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Spring Hill, TN

#1 May 1, 2010
This is so, so sad! The shock is still new, it is numbing. The loss of such a talented man, and by his own hand, makes you want to ask "why" but you know there is no answer for that.
Sandra Couch

Oxford, AL

#2 May 1, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family who live in the same town as we do. He was a very, very talented young man.

Frisco, TX

#3 May 1, 2010
how did he die?

Spring Hill, TN

#4 May 1, 2010
I grew up in Anniston and was 28 years old when I left to go with my husband, also an Annistonian. We knew the Owsleys very well, the kids were all friends with each other, and I pray for Bill, Alys, Lucie and Bud that their faith will pull them through this devastation. God please comfort the Owsley family and forgive Bill for taking his life. Only You know why. Please take him in Your arms and hold him tight. Amen.
Johnny P

Cedartown, GA

#5 May 1, 2010
So shocking and heartbreaking. I love his music and met him once in Nashville. A great guy. What a tremendous loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. God be with you.
Joey J

Palestine, TX

#6 May 1, 2010
Don't worry, the answer will soon reveal itself. When something major is about to come to light about yourself, sometimes this is the only way that a person finds an escape from it. The real victims are loved-ones and friends that are left behind. Time tells all.
Jeff A

Powder Springs, GA

#7 May 1, 2010
So sad to hear this. Met his dad once in Anniston, and loved the local references in his music. My thoughts are with his family.
Daniel D

Monroe, WA

#8 May 1, 2010
Will was a friend through the years and we are saddened greatly. He was never one who gave an appearance that suicide was a way out. He loved his boys greatly and always talked about them. I dont know the state of mind he was in or why he did what he did. Im sure we will all learn more, but right now our energy is shifting to the prayers for those left behind in the wake of this incident. He was a rare talent, a friend to many, and a loving father. To say this is sad is an understatement. I will miss you my friend......
M Smith Anniston AL

Anniston, AL

#9 May 2, 2010
Although Will grew up in a Christian home and love the Lord dearly, some times there could have been deep inner feelings weighing heavy on his heart that he could not disclose to anyone. I don't know that that was the case and God only knows his heart and mind but I hope that the friendships he has developed over the years and the love he had for his family will remain. That it will encourage each one of us to appreciate each other and to tell each other daily how much you appreciate and love them. God will give us the strength and peace we need to continue with our lives but there will definately be a void due to this loss. What a man he was! God bless his family and friends.
Bob K

London, Canada

#10 May 2, 2010
The answer as to why Will Owsley committed suicide is untreated depression. There is no other possible reason. Very sad that he didn't make his way to counseling or treatment of some kind. What a talent he was and yes I agree with all others on here that it's a real shame especially for his wife and children.

Broomfield, CO

#11 May 2, 2010
What a loser. Another Hollywood/Nashville/entertainm ent star offing themselves for what reason? Selfish morons. Work for a living, make it not about yourself for a change. So tired of this recurring story lately.

Sorry for his family.

Fame is a waste.





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Spring Hill, TN

#12 May 2, 2010
voice of reason.
you are a dumb f*ck

Broomfield, CO

#13 May 2, 2010
Nice language.

But I do have a point. Would you do that to your children?

Anna, IL

#14 May 2, 2010
VOR, Will DID work for a living, he has been a working musician for several VERY successful artists for many years now. His playing ability even had him on late night tv shows and he was recently on the CBS morning news with Amy. Sometimes it's about more than just that. Yeah, I agree with you that this is terrible for his kids, but your attitude toward this is horrible. When a person is depressed, they can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it clouds their vision, making them think everyone else would be better off without them, so in a way, it's NOT about yourself when you are in that state. If you have never personally been there, there's no way you could understand it.

I didn't know Will personally, but this is a tragic loss, for his family and his kids, and for the music community in general.

Murfreesboro, TN

#15 May 2, 2010
VOR- I would say that gold records and grammy nominations are a pretty good indicator of hard work. How dare you judge others in that way.....bad karma for you. But you probably know that already. You are most certainly the loser here. So just hush.

Broomfield, CO

#16 May 2, 2010
nicole wrote:
VOR- I would say that gold records and grammy nominations are a pretty good indicator of hard work. How dare you judge others in that way.....bad karma for you. But you probably know that already. You are most certainly the loser here. So just hush.
Exactly. You make my point. A life I suppose many would wish for. So WTF.

Lithonia, GA

#17 May 2, 2010
VOR wrote:
<quoted text>
Exactly. You make my point. A life I suppose many would wish for. So WTF.
I did know Will personally, and he worked his tail off since he was a kid to carve out a career in the music business - he had no sho-biz pretense, no affectations - just a hard working guy with a Toyota truck that earned everything he got. I don't understand why he did what he did, but to paint him with the same brush as the other "Hollywood losers" is at best ignorant and at worst malicious and evil, exposing your own unresolved psychological issues, as you sit out there in Colorado judging things and people you know nothing about. VOR, you are a POS.
voice of non-reason

Bloomsburg, PA

#18 May 2, 2010
i only hope that those around you will not be so burdened by cruel and thoughtless comments when you pass. I will not judge will or the decision he made. I am not the Judge. Neither are you.

Murfreesboro, TN

#19 May 2, 2010
dickiebyrd wrote:
<quoted text>
VOR, you are a POS.
Couldn't have said it better myself, "dickiebyrd". DITTO. DITTO again.

Broomfield, CO

#20 May 2, 2010
Ok. Let me try this again without all the vitriol.

He was an amazing musician. Sounds like he was an amazing, hard-working, humble person - look at all the friends and well wishers who knew him, knew all about him, etc etc. But again, that's my point! No one understands why or what - but that doesn't make it somehow just a "choice". Jeeezzz. Everything is a choice now. What about right and wrong? Hello?

It's a tragedy. But how could some seemingly perfect amazing guy slip through the cracks of depression? Where were all these well-wishers then? You can't be with someone 24/7, I know - but sounds like everyone knew him, loved him. Just not enough to make a difference?

Secondly, if someone had actually killed him (like off the street), you'd be calling for their heads. But someone did - he did. Difference?

I just am tired of reading about these tragedies, people who have so much love, so much opportunity and blessings, so much to offer the world (or frankly, anybody)- and they take this route. Think of your kids, think of your friends, don't think of yourself. Sorry, it's just that simple. Unless you are living in constant pain from a debilitating illness, experienced or caused the death of a loved one, innocent person etc., or something on that level -- seriously, work out the issues between your ears. Again, why would you do that to your family?

So - call me profane names, whatever. I am saddened by this - and I didn't know him (but have seen him perform). But it's a cop out. If he was so close to God, I don't get it. Where was Amy Grant and all those kinds of people? Hmmmm. Toured for 10+ years -- knew his anguish... AND?

There simply has been a spate of these tragedies lately - which speaks to something broken in our world - entertainment industry as gods, media, priorities, privacy, healthcare industry, whatever..... whatever it is - I'm sure we'll keep reading of more and more until something clicks.

Grieve. But Learn. And I just don't think these kinds of things should be reasoned away or eulogized over and over - it gives those on the brink if such acts a false fantasy of righteousness and justification that they'll be thought of so wonderfully after they've gone and relieved the world of their self-conceived burden. Rubbish. It was wrong. It's ugly. There is nothing peaceful or comforting about it. Don't do it.

Imagine all this organized outpouring, prayer, family uplifting and recognition of his amazing worth to everyone -- BEFORE HAND. Would that have made a difference?

Think about it.

Live. Love. Fight.

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