franklin-Simpson school systems SUCK,...

franklin-Simpson school systems SUCK, well franklin in general.

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#1 Aug 7, 2008
Wow I could go on forever and ever. Does anyone else agree. The rich snobs run this town as well as the schools. The cheerleaders and Jocks can get by with anything because the school is run by them. It's really sad Franklin puts more thought into their sports than actual learning. Everything is one sided and I'm ashamed to be from Franklin and also off topic I am SO tired of hearing about on certain golfer!!!!!! There are people over iraq dying for our freedom and this guy get out there and knock around a ball and makes 10 times more than the people keeping us free. He's in the paper EVERY week, it gets boring. He's a nice guy but his family...not so much.
Random Person

Scottsville, KY

#2 Oct 13, 2008
Well, that is truly unfortunate that you feel this way. I completely disagree. There are some really great people now working in Central Office to make the school system better. Just because you didn't pay attention in class doesn't mean the school system sucks, it means work harder. As far as Kenny Perry and his family go, you are hateful. They are wonderful, smart, and genuine people. You obviously do not know them other than seeing them in public. Kenny may not have been in the military, but he continually gives back to the community. He is a very modest man and he doesn't seek recognition for his philanthropy to the town, so that is why you haven't heard very much on the topic. I am not saying the school system is perfect, but many intelligent people work for the schools just to make our community a better place to live and learn.

If I am going to believe any of what you have said "Sad" then you need some supporting facts.

Franklin, KY

#3 Nov 6, 2008
well said Random Person! We have a very good school system that is improving all the time. I'm proud my children attend Franklin Simpson Schools. They are all getting a great education. We have excellent teachers, principals and administrators. They are definitely academics first. If more parents and community would get involved and informed, they would see the great things going on.

As for Kenny Perry, he is a tremendous person who has accomplished great things. Even though he could live anywhere in the world, he chooses to live in Franklin. It is his home. We should be proud that he and his family are a part of our community.

There are so many good things going on in Franklin and Simpson County right now, we need to be thankful and to be positive about our community. We all have struggles from time to time, but we should not blame it on the schools, government, community... Being negative helps nothing! Helping and supporting others pays dividends and enriches our community. Sad2b - I encourage you to get invoved and be part of the solution instead of spending your time bashing others - good luck!

Since: Jan 09

Centerville, TX

#4 Apr 23, 2009
I agree about the school system being geared toward sports and anything sports related. I thought I went to a good school till I had children and moved. I live in Allen County and the school is so good with my son. I was not a sports player and I always felt that everything was about football in high school. I did not finish college I partly blame the system for not fully preparing students. I found out about a program that we have here in Allen Co. called Upward Bound. It provides students in high school the chance to intern among other college preparing tools. I know 1 kid who was going to be in the broadcasting courses in college, that is what I was going for as well when I was his age but he had an internship at WBKO working with broadcast and camera equipment for live news broadcast. I wish FSHS school had offered a program that was that involved in my education and what I was wanting to do in college. I asked if FS had this program and was told no. I may have done better if my high scool had been offering programs like these. Look at the chorus program. How long was FSHS without a chorus? It took a lot of work to get it going. other than sports what does kids have to do in FS? There is band and yep that is for the games or there would be no band. I love ACS so much more. I am going back to school this summer and I can't even get the Central Office to send my transcripts 2 letters have been sent. I bet if I was going on a sports scholarship I would be set and ready by now. BTW I have no problem with sports I enjoy the traditions that they pass down and think that kids need the activities to keep them active and healthy, just sometimes the big game and the few players get more attention than the education of the many and it shows.

Utica, KY

#5 Apr 23, 2009
Hey sad2b, your a jackass. Have you ever looked at the graduation percentages? Do you even know what that is idiot? If you don't like Franklin stay the hell out of it,oh i forgot, there ain't shit to do in Scottsville but make crank and sit on your asses! Keep your bullshit on your side of the county line because we don't like ya'll either!

Scottsville, KY

#6 Apr 23, 2009
Didn't see anything that said sad2b was from Scottsville! And do believe there is probably just as much meth, crank, and pot grown in Simpson county as Allen county.

Since: Jan 09

Centerville, TX

#7 Apr 23, 2009
I grew up in Franklin so I can have an opinion about the school system I graduated from if I damn well plz. Hey hellbilly if you were talking to me then maybe you should use some of your good ol' education to address the right person. I don't go into Franklin unless I have to either. I don't have a problem with the town at all I just agree about the school systems focus on sports being the wrong thing to have your main focus on. I had a problem finding myself at FSHS because I wasn't the most athletic person and the clubs were mostly for the popular kids unless you were in FFA. I tried that too and I liked it since the Softball team thought I was to old as a Junior to join the team for the 1st time, If I had been a Freshman they would have had more years out of me I guess.

United States

#8 Apr 29, 2009
I totally agree that the school system sucks! I live in Franklin, but I used my parents address just so my kids can go to Warren Co. Schools. My kids education is very important to me. They will not get what they need from FS. I have meet a few teachers myself out and about and they are drug addicts as well.
my kids mom

Murfreesboro, TN

#9 May 3, 2009
I live in franklin and i have always lived here my children attend school in the very same schools that i went to and i dont think that the school systems suck simpson county has great teachers that care alot about our childrens educations every year they have something new so that they can stay a step ahead and the teachers here no there students on a one on one bases and i think thats great because that lets you no that they no what that child needs help in more but i have no problem with the school systems here they have alot of events for parents that you can join so maybee you can try and you might not have such a problem with the schools here .

