Jason Wingler got knocked out by whit...

Owensboro, KY

#23 Oct 8, 2010
it was christina hesson

United States

#24 Oct 8, 2010
Well u heard frm several ppl tht it went tha otha way tht conroy whooped your a**! Maybe just a rumor but a few people told me that it didnt go tha way you said it did!!! So who is tellin tha truth?!?!?

Owensboro, KY

#25 Oct 8, 2010
lmfao wrote:
Well u heard frm several ppl tht it went tha otha way tht conroy whooped your a**! Maybe just a rumor but a few people told me that it didnt go tha way you said it did!!! So who is tellin tha truth?!?!?
I know thats what I heard.

White House, TN

#26 Oct 8, 2010
I didnt say their kids should die i said they need to die they dont spent time with their kids they r to busy buying pills off people or buying them their shelves to take to the man to get their stupid ass fix and they are trash they are worthless and they need to die point blank they are not shit wont ever be shit ever and they waste our air those of you taking up for them i am sure you are in the same boat as them or atleast they are giving you money they got from selling their shit but thats fine take up for them what i say is get the hell out of their boat or sink with the poor white and not so white trash AND LIKE I SAID THEY ALL NEED TO DIE.............. even the ones who hangout with them you are trash too...........

Owensboro, KY

#27 Oct 8, 2010
I am pretty sure you any nuttin but trash.
I am more then positive you have made mistakes too.
I mean yeah they are not up to no good but that does not mean they should die.
Like what tha helll.
Thats like me saying you should die for being such an assss,
They are not bothering you one bit are they so i think you should just stfu for real.

and just bc someone knows them dont mean they are trash either.
I know them and I sure and the hellll dont do drugs or do the things they do.
but i happened to be kinda close to them.

United States

#28 Oct 9, 2010
Well im not in tha same boat! I dnt use any type of drugs especially meth! Sh*t dnt even live in tht town anymore! Jus kno all of em pretty well! Erica lived with me at one point in time n I use to habg out wit jason n christina when they were together bt they aint anymore! Cnt say tht I ddnt do it at one time bt im clean now tht sh*t ruined my life nd I got outta there to try n get bak on tha right track for my children!!!!
#30 Oct 11, 2010
the people tht wanna run there mouth aint shit, u deserve to die more then the "junkys" do. if they tht far off there slowly killin themselves n they need help. u dumb fucks need a miracle n a prayer cus cnt nuttin save ur hatin, ignorant piece of shit asses. n let me tell u this, christina is one of the best parents ive ever seen n prolly a better parent then ne of yall are. her children come first bfor everything n everyone. yall ignorant n deserve to get yalls ass beat. lol n dnt get it twisted i will n can always give yall the ass whoopin yall need. n as far as bitch ass erica, she aint shit n never has been, she hasnt begun to get wat she deserves, lol yall were rite about one of them junkys [erica conroy] she is a nasty piece of trash. lol tht most definatly got her ass whooped by christina. yea i said it by christina, lol she dnt want no more n white boy damn sure dnt want no more. n if u kno christina n jason like u act like u do, u shld kno they dnt tke no shit. but ne ways for the ones tht wanna tlk bout christinas kids need to watch there slick ass mouth cus them kids of hers ur tlkin bout are my neices, n there well tkin care of yall ought not to spend ur time on fuckin topixs tlkin shit cus cnt nobody on this bitch give there real name, yall some scared ass pussys tht can tlk some good shit but cnt ever bac the shit up. but we love all our haterz ur mkin us famous bitches. kisses, lol

United States

#31 Oct 11, 2010
Ok you sed white dude dnt want no more bt christina sed he knocked jason out!? Im kinda confused! I haerd tha story frm sumone tht was there nd yea christina did whoop ericas a**. Bt they also tld me tht KYLE STANLEY WHOOPED JASONS A**! Sed he was tryna get christina off erica nd tht jason ran up nd got knockedd tha fuck out! Idk I jus thnk its awfully funny tht yur defending christina nd you got tha story twisted your self. Jason nd erica have been runnin round together neitherone of em are shit nd never will they be sh!t! As for christina she still f!*kin with jason too he tld one of my frends tht he still f!*ks her nd takes her to get her juice nd evrythng!! I wldnt f*!k where ericas been if he was tha only dude left to reproduce wth aint no tellin what kinda s**t she carryin wth her! But at tha end of tha day every single one of em looks f**kin retarted! Not to mention pathetic its sad that yes they are ALL THT FAR OUT THERE!!!!
Big Body Billy

Portland, TN

#32 Oct 13, 2010
I wasnt there but I know Stanley and Wingler both are punkass bitches forreal dawg. And Christina not messing wit Wingler either. She goes home and goes to bed as soon as she drops me off or I drop her off cause i know, she tells me everything. And Wingler you snitching out bitch why dont you sucker punch me!!!!

