Between the lack of snow the last few years and the availability of cheaper plows. I guess free trade agreements aren't that

There are an UNBELIEVABLE amount of pickup trucks out in this snow storm with plows attached. I pulled into a gas station twice today and notice 4 Mr. Plows, then 6 Mr. Plows the second time. They outnumber the drivers on the road.

I love the American entrepreneurial spirit, but man. Can anyone really be making any money? Not criticizing, really, just wondering about the supply and demand of it.

I'm guessing a kid with a snow shovel could net more, considering how most of his competition is inside on Xbox. I don't think a kid would have near the competition, compared to these plow guys.

If owned a business with a lot, I'm betting you could play, Gieco (15 minutes could save you 15%), between each snow storm.

I'm 43, and I have never seen anything close to the number to the herds of pickup trucks with plows, that I saw today. Praise to all trying to make a buck, just wondering if the point of max market saturation has been reached?