Hamilton County Jail inmate dies

Hamilton County Jail inmate dies

There are 460 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Jan 22, 2008, titled Hamilton County Jail inmate dies. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Authorites have scheduled an autopsy today for a Hamilton County Jail inmate who was pronounced dead after correction officers found him lying unconscious in his cellblock.

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MarionCoCorrecti onsnurse

Indianapolis, IN

#501 Aug 4, 2009
Do you know how hard it is to provide care to an inmate that crashed his car running from the police after he killed three people? or change the bandages from a dog bite of a rapist that ran from the police and still have enough compassion to due my nursing duties? What about performing CPR on a child molester, because "inmates are people and have 'rights'"? Yeah, the judicial system is run by a bunch of nimrods, but if you don't want any of the drama that comes with being in jail, stop committing crimes, DUH! by the way, you don't really withdrawal from crack/cocaine.

Pocono Pines, PA

#504 Aug 11, 2009
Mary K wrote:
Hamilton co. is worst run jail in the state.I have never been in there but have known friends and family who have been.They are rude and very ill-manner in their treatment of citizens.
You obviously have poor taste in your selection of "friends and family"
Christine M

Elgin, IL

#505 Aug 21, 2009
People DO usually go to jail for a reason. But Hamilton County Jail is doing nothing but holding people. They are not "rehabilitating" people, which is supposedly the purpose of the U.S. Judicial system. And sometimes people from good families, individuals who have been raised to know right from wrong, take a wrong turn in life. Whatever you think of these people, they do have families. I hope none of you judgmental people ever have a family member who gets in trouble. They will be doomed.

Fishers, IN

#507 Jan 14, 2010
Mary K you see the world through rose colored glasses. My son has been to the jail and he's the a college student with good grades who made a poor decision to drink. He's a great kid who's life will be forever changed by this incident. I hope you never experience what he has or what I am but from what I read in the bible, only Jesus has the right to truly judge.


#508 Feb 16, 2010
Kelli wrote:
Do you know how many people are arrested, just arrested and taken to jail on a suscipion? Many! Do you know how they are treated in jail? They keep the jails at 32 degreees, if you take medicine they give you the wrong medicine, you have to pay into a commissary fund in order to buy yourself a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and washcloth - taxpayers you are not paying for anything but the Sherrif's salary. The prisoner pays for their own items and they are not given care. There are many who have committed crimes that deserve to be in jail, but there are also others who do not deserve to be in jail, but because our judicial system is run by people who are elected and only give favors to those who helped them get elected - many others are left to fend for themselves against charges. I was in a court a year ago as an observer for an article and I heard the judge say "I am elected and I have a reputation to uphold and even though I am not totally convinced of your guilt, I have a right to the voters" I have it on record my friends. Wrong! Totally Wrong! I hope this family contacts the ACLU because I can just about guarantee that the jail staff did not check on him and let him lay there. I know of one jail inmate that was so sick that he was banging on the door with a cup and the guard kept coming by saying he would get him a nurse - two days later the nurse came and said he never received a message from the guard.
Every inmate is givin a towel, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste AND toilet paper..not to mention a bed mat, sheet, blanket white t's, underwear, bras, orange scrubs, AND cable TV..most of the inmates who complain about not getting their meds were not taking their meds on the outside instead they were doing illegal drugs...inmates are treated as good as they should be oh yeh and they also have cable tv

Concord, NH

#509 Feb 17, 2010
kay tupelo ms

Fulton, MS

#510 Apr 22, 2010
do anyone of you whocut down the police department,and jail workers,court officials ect.. really know why inmates are treated poorly or ignored or half of what all of you are accuseing of happening? number (1) not one single job in that force pays worth a crap.think of your self for a moment, how many times have you done a two or three man job and did it because it was the income that spread your butter.you had to .none of them cops,city,state or county, drug task force ect,,told any of us to go out and commit a felony, or misdiminor crime. we chose to do that. we are to blame. until we relize that it is ourselfs we have to change,then nothing will change until we do.on the subject of the jail becomeing a holiday inn, come guys and gals it's freaking jail..what will inprove the couty jails,is for the cops to stop bringing in individuals who might have a half a joint on them for personal use, stop filling the jails with shit that waste the judges time, and go get the big dogs..do it without waiting on tips, from there unders,or trying and achiveing deals to others who just get scared and don't stop to think ..you have the right to remain silent ass hole use it!!!why do they do this. to look as if they are stopping crime,when in all.they just killing time ,til there shift ends so they can go drink there whiskey,or beer, smoke them one or what ever.while your shift just began, all because you may have run a red light, and you look high, so they jerk you around til they get the cause to find the flaws to slap the cuffs..take you in ,go back out do it again.who is overcrowding our county jails and prisons? cops wastig time on decos.while the big dogs are long gone.lets not forget over half they lock up.are indigent or there familys are,never see a rich one stay locked up.oh no,the root of evil is money.yet that is why everything does or don't get done.you can;t serve two master,for you will love the one,and hate the other.solution,oh yes,would any of them listen,hell no.only if you have the evil that inspiers them.money!!!!

Fulton, MS

#511 May 30, 2010
Carrie wrote:
My fiance is serving 1 yr due 6mths in hamilton. Why? On a PI charge he got while at a concert. I'v sat in the judges court room several times and have watched him give slaps on the wrists to residents of hamilton county who are there for 3rd time DUI offenses. The county gets more $$$$ for a non-resident to sit than it does for a resident. Justice. BULL
dang,woman!! he done been sentenced?? on a PI charge.i believe last time i checked that is a misderminer charge. unless he done got a so many they uping it, crazy, my comment; if he hasn't been to court yet, you got a lawyer? if you do, fire the one you have, and hire the one who fight for your justice.

