THE Bit_h

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#42 Sep 9, 2012
jennifer wrote:
one word...RAMADA...anything you say after that is a lie. If you really do have a wife an she does mind you sleeping with people then maybe you should stop. But I can't say I didn't enjoy every minute of it, because I did.
date please

Lexington, KY

#43 Sep 9, 2012
yeah ur right u do got me on that one. I haven't rode in ur car. But I have screwed you,lol

Lexington, KY

#44 Sep 9, 2012
I could tell you the date but its none of your business. Josh knows when it was an thats all that matters.

Portland, TN

#45 Sep 9, 2012
Really. I don't. Why don't u fill me in. Lol
the other other woman

Hopkinsville, KY

#46 Sep 10, 2012
Bet Im getting it just as much as you are! Why all the bragging!if it only a booty call,just like me,cause what else does he have to offer- big dicks a dime a dozen.So shut up and enjoy and leave his family alone. Seems like you jennifer are jealouse and you need to be- you can be replaced and maybe you already have been and dont know it!

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#47 Sep 10, 2012
I see this guy @ a females house all the time, hell I've even saw them in public. I know her and she is a good person so I wont blast her name on here, but take it from me he has someone in Franklin he is seeing. He can't be too "married" when he stays @ this females house as much as he does & there over night - where would his "wife" think he is @? Maybe he is a 2timer, but if I had my choice of the wife or the other, I would chose the other based on looks & all. And apparently the wife is not too bright.
THE Bit_h

United States

#48 Sep 10, 2012
He stays at my girl brittanys house to!!!
a friend

Lexington, KY

#49 Sep 10, 2012
Thatz funny he did 1 of my friendz 2 weekends ago. Well he is married n his wife is name Natasha n u can look her up on facebook but if ur seeing him u better not look her up cause he will get really pissy. n maybe she thinks he is workn overtime btw she is dumb she has been told by several women that josh cheats on her she just ignores it 4 whateve reason n he cant be at ol girls house 2 much cuz as some1 else said he does spend a lot of time at the bar
a friend

Lexington, KY

#50 Sep 10, 2012
how about you ppl look at hiz fb for starters or look at Natashas

Relationship Married to Joshua Cantrell

. Joshua Cantrell

Portland, TN

#51 Sep 10, 2012
Spectator wrote:
I see this guy @ a females house all the time, hell I've even saw them in public. I know her and she is a good person so I wont blast her name on here, but take it from me he has someone in Franklin he is seeing. He can't be too "married" when he stays @ this females house as much as he does & there over night - where would his "wife" think he is @? Maybe he is a 2timer, but if I had my choice of the wife or the other, I would chose the other based on looks & all. And apparently the wife is not too bright.
how bout u nott be a bi**h and say something to me!!! people get on here and talk all this shit. Pretty funny. Whoever this Jennifer person is say something bout.ridin in my car then say u got me on that one I haven't. Lol u are a idiot. U got a prob with me say it to me. Stop postin stuff on here. Grow some balls

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#52 Sep 10, 2012
This is crazy, bc he is seeing my cousin. He didn't tell her he was married until she found out. And his facebook does not show his status as married only her's does. My friend had no idea @ 1st until the wife texts her # one morning, bc he always has to leave her house before 6am to go watch their child. So apparently this wife got in his phone so right after he leaves she starts texting asking who it is, etc. Well of course he told my friend to lie and say the text were for soneone else using his phone. I mean hello wife how gullable are you, your husband doesn't come in until btwn 5-6AM where do you think he is? Not overtime bc he hasn't even been woking. He finally told my cousin that he & wife are getting a divorce but are still living in same house bc of the daughter, but that she is looking for somewhere to move. And that they sleep in separate rooms. My cousin doesn't know what to believe anymore.
a friend

Lexington, KY

#53 Sep 10, 2012
yup thats all he can say. grow some balls same ol same ol response. how bout u post IM NOT MARRIED if ur really not. but u wont do that cuz if u do some1 can copy an paste that an send it to ur wife if all u ladies hung up on him notice he has not 1 time said IM NOT MARRIED r u all that dumb or do u just not care ur screwing a married man
a friend

