future. Like "idiot", I guess I'll have to get an ed-je-ka-shon to figure that one out - its so above me.

Wake the hell up.
Mao Tse Tung

Concord, NH

#26 Feb 9, 2010
What's wrong? I always buy Chinese-made products.
It hasn't hurt me.
jon st louis

Parrish, FL

#27 Feb 18, 2010
the great american bill oreilly sells made in china hats on his site and will not respond when i want to return them he has gone down 5 pegs on my board.

Des Plaines, IL

#28 Mar 16, 2010
Those who want to stop using China-made products are just idiots. If not, just try out. Look around your house and your work place. Try to throw away your TV, cell phone, Internet router, network cables, kitchen wares, auto parts in your car, camera, desktop, notebook, shoes... The list can go on and on. Just try to live free of China-made products. Try it. If you can survive for one month, you are a hero.

What the US can sell to China? Not much. High products have been blocked by the US government. We can not ask Chinese to watch Hollywood movie 24/7.

A bunch of idiots who can not think and work hard. India and China will catch up and take your job away if you just feel you are entitled to the good life.

Västerås, Sweden

#30 Mar 27, 2010
Hey Todd, you just underline what an incredible amount of goods are made in China, or PRC (Peoples Republic of China) as they also label it.

Just imagine how much it costs to ship all that stuff across the world when it could be made closer to the buyer, as well as boosting the local economy. The chinese don't have the same problem I guess, as so much of the goods are already manufactured locally to them.

Only specialist items are made elsewhere sooner or later and they don't seem to have any qualms at all simply stealing designs.

Take a moment to think of all the coal fired powerplants they set up to support their needs, not giving a damn about the impact it has on a truly global scale.

Yuma, AZ

#31 Apr 6, 2010
What is sad is that the Communist Chinese have to keep their currency artificially devalued and the vast majority of their people in poverty in order to maintain their US markets.

West Haven, CT

#32 Apr 8, 2010
Home US World Business Politics Entertainment Leisure Health Scitech Opinion Sports On Air April 8, 2010
Trump: China Thinks 'We're stupid"

West Haven, CT

#33 Apr 8, 2010 . Donald Trump rules. I agree with all of this. someone needs to start a web site:
will kirkham


#34 Apr 17, 2010
Dont buy chinese goods on the grounds they are uncivilised heathen backward thinking,they have no value re life, be it human or animal, they are the lowest common demoninator and need to be kept down they will never be a world power, and if they try they should be surpressed, we do not need dark ages principles and thinking,i believe they could cause a 3rd world war!

Las Rozas De Madrid, Spain

#35 Apr 20, 2010
I can understand and agree with much that is written above, but it is shallow thinking if you believe the problem is an American problem. China is flooding the world with badly made products that are very cheap and as such they are killing off local production, both here in Spain (Europe) and the US. The politics of it are irrelevant at this stage, but will be come seriously important in the future. What is important at the moment is protecting all our own counties production and jobs. Only by doing so can we withstand this endless flood of rubbish that is coming out of China. Our own economies will in time be killed if we do nothing. Today you may have a job and feel safe, but by comparison to a Chinese worker you are very expensive so when you buy Chinese you bring yourself that little closer to being unemployed. And we are all heading that way if we don’t make a stand, it is not just the US. You also need to get out and make a lot more noise too, write to your politicians. Do something while there is still something you can do. No government can block trade, but they can insist on a quality inspection of all imports and that alone would stop Chinese goods getting into all our counties. Don’t buy Chinese, not if you want a future worth living.
be aware

South Africa

#36 May 2, 2010
Be careful the china train has started ,and the west cannot compete with a country that has no freedom and does not allow unions and worker rights. They are a resource hungry planet destroying culture. The will stop at nothing to be the no1 country irrespective of the cost to the rest of the world. The are growing 100 times faster than any other economy.The recession is a direct cause of their meddling with currencies and prices. If you buy chinese you fund their agenda. If we want to have our freedom ,we must stop their influence on our markets and currencies. We must STOP buying their products,for the sakes of our children
Dennis Solaro

Los Angeles, CA

#37 Jun 13, 2010
It is very simple, If you want a job buy American, You do not need a collage degree to understand this very basic fact.
I am sorry to say that the average American does not understand that each time that they go to Walmart and purchase a Chinese made product that is going to tack a job away from an American.
If you meet someone that says that it does not hurt the US economy they are either ignorant or they personally profit from Chinese made products and care more about there own wealth than our country.
All we have to do is go to the store management and ask for more American Made Products and tell them that for you it matters!
Do not fall for the super cheep prices on these Chinese made products, they are usually junk and need to be replaced early.
I put my money where my mouth is, I am a American Manufacture of Solar Products, I sacrifice profit for my country, I could simply import my raw materials from China and put over 30% more profit in my pocket - BUT I DONT
I love America and I know that she is hurting so for the love of God try to buy American! and tell your friends.

Noblesville, IN

#39 Jun 17, 2010
I would rather get rid of the Mexicans

Magdeburg, Germany

#40 Jul 1, 2010
Iam frobbert from Germany.
I dont want to buy chinese products too.
But how can we make our own computers again ?
every component is now made in china ! And soon maybe if no change even the famous german cars are no longer made here
deeks USA

San Francisco, CA

#41 Jul 9, 2010
Chinese are most unsecured people in the world .They are pretty much crooks at times a lot of them in california I see are real nasty they seem very polite but just waiting to get an advantage over you.
what ever you buy where ever you buy it from a democratic country.coz no matter how corrupt a democratic country is you would find the people are similar in mentality as US folks
Please comment how you feel about this

New York, NY

#42 Jul 22, 2010
how can i really stop buying Chinese?? i work at the Gap, i like Gap clothes and the American style that goes along with it, but i'm so sick of buying anything from Chinese and third world countries.
i'd rather buy from the States or even Europe or South America, what CAN WE REALLY do? no one seems to have good answers.

can anyone discuss how much Europe buys from China? do they do as much as the US?

New York, NY

#43 Jul 22, 2010
Dennis Solaro, you're a good man.

Chicago, IL

#44 Aug 23, 2010
I am now going to not buy anything made in China. They have a horrible track record-the tainted pet food, the lead in toys and the baby formula. They also have horrible human rights violations and the cruelty to animals is an atrocity. Be careful if you buy fur or fake fur from China. Most likely it is dog and cat fur. We should not be supporting their economy when ours is horrible. I would not even want to travel there. This made in China thing has destroyed America. I really hope that one day made in USA will be the norm.

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