Bronx, NY

#33 Oct 13, 2010
You think she goes home n goes to bed. You still f*ckin with dope too there billy? They have a kid together n she just like every other dope wh*re! Jumpin from jar to jar!!! Yall all look f*kin stupid! Might as well be suckin n f*kin eachother!

Portland, TN

#35 Oct 19, 2010
I'm not sure who you are lmfao but I personally think you are a genius! And talking about hitting the nail right on the head, you did so. In fact couldn't have said it better myself. Christina off dope! NO WAY! Not unless the devil is serving snow cones! Jar jumping dope whore sums the whole situation up!
#36 Oct 19, 2010
Billy u just made urself look so stupid. not only for choosing a dumb wh**e over taking care of ur kids, but u really believe she stays at home. ha. ha. Wingler had to throw her some di** this past weekend, just to stay over n see his kid...see what goes on when u gotta do a weekend for a dirty test..... yuck.yuck

Bronx, NY

#37 Oct 19, 2010
Evryone knows that wingler n christina will always be sum kind of together weather they claim ta be wth sumone else or not! Whts nasty is tht christina knew tht jason was with erica nd she still fuckd him! They all sick n tha head n I seen wingler leavin tha court house yesterday he lookin rough! They all jus pass eachother around. Who ever got dope thts where they gunna be!!
got u
#38 Oct 19, 2010
christina u think u got hands really bitch u aint got shit n u say when u see ppl u goin to throw hands n u see them n never do shit bitch get out of here.. imma laugh when u n billy gets busted.. give it time da day is comin.. dumb ass strung out hoe
silly hoezz

Owensboro, KY

#39 Oct 19, 2010
She gotzz handz if she wooped Erica.
I seen erica fight and she can woop azz.

Why dnt yall just mind yall own business and leave them the helll alone..
got u
#40 Oct 19, 2010
i love how she talks bout she gt hands but never to will fight me.. she go down da street mean muggin n wont get out the car.. wht a scared bitch huh???
silly hoezz

Owensboro, KY

#41 Oct 19, 2010
Well who are you???

Maybe she thinks you some rattin bitchhhh and shee donnt wanna goo too jail?
jus sayin

Bronx, NY

#42 Oct 19, 2010
Alot of b*tches in franklin are scared h*es! Scared of a rat?? Na I dnt think she is considerin she drove honkeys truck ta horseshoe so tht tha cops cld shoot tha tank nd then drove it away! Evry single 1 of em go ta jail tell on eachother n get right bak out!! O and this is off subject but Saturday nite at T-Mart in twn LeAnna Jones wlkd up to Jason Payne(thts dtf for those who dnt kno) after bein in tha vehicle wth Tim Gregory nd Tim gets searched n goes ta jail...look n see if he still n der?!!!? Funny sh*t! Tha ones n tha game dnt kno whts goin on as well as tha ones watchin nd im sittin bak laughin my a** off at these dumb muh fu*rs!!
the one to set it allst8
#43 Oct 26, 2010
wow shit really get twisted n dis town. i was there n broke up da fight. Yea christina slammed erica n got da best of erica. N who dis micheal guy it was kyle stanley. Jason started cursin christina n threatenin her n kyle said somethin n wingler stuck kyle w a haymaker. kyle stumbled n fell. i give him props though as hard as wingler hit him most wouldnt have got up but he did and went right bk at jason n they locked up n threw a bunch of short arm punche then it got broke up. the end
put 20 on it

Evansville, IN

#44 Oct 29, 2010
i guarantee billy beat the shit out of any of em. Bet wont none them boys come messin with bj. Talk about a haymaker that man will put ya to sleep. Trust me

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