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Avon, MA

#1 Jul 27, 2011
Any one know anything about IOOB Picnic this year??
I heard it is not at the firehall this year?? and why??
Do you know if there is music/ bands??
Just trying to find out some more info....

Middleport, NY

#2 Jul 28, 2011
The only people who go there are the cokeheads and drunks. Which one are you? They dont have it at the firehall this year because its too close to the state trooper barracks. How can they do their lines if the cops are always watching?
Looking for Info

Avon, MA

#3 Jul 29, 2011
Really??? hmmmmmmmmmm well you seem to know alot about cokeheads and drunks now dont you???

Your just mad because your favorite bar.... Longbranch closed down you would go there because they took your Foodstamps..........

I came here just to ask for some info. But i guess why im hard at work your sitting home on your ass while i support your scummy ass playing on you computer you got from Rent a Center.......

** Nice SCUMBAG!!!!

Corfu, NY

#4 Jul 29, 2011
I know alot about them because they take up the majority of F'ville's population. I am forced to live with these people, but have been working hard to get rid of them. Yes, I'm a nark and have succeeded in having a few suppliers busted.

Actually I'm glad Longbranch closed. The Coach is next.

Never went to Ob's parties because I don't dabble in the shit that most of the patrons are on. Apparently you do seeing you're from out of town and inquiring about them.

How does my one post cause you to think that I sit on my ass all day? If I have a question to ask, I call a friend. I don't look for information on Topix. This is only entertainment for me but looks like this place is your only source for information. How sad. Get a life. And some friends.

Name calling is an elementary level of arguing. How old are you?

Corfu, NY

#5 Jul 29, 2011
By the way. I know you don't have a respectable job because you spell like shit and it clearly shows you have no clue as to what grammar is. HAHAHA!!
Looking for Info

Avon, MA

#6 Aug 2, 2011
For one........ You are not FORCED to live with anyone. MOVE!!!!!!!!!!
Im sure Franklinville WONT miss your sorry ass...
I am NOT from out of town ( Mr. Know It ALL )
IOOB's you Jackass is a VERY Respectful Orginization they do ALOT with the Franklinville School and give money to ALOT of Childrens Charities....
Thats why we became members.... For someone who seems to know EVERYTHING you Know NOTHING except for how to bash something you know nothing at all about!!!!!
Go back to your home (the coach) and hang with your Slob Buddies.........

Buffalo, NY

#7 Aug 4, 2011
Ob's picnic is held at the bar this year. Things will be going on from noon on. I think sign ups were closed on the 27th. Have a great day.
Looking for Info

Avon, MA

#8 Aug 4, 2011
Great ..... Thank You at least someone is nice in this forum....
** Crappy we did not know that we had to sign up though..

Corfu, NY

#9 Aug 5, 2011
One question: If you are from in town and a member of O.B's, why are you looking for info on here?

One comment: Bob the treasurer. Yeah. Real respectful!

Do you read what you write before you hit the "send" button? You should, because it's not me who looks like the jackass.
Looking for Info

Avon, MA

#10 Aug 8, 2011
For one BOB the treasurer is GONE!!!!!
Can the hole place be accountable for 1 BAD egg!!! No

and yes YOU a true jackass ..

** What bussiness is it of yours why i am here and looking for info. I did not reailize YOU signed my paychecks..

Of course you would not get that due to the fact the COUNTY WELFARE Program gives you yours on your foodstamp card........

Get Loss Dirtbag!!!!

