Union paper mill workers in Franklin ...

Union paper mill workers in Franklin outraged over online job a...

There are 29 comments on the WTKR story from Feb 19, 2010, titled Union paper mill workers in Franklin outraged over online job a.... In it, WTKR reports that:

More than 1,000 people will lose their jobs when International Paper shuts down in Franklin.

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United States

#1 Feb 19, 2010
Just another kick in the nads
InterestedObserv er

Newport News, VA

#2 Feb 19, 2010
Yep, I remember when the Steelworkers went on strike at Newport News Shipbuilding back in the 70's. The union members got their asses kicked in court for making threats and damaging personal property. One of them kicked in the side of my car and didn't even work for the shipyard. I got my tire iron out and he ran like the chickenshit he was! You union members are all alike. Put a hundred of you in a room and get a combined IQ or 100.
non-union millwright

Lanham, MD

#3 Feb 20, 2010
Hey ,people like me need work too.Just because I choose not to be in a union, I am not a scab
The truth teller

Raleigh, NC

#4 Feb 20, 2010
Unions had a place years ago and they served thier purpose. But now they are self serving. The union does not care about the worker only about lining thier pockets. You talk down to NON UNION people like they are a lower life form and you are actualy now better than they are. If anything THEY are better than you. The unions are not going to pay your bills, they don't even care that you have to take care of your family. The unions just want you to be cattle and do what they say no matter what the cost. So all you union members out there repeat after me.....MMMOOOOOOO!!!!
Tim South Carolina

United States

#5 Feb 20, 2010
Yep, I guess you guys are really smart. We don't need unions. It's not like corporations have million dollar lawyers and lobbyist helping pass legislation to allow them to show record profits while steadily decreasing the average income of the working class family. I mean, we all know that one person is much more capable of negotiating a living wage than many.
Prior to unions everyone in this country made enough to support a family, there were no abuses of power by supervisors with vendettas, children didn't work long hours, and everyone had good retirements and medical benefits, didn't they.
I do realize that you need to work, and I don't begrudge that. However you also need to realize that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What I am referring,to is the fact that working conditions will revert back to pre-union conditions when the unions are gone.
Tim South Carolina

United States

#6 Feb 20, 2010
Sorry I used big words interested observer. Maybe you can get truth teller to read it to you.

Since: Jul 08

Newport News, VA

#7 Feb 20, 2010
In reading the comments, I see two problems with people's views of Unions:

1. Most people have negative impressions of Unions. Sometimes these negative impressions are justified, but most of the time they are not. Not all Unions are saints, and not all Union Workers are saints, but those bad apples are not indicative of ALL Unions.

2. Unions are a dying breed despite the fact that there are many places where unionization is desperately needed (ie. Walmart and other retail industries). So most people don't understand the ideas and concepts behind Unions and what it means to be a life-long Union Worker.

As for the story, this whole thing is a kick in the nuts to the employees of the Franklin Paper Mill and I find the underhandedness completely reprehensible.
Just me

Chesapeake, VA

#8 Feb 20, 2010
WalMart needs unions? Why, so they can make $20 an hour to count change, stock sugar on the shelves or bring in shopping carts from the parking lot?

People whine when they lose their jobs, but they do not see the fact that their high wages and huge benefits packages drive up the cost of the goods sold which reduces the profits of the ones that pay their salary......profits = salary of the people that employ you. When the owners make less and less, they cut jobs or close businesses. Business owners are just like you, they own businesses to make MONEY, when they do not make money, they do the same thing that you would do.....quit that job (close the business) and find a way to invest their money that will produce income.

My heart goes out to the people of Franklin, the paper mill is what keeps the city of Franklin alive. I wish you well.
Interested Observer

Newport News, VA

#9 Feb 20, 2010
Tim South Carolina wrote:
Sorry I used big words interested observer. Maybe you can get truth teller to read it to you.
Truly amazed that you could use words of more than two syllables. did you have your union boss's secretary write it for you?
Interested Observer

Newport News, VA

#10 Feb 20, 2010
Funny how a non-union guy like me makes more per hour than UAW and Steelworkers and has better benefits. Education does make a difference! I don't need to pay some shyster fat cat and his goons to get me a pay raise. Unions are for room temp IQ suckers! Go have a beer with the "boys" and try to compose a meaningful reply.
Interested Observer

Newport News, VA

#11 Feb 20, 2010
BTW - "revert back" is redundant.
Rob K

Norfolk, VA

#12 Feb 21, 2010
Let me see if this is correct; A company closes and a union dosent want you to go for another job? Is that union going to pay your bills when you dont work? I dont think so.

Unions are for people that cant or wont speak for themselves. If every one in a job catagory gets paid the same that means the hardest worker and the most lazy gets paid the same instead of what there worth, no merit increase.

