Review: FLC Landscaping

Review: FLC Landscaping

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Poor customer service

Nashville, TN

#1 Dec 21, 2011
Would not recommend working with FLC and Clay (onwer) unless you enjoy being lied to and threatened.
Poor customer service

Nashville, TN

#2 Dec 21, 2011
Would not hire or even consider FLC unless you enjoy being lied to and threatened.

United States

#3 Dec 28, 2011
To who may concern, this is very disturbing and upsetting. I am not sure why you are complaining when I did everything I said I would do. You said it yourself, "they completed the job in a reasonably timely fashion. It looks fine ". I gave you a fair estimate and also offered you a discounted price. I have an A rating with BBB after 20 years of business! Secondly, I do not know who you are and if you had an issue with me why did you not call me? Furthermore, you said you signed a contract. All of my contracts clearly state that you owe me a down payment in order to get the job started (please refer to your contractual agreement for further clarification). If you say I offered to go inside the bank with your wife, wouldn't that be so she would feel comfortable as well as “safe”? May I please point out that the INSIDE of a bank is a public location (which includes armed security guards), several tellers, cameras, customers, etc. Personally, I’d rather see my wife make a cash transaction in a public setting. If you felt I was unsafe or shady, then why on earth would you allow your wife to handle the business transaction? I do not know who you are, but I do initially offer any potential client a complete list of every job we have completed along with a phone number for reference. ALL my customers are very happy with my team and work. Here is what is crazy about whoever is sabotaging me. Any person can post a review on the internet, whether it is valid or completely made up. I am always available for my customers and willing to resolve any and all issues in a timely manner. I have no idea if this is an actual customer or just somebody with an anti FLC agenda. I mean honestly who does this? You know, I am very comfortable with what we here at FLC are doing. I am a GOD FEARING man who guarantees all my customers my BEST always. I am a father to 3 boys and happily married. I have owned FLC Landscaping since I was 19 years old. I have nothing to hide and everything to gain. Thank you Jesus and God Bless! Clay and The Entire FLC Team.

Brentwood, TN

#4 Apr 29, 2012
You are a hypocrite our neighborhood...your name is mud.

You screwed people over on their flush and start dont do warranty are always defensive

Spare us the religious righteous indignance.

I personally have been a victim of your "service"

If there is nothing to this..then why would you go into such a long self serving diatribe

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#5 Apr 29, 2012
Wow!!! 100% customer satisfaction?????
Now Clay, be real. In my subdivision alone there are 6 of us (that I know of) that you would not perform warranty work during the one year warranty.
You did nothing but be a smart ass and talked down to people. Why dont you take your FLC crew and yourself and shove it.
When I read your response it made me want to puke.

Brentwood, TN

#6 Apr 30, 2012
Mr. Clay. I am sure you DO NOT want to give every customer's name and phone number. You are just a hack hiding behind religion and lies
Dynamite Dandy

Brentwood, TN

#7 May 1, 2012
Add my name to the list.

I am still waiting on you to fix those two sprinkler heads that you said were clogged with a rock. They are still sticking straight up.

Find a pro, not these guys. Unethical

Brentwood, TN

#8 May 4, 2012
I checked with BBB and there were 2 complaints and no response from the owner,

Brentwood, TN

#9 May 6, 2012
This guy is not that great. He had an unethical sales person working for him. That guy lied and lied.

The owner is on an ego trip I am still waiting for you to resolve my issues,

Franklin, TN

#10 Oct 22, 2012
The owner of FLC landscaping, Clay Hair, is a guy you want to avoid at all cost. He is not trustworthy, flies off the handle and is totally inappropriate, hasn't wasted any time in his life learning customer relations, and you should stay as far away from this guy as possible. Even if he offers to give you material and labor for free, say's not worth the hassle. Before you even consider him, check out all of the blogs and complaints about him. They are true.

Thompsons Station, TN

#11 Nov 5, 2012
Another one to avoid is His Hands Landscaping !! Everything is good unless you have a problem..then they forget your number and long as they get your money, I am fed up with people using religion to gain customer confidence then "screwing " them !!
Maurice N

United States

#12 Apr 23, 2013
This company is UNDERHAND, UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISHONEST. A summary follows but feel free to contact me at for further details if you’re interested.
UNDERHAND: Clay Hair quoted me for a $3,000 water feature. During the discussions I asked for detail on where he would run the electrical supply. He examined my house and stated it would be from the circuit breaker supplying the A/C unit. After the job was done with no electrical hook-up (he told me to run an extension cord) he answered my query with “check the contract, there’s nothing in there about electrical”. An honest person would have stated during the discussion that this was excluded.
UNPROFESSIONAL: After the job was done, the pond was leaking. This was categorically denied by Clay for a couple of weeks, during which he sent me several “informative” emails on the subject, some frankly abusive. He stated it was impossible because there was a plastic basin and a double liner. He did finally relent and sent a crew out to investigate. Not only was the liner ripped, but the basin was smashed. Suddenly Clay’s position changed.“The basin is only there for the liner to cozy up to”. He repaired the liner but left me with the smashed basin. The liner is now leaking again and I can get no response from Clay. If I had an undamaged basin, the leaking liner would not be an issue. Since this is a waterless pond, access to the liner is not simple. A ton of pebbles need to be removed.
DISHONEST: I was provided with a written 2 year guarantee on the pump by FLC. After 18 months the pump failed. I left messages for Clay who responded after two weeks (saying he’d been out of the country on vacation). He promised to come and replace the pump that week. He never showed and I managed to contact him again after several tries. Once again I was promised of a replacement that week. Nothing happened.
Several weeks have since gone by with no responses to my phone calls or emails.

