$500,000 bond set in Fairfield death

$500,000 bond set in Fairfield death

There are 758 comments on the Fairfield Echo story from Jul 28, 2006, titled $500,000 bond set in Fairfield death. In it, Fairfield Echo reports that:

Bond was set at $500,000 today at the arraignment of Ryan Alexander Weartz on charges he murdered Amity Gray.

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Stephanie Martin

Milwaukee, WI

#1 Aug 1, 2006
I have been a good friend of Ryan Weartz for about 7 years. First of all, I want to say I have followed everything that has gone on for the past few days since the arrest. Thereís NO WAY that Ryan Wertz is guilty of first degree murder. Absolutely none. I have been with Ryan and hung out with him since March and he never acted like anything was wrong for a moment. Heís a good person, the type of guy that giggles ang laughs a lot. Again I have known him for a very long time and he has never acted violently in front of me. Whatever ex-girlfriend they interviewed probably made statements trying to get noticed. I have not been able to speak to Ryan since I only have a cell phone and not a home phone but I promise you I will know the truth soon enough. How the heck can they say she was strangled when multiple reports said they hadnít determined the cause of death. I know for a FACT that this Amity person used drugs which couldíve very well lead to her death. They need to check her system specifically for Xanax and Ecstacy. Iíve known several of Ryanís girlfriends he dated for quite some time and no one has ever accused him of something like this. Ryan didnít kill anyone. I want this to be known.





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Muncie, IN

#2 Aug 3, 2006
Sounds like you don't know him at all. :)
unknown 2

West Chester, OH

#3 Aug 3, 2006
I agree w/ unknown. Anyone who could possibly be oblivious to this vicious crime, and not believe that Ryan committed this crime is insane. The very old and familiar saying is "what goes around comes around", and ryan weaver has coming to him what he deserves.
Lebanon Ohio

Eastlake, OH

#4 Aug 3, 2006
UNKNOWN wrote:
Sounds like you don't know him at all.:)
I believe that Ryan mislead a lot of people. He is where he needs to be.

Muncie, IN

#5 Aug 3, 2006
He is no angel,whoever knows him,knows that.

Muncie, IN

#7 Aug 3, 2006
I agree with everything you are saying. My sorrow goes out to you,it sounds like you knew her well.
cincinnati oh wrote:
Number ONE: Ryan DID kill someone. THAT IS ALREADY KNOWN. He killed Amity Gray.
Number TWO: There is NEVER justification for murdering another human being - whether drug use was involved or not. But there were no drugs in Amity's system and when all evidence is disclosed publicly, that will be proven - of this I am confident. You are quite pretentious indeed; if you had been murdered, I would certainly hope someone would not pass it off flippantly because an acquaintance (IF you happened to be an acquaintance) haphazardly "passed a judgment" against you, "Stephanie person."
Number THREE: Ryan Weartz is not a good person, thank God we have a "justice defending" prosecutor, Robin Piper, who quotes, "doesnít know how a person can reduce themselves to the type of animal that could strangle another" and follows,ďDying by strangulation is a horrible death because it does take some time. Itís not sudden and itís not quick. The person who is committing the murder actually has the other person in their hands so itís where youíre feeling first hand. Itís not a knife, itís not a gun. You are using your hands to take the life and to squeeze the life out of another person. Only the worst of the worst can do that.Ē Number FOUR: Ryan Weartz is the murderer. Thank God we have a fair system in America where a jury of people are able to make a sound judgment as opposed to one person atop a podium making a rash decision regarding such a predator as Ryan. Number FIVE: I apologize to have to break such a shocking truth to you, HE IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. And there is positively a WAY that he is guilty of 1st degree murder, as appalling is it seems to you.
Number SIX: Stephanie, I would highly recommend that you see a counselor because if you have been "hanging out" with Ryan since March and have seen no indication of unusual behavior, it is quite possibly a sign that you share the struggles of many girls that are prone to domestic violence situations. The type of person that Ryan is, "the worst of the worst" has a very manipulative way of making women feel confused and crazy, often completely convincing the woman that they are prince-charming. Sadly, the women are victimized without even knowing it. The type of person that Ryan is, it would not surprise me if you two had a sexually involved relationship, which often leads to the women becoming very emotionally attached and quite unable to see fault within her partner. Since you never saw Ryan act violently, it's most likely due to the fact that you always liked him. It seems the only time Ryan struck out violently was in a situation where he was provoked (i.e. Amity no longer wanted to continue relations with him) Again, I would recommend you check into your emotional health at this point. It's quite possible Amity's unfortunate situation could give you a "wake-up" call.
Number SEVEN: I commend Ryan's ex-girlfriend for disclosing the information that she did and as Piper comments,ďThere does appear he has an anger management problem. We did talk to an ex-girlfriend who indicated he was emotional and violent at times. Some of what she reported is similar to the behavior that we saw occur here.Ē It is often difficult for women to come forth in situations such as these.
To conclude, Amity was not only a beautiful person outwardly, but an absolutely wonderful person inwardly. Her legacy will be carried forth, it is already serving as a voice for women not only in her sphere of influence but also starting to be heard by those who did not even know her. I am eternally grateful to Amity for her influence in my life. Ryan Weartz and men like him will not be allowed to get away with murder - justice will be served.
Carrie_Cincinnat i