Lexington, KY

#54 Sep 10, 2012
well tell ur cuz to ask natasha herself an if what he said was tru why wld he ask ur cuz to lie? CUM ON PPL lol. an his doesnt because he has it blocked so ppl cant see it but u can see it from hers an he had to accept it for it to show on hers..duh

United States

#55 Sep 10, 2012
IKR, but my cousin only lied to the wife bc he said she would try to keep his daughter from him & take things during their divorce. I personally think he is living double lives, and I've told my cuz this and she just doesn't want to see it bc she is blinded by him. Idk maybe she will wake up 1day and see he is a liar. Because from the looks of this website this ain't his 1st rodeo lol.
a friend

Lexington, KY

#56 Sep 10, 2012
ok ask ur cuz this..if he is living with her an she has no where to go right now how can she KEEP his daughter from him? LOL Cum on! Read what u said earlier about what he told ur cuz about them living together. An what she gonna take from him? What does he have? as i said shes been told several times he was cheating on her an this was over a year ago so if she wanted to take WHAT HE HAS lol an divorce him dnt u think she wldve dun did that by now

Bowling Green, KY

#57 Sep 10, 2012
He's been cheating on her for years. He even has another kid.
A Girl he used to know

Elyria, OH

#58 Sep 10, 2012
Josh is a cheater. I know first hand. I slept with him multiple times over a year ago and it continued for months. His wife texted me. She called me. Yes I knew he was married and I continued to let it happen. But even then he always told me the same stuff he's still saying about sleeping in separate rooms. About getting a divorce. Girls, don't be stupid. He's never going to leave her. You will always be the other woman. Get some self esteem and leave him alone. Yes I know he's good in bed. Yes he has a big one. Yes he's hot. But he also preys on heavy girls with low self esteem so he can fool them. I got fooled. I did things for him that I always swore i would never do for some guy. But I will admit he was my favorite mistake. But I learned from that mistake and realized I was not that person and I deserved better. U do too.
someone who cares

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#59 Sep 11, 2012
All y'all need to stfu you don't know josh.. If you did you would know where he's at now.. Not with any of you bit*hs at the hospital with Tasha.. So grow up put some name so josh can come whoop yalls a$$

Auburn, KY

#60 Sep 13, 2012
lmao y'all are gonna catch something that won't come off, i know josh is screwing someone and the way it sounds its like 10 ppl
a friend

Lexington, KY

#61 Sep 14, 2012
Yeah ok. Well here is what I know, the one or two people that like josh as a friend or he himself or tasha wants to get on here an constantly say put your name, or peoples just trying to start answer me this...I know for a fact there has been a topic about josh cheating for more than a year now and its always different people. There is at least two different girls on this one that claim he is messing with them so you people are really gonna try an say its just people trying to start trouble....get real. One girl he cheated with didn't even know them personally she had met him offline an had no reason to want to cause trouble or strife for him or his wife but he had lied to her for months while he was screwing her telling her he was single. Its not people just out to start trouble...this dude is a straight up cheater an anyone else who believes other wise needs to be riding the short bus...period! An as I already said once, have you seen him ONE TIME under his name get on here an post " I'M NOT MARRIED", or post " I AM HAPPILY MARRIED SO BACK OFF". No of course not because he is married and he is a cheater and if he post either of those statements it proves what kind of loser he is one way or the other. If he post he is married, all these girls that think he is single an SEEING only them would know the truth and if he post I AM NOT MARRIED then someone is going to show it to his wife. So, name or no name the truth is the truth and facts are facts. I feel sorry for his wife..and for the ignorant girls who buy into his bull crap. His wife probably loves him with all her heart an just wants to keep her family together so she needs desperately to belive he is being true to her but he is going to end up bringing her something that antibiotics won't cure and I feel sorry for her. No one wants to love someone with all their heart and have a child with them and NOT believe that they love them back the same way. And then the other girls buy into his crap and put their hearts into it and they want to believe he is being honest because they love him an want him to love them. Its a sad sad thing. But I speak from experience an let me say karma is ugly an someday josh will fall deep in love with someone and she will do him the way he has done his wife an all these other girls. I dont personally know josh or natasha and I am not out to cause pain, misery or trouble for anyone..but I do know people that know josh and I do know for a fact that he has cheated on his wife several times.

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