United States

#13 Feb 21, 2010
Unions. yeah! My mother told me that in the old days,unions were a good thing to belong to,but today,there is NO way in the round world that I would EVER join a union.I saw first hand what unions were all about back in the 70s, when the Steelworkers came to the shipyard. What was a peaceful friendly grouo of workers.turned onto a raging bunch of mad bulls led by a loudmouthed little snip named Jack Hower. Downtown Newport News turned into a war zone.Businesses had a hard time staying open,etc.Then I noticed that Little Jack had not surficed for several nonths after the settlement.And Then I saw him in the old Newport News Courthouse one afternoon,and apparently someone somewhere,gave him a GOOD going over aa a thank you for the mess he and his BOYS made during the strike.The Union gpt a contract,but not before a lot of broken friendships were lost and injuries happend. THANKS union,for stiring up MORE stink than a skunk in a perfume factory

Newport News, VA

#14 Feb 21, 2010
I am familier with both sides of the coin. When I was management , we were told to flat out fire anybody, who even mentioned the word union at work.
We could dismiss people for any reason we wanted...we just said we don't need you anymore, or fabricated a reason to fire them !

Unions do give protection from that type of abuse.
In unions all people are created equal (hmmmm....I've heard that somewhere before).

Yes under-achivers and over-achivers get paid the same.
Yes, union upper management abuses their power sometimes, but so does management ( think Enron, AIG bonuss, golden parachutes, etc..)

Corperate America likes to shift responsibility for their actions, or lack of actions on the unions. I'm quite sure that a union member was to blame for the decsion to close down Frankin, for the failure, and design of some Chrysler products.

Remember when the Iron Curtain came down? Reagan proclaimed that the establishment of the unions in Poland was the start of democracy!
Like they care

Norfolk, VA

#15 Feb 21, 2010
They don't care about us, I was in a company that the union went on strike, We lost a lot of business to the competition. They offered a sum of money that wouldn't support me much less a family and than complained when people crossed the line to provide for thier families. Unions jack up prices and cause companies to move overseas. Not only that look at all the issues with car parts. Many are from Union Workers, high pay low quality because you feel you can't be let go. I know for the company I worked for the union employees were lazy and it took an act of God to fire them. Unions are old news and will be the death of this country. and don't get me started on all the player unions that have the tickets for sporting events out of control because they feel they deserve multimillion dollars per year.
Interested Observer

Newport News, VA

#16 Feb 21, 2010
Just for the heck of it, do all of you union members know Virginia is a"RIGHT TO WORK" state? Of courde the flip side of that is it's also a "RIGHT TO FIRE" state. In other words, if I as business owner don't want unionized labor I don't have to put up with it. I can hire and fire whomever I please whenever I please. If I invest time and money in teaching you how to do your job better, and you do, you get a raise. If you don't do better, so long! It's my call not the call of some greasehead mafioso union leader who drips olive oil on the floor. Don't like, it don't apply for a job in a non-union company.
larry in alabama

Avon, IN

#17 Feb 21, 2010
if companies were fair there wouldn't be any need for unions.
Short but the truth.

Since: Jul 08

Newport News, VA

#18 Feb 21, 2010
Like They Care: LOL, really? You're going to put the outrageous cost of sporting events on the heads of the Player Unions? How about the owners who are trying to milk every penny of the millions, sometimes billions, of dollars of media buy-ins?

Do you honestly believe if player unions went away, ticket prices would magically go down? Hell no they wouldn't. Player pay would take a beating, but you'd still be paying exorbitant amounts to get into sporting events - and all the money would be going straight to the front office.

This, in no way, means I think these pro sports stars deserve the millions they get, but you live in a fantasy world if you think that, alone, is the reason it costs 30 dollars for a nose bleed seat and a couple hundred for a semi-decent one.

As for everyone else trashing unions, yeah, as I stated, they have their downsides, but unless you want managers running rampant all over you, you'd do well to remember why Unions started showing up during the Industrial Revolution. And if you doubt Walmart and other retail industries need Unions, go watch "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices" and tell me you have the same outlook. Walmart's practices against their employees are THE EPITOME of why Unions were created in the first place.
old union member

Jacksonville, FL

#19 Feb 22, 2010
Interested Observer

Newport News, VA

#20 Feb 22, 2010
larry in alabama wrote:
if companies were fair there wouldn't be any need for unions.
Short but the truth.
Did anyone tell you "life is fair"? If so, they lied to you. Life isn't fair but you should be adult enough to make your own way without reliance on others. Unions are the current dinosaurs of business just as the bosses and working conditions that caused unions to come about are extinct. We now have laws in place to prevent child labor and unfair tactics that were the norm in the early 20th century. Unions did, at one time, serve a valid purpose. But that purpose doesn't exist anymore. Unfortunately, the union mindset, like the entitlement mindset, is still active amongst those who are too lazy or too incompetent to provide for themselves.

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