Middleport, NY

#11 Aug 8, 2011
LOL. Still have no idea what grammar is? Still incapable of proper spelling? Funny how you speak quite a bit about welfare and food stamps. Happily, I never had to use either, so I wouldn't know a thing about it. But you do. Hmm. So transparent, you are. Let's be real. You clearly do not have a job. Or a decent one at that. No respectable business would hire someone as illiterate as you. How shameful. I feel sorry for you. Go back to 3rd grade. You name call like a 3rd grader. Maybe going back will teach you something more useful the 2nd time around.
Looking for Info

Avon, MA

#12 Aug 9, 2011
Lets try this..........
How bout minding your own bussiness??????
Used to work for DSS so i know the scumbags like you that use the system!!!
** NOW thank you very much i am a Dept. head in a Hospital...( hahahah WOW you know so much)

You never had to start my taking a question i was asking and say nasty things. If you didnt have an answer for me i was looking for any thing nice to say, Why didnt you just keep YOUR BIG Mouth SHUT!!!!!

Try that for once.....

Corfu, NY

#14 Aug 10, 2011
My mouth is shut. I'm typing.

You are the deptartment head of what? There's alot of departments. I am willing to bet that your "department" leans closer to maintenance and janitorial trades rather than radiology and lab. You need to know how to spell for anything better.

I don't have to mind my own business. Last I checked, this was a public forum. Besides, I'm having fun in controlling you. You're so weak-minded that I can keep you coming back for more abuse. Here fishy fishy fishy!

I do ask this. If you still want to continue our conversations, please proof read your sentences before you post. It's a pain in the ass trying to translate what you're saying versus what you mean.

looking for Info

Avon, MA

#15 Aug 10, 2011
Hahahahaha........ Smart Ass........
Its really none of your bussiness what Dept. im in charge of.. Lets just say YOUR Wrong as usual.
** You control ME??? Hahahahaha now thats funny!!
What do you keep comming back for?? Cause the truth hurts does'nt it Dirtbag!!!!! Yep and i checked my spelling DIRTBAG is spelled right.

Hey why your at it go back and look through your spelling...( hahahaha pot calling the kettle black)

and yes it is a Public forum keep dishing it out i have time to burn and laugh my ass off at you some more..........
looking for Info

Avon, MA

#16 Aug 10, 2011
Ohhhhh Yes by the way........ Where are you employed?? You have never said.....

Ahhhhhhh hhhhaaaaa thats why.. WELFARE is NOT a Job!!

Sorry Charlie.......

Middleport, NY

#17 Aug 10, 2011
I told you why I'm here. For entertainment. You're here because I keep making you return. Yes I do control you. Weak minds are so enjoyable to toy with.

I made a typo. Why is it a typo? Because I spelled it many other times correctly after. You checked your spelling and grammar? Oh boy. Let me correct you.

"Bussiness" is spelled Business, "comming" is spelled coming, "does'nt" is spelled doesn't.

Twice you spelled "your" when you actually should have spelled "you're".

You lack many commas and periods(punctuation) causing run-on sentences.

All of these mistakes were found on just your one post that you supposedly checked. LOL. That's so sad. So very very sad.

That is why I know you are sweeping floors. Funny how the one word you CAN spell is welfare. Also funny how you keep bringing it up. I assure you, I don't use the system. I'm too intelligent to waste my life for very little. You should have been able to pick up on that by now.

I think I may name you. I like you. You're kind of like my little pet. Next time you check in, I'll be sure to have a proper one chosen for you. Until then..
Looking for info

Avon, MA

#18 Aug 12, 2011
Hahahahahahaha now thats funny!!!!! and WHO keeps coming back for more?? You do Trash Bag........

You control CRAP!! Just like what you look like and smell like.....
Please keep coming back and back and back, it to gives me my laughs for the day...

God Bless You ,
Looking for info

Avon, MA

#19 Aug 12, 2011
oh yea and by the way....... So where are you employed???

You are so Intelligent you must work for NASA....

North Tonawanda, NY

#20 Nov 26, 2012
i like to play tickets can i come spend my check on tickets my kids can eat next week!

East Aurora, NY

#21 Dec 7, 2012
ticket wrote:
i like to play tickets can i come spend my check on tickets my kids can eat next week!
YOUR A SCUM.......... The OB's does ALOT for kids and there was NO NEED for your stupid comment !!!!

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