Tillsonburg, Canada

#10 Jul 28, 2009
I came from Canada to work as a Nurse at the hospital a few years back and since have returned to Canada. I can truly say the school did everything they could to keep my gifted daughter interested and excited about school. They were incredibly kind to a little girl coming from another country and figuring out the Kentucky accent heh. The teachers literally created an education program that included multiple teachers. I was deeply impressed with the commitment of everyone.
The only complaint we ever had about living in Franklin was it was damned hot no kids ever went outside to play and it was very hard to make friends as there were long established cliques that no one could break into.
It was one of the reasons we left as my daughter was terribly lonely and was so happy top get home and within a week was back to having sleepovers and playing with her new friends at a new school within days. She made two friends in a year and a half at Franklin and both were from another state. Within a week back home she had a gang of six. Kids in Franklin need to leave Franklin more often and see parts of the rest of the world. Ontario Canada is a two day drive and I can bet no one in Franklin has ever been to Canada.I promise it's not snow and ice and igloos. It's honestly not much different from Franklin other than the fact that we are surrounded by lakes and beaches. We all speak English and we are polite and friendly..take a drive up and see how other people live..your kids will be better for it.

Frankfort, KY

#12 Oct 15, 2009
Does anyone know Ashley Pitt?

United States

#13 Oct 15, 2009
Sissy wrote:
Does anyone know Ashley Pitt?
Is she a teacher?

Tuscaloosa, AL

#14 Oct 16, 2009
I graduated from FSHS, and now living in another state I can appreciate the school system a little more. I always thought it was crap, but surprisingly it is above average! The cliques and caste system in the school does cause some problems for some students and is a bit extreme, but it has always been that way and it best to teach your children to find other social attachments elsewhere.
Kenny is a very nice guy, his wife is a sweetie and his kids are also very nice. I do agree that our culture focuses on celebrity more that heroes, but there isn't a lot that can be done. I call it "Lemming Syndrome", where the masses become hypnotized by a particular subject or person and forsake all others. Sometimes to their detriment, as a lemming.
Good luck to all of you with kids, education is so important, both in and out of school. And I hope that some of you can renew your pride in Franklin.

White House, TN

#15 Oct 16, 2009
If you don't like this city then move your skankass out
franklin fan

Franklin, KY

#16 Nov 23, 2009
my kids are having a great experience - there are many things for them to be involved in beyond athletics - the teachers really care about the children - I have seen real improvement in the schools in the past 5 or 6 years! Get involved and you will see for yourself! There will always be people trying to knock you down - don't let them and don't over-generalize people - judge each individual!

White House, TN

#17 Nov 23, 2009
franklin fan wrote:
my kids are having a great experience - there are many things for them to be involved in beyond athletics - the teachers really care about the children - I have seen real improvement in the schools in the past 5 or 6 years! Get involved and you will see for yourself! There will always be people trying to knock you down - don't let them and don't over-generalize people - judge each individual!
You are obviously an idiot who has been brainwashed. Get F***ED!!
Former franklin student

Santa Clara, CA

#18 Dec 13, 2009
I completely agree that Franklin schools are centered around sports. This whole town is. I also agree that our school system sucks. Most kids are not getting the education they need here. Too much scandal with teachers for them to teach anything not to mention there are quite a few that do drugs. Most are on such a huge power trip that they can't concentrate on teaching. There are a few exceptions but for the most part our schools need a complete overhaul. I dread when my children hit the high school. They may start going to a Christian school before long.

Bowling Green, KY

#19 Dec 14, 2009
For all the franklin haters, attend board meetings and voice your opinion instead of posting all of your emotions on here to feel better about yourselves. If you really want the best education for your children, then get INVOLVED!

Do you all know WHY majority of Franklin perceives it to be more commonly focused on sports? because there are more cases where kids are getting into drugs due to the lack of good parenting rather than good, smart kids branching out and using their talent to advance themselves! Sports help kids off drugs and out of opportunities to get into them.

There are plenty of clubs and opportunities for the gifted and talented in the school system.

I love that most of you are claiming that the ENTIRE town of Franklin is this or that. YOU must be the problem because Franklin is a great town, and your experience here is what YOU make of it. Quit blaming other people for your past decisions that left you in a life you may not be proud of. If you feel so strongly that Franklin doesn't provide an efficient source of education - LEAVE! Bowling Green has plenty of openings and I'm sure they'll be glad to take you and your money. But BEWARE, they are more sport centered than Franklin so maybe you should just home school. I'm sure that's a sufficient source of education!!
current franklin student

United States

#20 Dec 31, 2009
i go there now and no we dnt hav the best teachers but we still learn it. i am n the advanced classes and play football so i cam gurantee u that the school isnt run by cheerleaders and jocks. k?

Portland, TN

#21 Dec 31, 2009
If you are in advance classes, your grammar sure does stink. You're not in Honors English are you? If so, you need to pay more attention. This just proves what they said on another forum about jocks being dumb.

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