Cincinnati, OH

#8 Aug 3, 2006
Stephanie -- it sounds like you spoke out quickly and without much thought. I had the privilege of knowing Amity and I am STILL dealing with my grief. I have never known anyone who was murdered until Amity and I sincerely hope that you never have to deal with such pain, confusion, anger, shock, repulsion, and devastation. I got nervous chills when I saw Ryan's face. I am lucky enough to never have met him and I feel like crying when I think about Amity saying that she did not know how to break it off with him. There is nothing that Amity could have done prior to her death to deserve such a brush off, such disrepect that you have shown against a fellow human being. Amity did not strangle herself, nor did she take a lethal amount of drugs to lead to self-strangulation. Your idiotic (and hurtful) rant is not well thought out and I dearly hope that you have not been spreading such filth any further than this web page. Since you have not shown much intelligence, I can comfortbaly presume that you are probably telling as many people that you can -- acting like you know someone on TV -- and it makes me sick. I feel so much pain for Amity's family and people like you do not think any further than your own greedy desire to know "inside gossip."
It should be said -- Amity Gray was a beautiful, loving, sweet, shy, intelligent wonderful human being. Her young life of 27 years never even began. Her funeral was packed with devastated people of all ages. Her life, her impact, her legacy is remembered and she will NEVER be forgotten. I regret many things about my friendship with Amity -- now I will never have the chance to know her better like I wanted to.
To Stephanie in Covington KY-
Please never speak poorly of the dead. Please remember next time that someone is hurting on the deceased behalf. Whether you know Amity or not is irrevelant in our grief. What you say has an impact and I hope that you stop spreading negativity about someone whom others loved deeply. It is difficult enough to deal with her murder and the ugly, evil circumstances that surround it -- but to listen to someone who never knew her refer to her as "Amity person," and write terrible lies is too much. I am still dealing with anger in my process of grief, PLEASE I beg you, do not hurt the people who were so vastly affected by her untimley death any more.
Bob Lebanon

Newville, PA

#9 Aug 3, 2006
Stephanie it sounds like you are sleeping with the enemy!

Eastlake, OH

#10 Aug 4, 2006
I tried to remove myself from the situation and look at it objectively before I responded. I think that everyone one of us has been hurt tremendously in this experience. I was really angry over the comment by Stephanie, but when I looked at it from her perspective I realized that she is merely being what she considers to be a good friend. And so are we that are Amity's friends. I hope Stephanie will take the opportunity to do the same and realize that first you should never pass judgment on someone who has passed away. You will be hurting her friends and family. But even more so you are taking away from all the really wonderful things that Amity was. She was striking when you met her -- her outside beauty was only the beginning though. She was incredibly talented and had the ability to do any thing of her choosing. She was articulate ,strong, tenacious and wonderfully loyal. She was a sister, a daughter, a grand daughter and a niece. She was tremendously loved and gave more to her family than most 27 year olds would make time for. That being said, with your comments you spread a lot of hurt in a time when these people need to be loved.
I am truely sorry Stephanie, that someone you love has done something so haneous. I feel terrible for Ryan's friends and family; they have a long terrible road ahead of them.
The Fairfield Police and Prosecuter have simply done there job and done it well. They took their time to make sure they were going to get the right person and that Amity and her family would be able to have justice, find closure and claim hopefully some peace at some point.


#11 Aug 4, 2006
First off let me say that STEPHANIE from covington, you didnt know Ryan as well as you thought you did. You say that this innocent women that was brutally killed was using drugs and thats the reason why she died. Ive never heard of Xanax and Ecstacy strangling you? And since you and ryan were such good friends you and ryan were using the drugs together too right? I truly feel sorry for the family of Amity Gray, i send my prayers and hope that the family will be able to deal with it. Ryan Weartz comes off as a nice young man, but as everyone knows looks are very deceving. Ive seen him in relationships and i knew the girlfriend that he abused, mentally and physcially. I also know that ryan does have a very bad temper, anyone that thinks otherwise obvisluy doesnt know him to well. Anyone who would call a 15 year old girl a bitch and put their hand in their face, obvisuly cant control their temper. I hope that Ryan gets the fullest punsihment that he cant get. Im sorry for Ryans family, becuase they are good people, but they cant control their sons actions. Again my prayers go out to the Gray family, and though it may hurt now, you will find your way through it. GOD BLESS!!