Beech Grove, IN

#512 May 30, 2010
My brother was arrested yesterday and was told they keeping him separted from the others because of his immune system is not back and he had a bone marrow transplant last september. He went to mayday comcert and ended at the hospital where he was so drunk and my brother gets violent when drunk and he was swinging at the nurses so that tjhey attach 2 charges of disorderly conduct.
But he is getting out today and my brother has aute lymphoma leuukemia and was also diagnosed with leukemia in the leg. They were so nice on the phone when i called the jail. to make sure he was issolated.

United States

#513 Oct 21, 2010
I currently have 2 loved ones in the Hamilton County Jail. I love them both, but they deserve to be there. They got so caught up in drugs that they stole from friends, family, and strangers. They were neglectful of a dependent. They were only charged with the things that could be proven, but I know they did much more. When they were first arrested, they were cared for in the medical center for detox from heavy drug use until they could be released to the general population. They were given all they NEED to get by, and all extras are purchased through the commissary. Good. I don't feel the taxpayers should pay for extra snacks, razors, and unnecessary for living items. We did not hire lawyers for them, as some of their crimes were against the family. So, yes... they are sitting there waiting and waiting for their court dates and whatnot, but maybe if they had been more responsible with their money, they could have funded their own lawyers. Or on that note, perhaps being more responsible in the first place would have kept them out of the jail at all! One of them actually got a jail-funded root canal. And immediate treatment for an ear infection. For a 10.00 co-pay. They have cable. That's better than I live on the outside. They are also able to socialize with other inmates in their blocks. Anyone who says that they are treated anything less than just fine doesn't know what they are talking about. Try doing some time at the Maricopa County Tent City Jail under Joe Arpaio. You'll WISH you lived at the Hamilton County Hilton.

Kokomo, IN

#514 May 13, 2011
I currently have a son in Hamilton county for being with the wrong people. I am not condoning what he did because he knows right from wrong. I don't think they should recieve special priviledges while in jail. I do believe they are human and should be treated as such. The commissary they get is over priced and that puts a larger burden on the loved ones giving the money, or causes some inmates to steal or gamble commissary. I know my son is a good kid that made a stupid mistake. He turned 18 three weeks prior to being arrested, while the kid he was with is 5 months younger and had been in the juvenile system many times before and violated his probation a couple times before this incident. He recieved a slap on the wrist while my son is facing prison time. My son was sick and since he didnt have the copay to see the medical staff he was denied a chance to see even a nurse. That is not humane treatment. Would they admit wrong doing if an inmate passed under their care. So much goes on under the so-called watch of the jail staff but yet nothing is ever seen.

Toronto, Canada

#515 Sep 20, 2011
COP wrote:
"Don't do the CRIME if YOU don't want to do the TIME" Quit WHINING!
hey the only reason u became a cop is either a your a loser trying to make something of yourself and b becuase u know u could do anything u like and get away with it your a punk with a badge. Thats not fooling anybody. If there where as many cops as there were regular citizens there would be more cops breaking the law then anything. Its pathetic u always here of cops getting caught drinking and driving and then they get a slap on the wrist and these r the guys we should look up to and et an example for others. Bullshit. These r the guys that should have their badges revoked and they should go to barton. U stop your whinning. Back in the old days the station would cover everything up not anymore now the station has nothing to do with it so any of u dumb cops think u could pull shit now and get away with it think again your supervisors cant cover for u no more. Half of u rookie cops are to stupid to realize this but whatever u will find out the hard way I guess.

Toronto, Canada

#517 Sep 20, 2011
Cops wont hesitate to pull u over and take your weed. They also wont hesitate to keep it for personal use or sell it either. I know plenty of hamilton officers they r all the same little cowards with badges. They brag about what they do its a joke fucking pathetic. Its ok its slowly coming and u so called men and women of the law r going to lose all respect. Dont u notice when an officer is killed on duty no budy cares another bad cop gone. Oh well. U aint getting my sympathy.

Toronto, Canada

#519 Sep 20, 2011
They should put these cops in jail with the regular population. Then we will see how tough they are without their badge.

Chesapeake, VA

#520 Feb 5, 2013
It has been a little over 5 years since I lost one of my best friends. Every time I watch my daughter play basketball I think of Stevie. His Aunt was my next door neighbor and he came from a great family. I wish I could have been there for Stevie when he started down the path of drug use. I will always remember him for helping me out when I was struggling with personal things in high school. We even commuted to college together he was like a big brother to me and I still carry a wrist band that I wrote SC and 31 on as a joke when we would play pickup basketball together and say to him " You're still my idol Stevie," when i would score on him. I hope I see you again someday!

Indianapolis, IN

#521 Feb 11, 2013
If every inmate were to die, the world would be a better place. It would wipe out whole families that just breed more criminals.

Indianapolis, IN

#524 Mar 26, 2014
Hamilton county does have a really bad jail. and I think they should have to run it like other jails do. I had a granddaughter in there and she froz cause the heat was off. A they would ask for toilet paper and would to wait till the guards wanted to go get it.

Detroit, MI

#525 Jan 11, 2015
Idfy wrote:
If every inmate were to die, the world would be a better place. It would wipe out whole families that just breed more criminals.

are you retarded?

Detroit, MI

#526 Jan 11, 2015
Hamilton county jail is a joke! there was a baby born there recently due to the staff on duty ignoring the woman yelling for help
Me too

Anderson, IN

#528 Mar 14, 2018
smead wrote:
Hamilton county jail is a joke! there was a baby born there recently due to the staff on duty ignoring the woman yelling for help
I believe this. They act like they can't answer a question. They refer to the kiosk & the kiosk refers to the jail & no one can give an answer.

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