Since: Apr 13

Auckland, New Zealand

#13 Apr 24, 2013
To update, I am in Nolensville TN not Carlsbad CA. Same Clay Hair as the rest of you are discussing.

Antioch, TN

#14 Aug 19, 2013
Wow!! If I had done my homework I would NOT have used FLC Clay Hair(owner). If you look in the dictionary under liar, dishonest, unethical, unprofessional, someone to avoid, You will see the name Clay Hair (owner) of FLC Landscaping. His work at my home for a patio and waterscape was terrible. In fact, I had to hire someone else to fix what I paid Clay to do. Don't call him because he won't return calls unless it is for money. Do NOT pay him cash. Get everything in writing to the last detail. He does not clean up after himself on his projects. Most likely all of his help is not legal aliens. Why because no one else will work for him that has any integrity. I have documented facts and pictures. He even threatened me. However, when I ask him to come see me then of course he did not show up. Not only is he all the things I mentioned above but it won't talk to someone face to face because he knows I will kick his ass. Oh yes, that is a promise. Please do not use this person to clean dog poop out of your yard he will screw that up as well. These other complaints are not from people who have nothing better to do they are accurate in his sorry work. Lesson leanrn. Don't fall into his lies.
Clay Hair

United States

#15 Feb 7, 2014
Funny there is no complaints with the BBB.......... Why didn't you go to BBB and if you did why didn't they ding me. I have a A+ BBB Rating. ANYBODY can get on the internet and post anything about anybody. Whats SAD is you guys probably aren't real and if YOU ARE you should take your complaint to the BBB and not to some senseless forum where any jack wade can post anything TRUR OR FALSE!

I have been in business 23 years and yes I still have an A+ with BBB.

Thank You and God Bless
Jack Wade

Brentwood, TN

#16 Feb 7, 2014
Please do not use my name on here. Everyone knows that this FLC does poor work and has lousy service. The BBB cant do much anyway. This forum is a good place. The common denominator in all these complaints is Clay. By the way..... I am still waiting on my sprinkler heads to be flushed.
Clay Hair

United States

#17 Mar 11, 2014
The common denominator is I have an A + BBB Rating for 23 years ad NONE of you have a complaint with them. Furthermore ANYBODY can comment on here. ANYBODY so this is hardly a good forum. I have NOT done irrigation since 2009. And your sprinkler flush is extra and always was..... what makes anybody think that extra services at the end of the year are included in something installed????? Pay for it sir.......... I would say if you guys are the complaints I have in 23 years I am doing okay because NONE of you could get anybody else to listen. I deal with 200 jobs a year. That's almost 5000 customers in 23 years with 11 of YOU uys complaining about something you thought you would get for FREE! MauriceNathan cut his cord to his pump instead of calling me to take it out to clean the trash out. He just cut the cord. And yes I did give him a new pump even though should not have. JRC1230 lied directly to me and the BBB. After delivering a video that his neighbor took of his grandkids playing in the fountain he tucked his tail and disappeared only to find his cowardness here! Shame on YOU!

Anyways my record is clean accept for these folks who cold not get the BBB or anybody else to listen to them so they came here.

Pitiful system really but we are going strong, winning awards EVERY YEAR and after 23 years still on TOP!

Thank YOu
Maurice Nathan

United States

#18 Mar 12, 2014
I called several times before cutting the cord to the pump. Clay kept promising to replace the pump but never showed (for which he had given me a written 2 year warranty). I finally bought a new one and guess what? The old one couldn't be removed WITHOUT cutting the cord because the cord was buried under the entire structure with no conduit. Pathetic unprofessional installation. And yes Clay did finally give me a new pump AFTER I complained to the BBB. That's how he keeps a clean record there. Providing service only after people complain.
Dynamite Dandy

Brentwood, TN

#19 Mar 12, 2014
Gee Whiz.....Everyone knows that the BBB really can't make you do much. A person needs to be on the other end of the phone call to appreciate how unprofessional you are. There is a BIG reason why you haven't been doing irrigation since 2009. That BIG reason is that you run out of excuses to everyone. All you do on the phone is "bully" people. You must be real proud of that part. you have NOT been seen in this subdivision in several years

United States

#20 Mar 31, 2014
Maurice Nathan YOU cut the cord.... The BBB told you you were wring. Truth be known, you were happy, you paid in full and on time. I could not get the company to honor your warranty because yiu cut the cord. But after working with company they decides to give me another pump. If they hadnt i woyld NOT given you a new one. You cut it not me sir..... i know your not from this country but this should be universal. Anyways any you got your pymp and thanks for referring me to your friends...... lil :)

I sold my irrigation division in 2009 because somebody gave 125k for it..... Irrigation flushes and ran over heads still arent free no matter what company you call.....

Heres the truth: 23 years later and still A+ BBB Ratung ! Stronger than ever......

You guys are my only complaints in 23 years.

I apollogize for your inconvience

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