Louisville, KY

#12 Aug 4, 2006
I would like to thank all of you for defending Amity in this situation.As for Stephanie I myself have been very good friends with Amity for over six years. For you to say anything about someone who is not only deceased but had there life taken away by stragulization from a man who had known her for less than 3 months is ridiculous.You should at least try to know what your talking about before you bad mouth someone you don't know.And for the fact of you hanging around ryan since March and him never acting like anything happened....HELLO ISN'T THAT THE 1ST SIGN???? He never showed up after that night an dacted like everything was fine, because in his sick mind everything was ok.Amity was a wonderful person and to bring up any faults to justify death is absoultly gross.Amity will have justice served,and ryan will be punished for what he did.Believe what you want to believe about Amity, but never try to say ryan didn't do it or that he is a good person,anybody who can watch themselves take another life from there own hands is the farthest thing from a good person.And next time you feel like slaying Amity's name think of all her family and friends who have to go every day thinking of what he did and wishing we could have stopped him.

Cincinnati, OH

#13 Aug 4, 2006
I would like to say I have seen the best and the worst of Ryan A. Weartz. I have known him for years and I consider myself to know him better than anyone else even his parents. I know his heart inside and out. I have loved Ryan for years and will always stand beside him until the day I myself die. I feel horrible about this situation and like everyone else have no clue exactly what happened or who did this to Amity. We don't know if Ryan has done this yet...innocent until proven guilty. Like I said, and if he were reading this he'd know exactly who I am, I am the closest thing Ryan has ever known and has loved. I have seen a lot of his bad side and through it all, I TRUELY believe that he couldn't have done this. Ryan sometimes lets his emotions take over and if he did this it had to have been in a moment he couldn't control. I feel so sorry for Amity and her family. THIS IS HORRIBLE but I love and will always love Ryan with all of my heart. I hope the best for him regardless if he did or did not do this. If he did do it he needs help. Ryan I support you till the end guilty or innocent and you know that I love you! Sorry for letting you down!!! This would never be happening. I should have stayed by your side and never left you. You needed to know that someone, no matter what, wouldn't give up on you! Just because of circumstances that caused us to lose touch, I NEVER GAVE UP ON YOU and I will think of you and pray for you. LOVE YOU!
someone who knows

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Aug 5, 2006
Ryan is a self centered punk....with his history, this came as no surprise. His family NEVER gave up on him! I have seen Ryan put them though so much! They are good people. The only problem is they were to good to him and never held him accountable for his actions. He is now.....Unfortunately it took taking someone else's life. My prayers are with his mom and dad and with Amity's friends and family.

Cincinnati, OH

#15 Aug 5, 2006
Bob Lebanon wrote:
Stephanie it sounds like you are sleeping with the enemy!
Yeah, Bob Lebanon....Stephanie is his cousin. She is doing her best to support her family, she knows and loves and will continue to stick by Ryan's side. This is not a bad thing...something that should be expected out of friends / family!!!
Peace keeper

United States

#16 Aug 5, 2006
I knew Ryan for a few months, and I knew a good friend of Amity's for a few months(Not Amity herself). I don't know what to make of the situation. The only people that truly know what happend that tragic day are Ryan, Amity and God alone. Please people, let's pray and try to come together in peace. If Ryan did do such a thing, he should be punished, not only by our criminal justice system, but also by God. And if Ryan did not do such a thing, may he be freed from all accusations and incarceration. And for those who are not religious or spritual, no offense. All I am saying is that Ryan knows in his heart what happend, and I wish I could have had the chance to meet Amity. From the friend of hers that I did have the chance to meet, I heard nothing but great things about her. My heart goes out to both Ryan and Amity's family. Let's all be open-minded people here and stop bashing each others comments. We are all very sensative to the subject and all have our own opinions. Everyone in life will be loved and hated by different people, but let's remember that Only God will be the final judge!!!

Louisville, KY

#17 Aug 7, 2006
unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, Bob Lebanon....Stephanie is his cousin. She is doing her best to support her family, she knows and loves and will continue to stick by Ryan's side. This is not a bad thing...something that should be expected out of friends / family!!!
Supporting someone family or friend is one thing.Amity is gone and there is nothing anyone can do,but wait for the truth and justice, but seriously who says those things about someone whos life was so viciously taken from them.

Lawrence, KS

#18 Aug 13, 2006
I just want everyone know how much I miss Amity with all my heart. She was my angel! I wish we could have her back. As for Ryan let justice be served!

Harrison, OH

#19 Aug 14, 2006
I also miss mimi. there is not a second that goes by that i dont think about herand believe me jess she misses us too.

Columbus, OH

#20 Aug 15, 2006
hey stephanie,
if Ryan was so innocent as you think, then why didn't he attend her funeral? Everyone that ever knew Amity was there with nothing to hide. Doesn't that stand out in your mind as a sign of guilt/shame? Wake up-- why would the Fairfield police spend so much time to build a case against him if he was innocent. There was a whole lot of evidence against him with no other suspects.

Columbus, OH

#21 Aug 15, 2006
stephanie martin

If you attended the funeral, and i can tell you didn't, you would have known Xanax couldn not have possibly caused the strangulation marks to her neck.
Shame on you for reporting such terrible remarks on a subject you know nothing about. I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already confessed.

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