blacks are holding rally across the n...

blacks are holding rally across the nation to boycott white owned business's

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Indianapolis, IN

#1 Apr 19, 2011
%wow they got a black president and still not satisfied unbelievable they also have black head of nasa and black attorney general yet they want t6o boycott white owned business's and say shop at only black owned business's lol now whose racist this boycott and rally is planned saturday by the new black panthers and farakhan nation of islame they seem to think pnly they elected obama because they seem to think only black peeps elected obama due to the fact 98% of them elected obama yet many white independents voted for obama
George Washington

Milliken, CO

#2 Apr 20, 2011
BOYCOTT all Black Businesses!!

NEVER, NEVER vote for any Blacks AGAIN, NEVER!!


Since: May 08

and not from Russia

#3 Apr 20, 2011
Wow. I'll get a break at the hospital today.

“We're all Bozos on this bus”

Since: Jan 07

South Bend, IN

#5 Apr 20, 2011
They who. They where. They when.

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Apr 20, 2011
yes indeed we know where most blacks stand against white people and their black president on issues against whitey sad to say after all the years of welfare and entitlement programs they have abused they got affirmative action, quota's free housing and vouchers for better schools but it's never enough where are angry black people now that gas is way way up even higher than when bush was president, still millions unemployed, many jobs still heading to china ,housing market way down still yet,now obama brags that mcdonald's is hiring 50k employee's guess what yesterday in ohio at one mcdonald's bunch of black peeps got into a fight a car even backed up and hit three people is this the civility obama and his lefty marxist dem's talked about lol many white neighborhoods busing and section 8ing so naacp and black panthers and nation of islamer's want too boycott
white owned business's yes remember 98% blacks voted for obama and 78% hispanics voted for obama we now know where we stand anglo saxon people out there I hope you are prepared for the race war obama and his brown shirt thug army is planning this summer in the cities that's why obama wants
to be able to shut down the internet once it goes down , and it's going to happen all you have to do is look at what happened in greece and the uk the riots there over budget cuts,obama is all union thug that's his other army so be ready white people
stay strong, and have an escape route to higher ground how about we find out all the indy owned black business's and we never shop at them spread the word people now

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Apr 20, 2011
obama when he first entered office he mentioned starting a million man army pof civilians = brown shirt army of snitches he did use them when the town hall patriots assembled against his spending and healthcare plan, he said sit down shut up and be quiet we won or else, and union thugs showed up at town hall meetings with pen and poad and baseball bats they took down names and license plates of town hall patrons everyone if you are on face book spread the word about blacks intentions this saturday
to boycott all white owned business's get on face book and stop obama from getting re-elected thats his game plan the whole social newtworking campaign
as we seen in middle east to cause chaos go on face book and myspace post as much as you can point out the failure obama is and all his leftist cronies intentions the time is to stop him now and his commie thug union lefty pals

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Apr 20, 2011
blacks are being told across the country to boycott white owned business's this coming saturday this is their attempt straight from the top from obama to say to white owned business's you hire us or else
the godfather intimidation method obama once said his favorite movie was the godfather we have seen him display his thuggish ways alsolet's not forget about 27 cops mostly white cops have been killed this year by mostly black criminals obama did say white cops profile blacks and hispanics ummmmmmm was that obama saying get those white cops now subliminally i do wonder things that make you go mmmmmmmmmmmm

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Apr 20, 2011
support michelle bachmann trump and paul ryan for the white house all our viable candidates and palin they mock all them cause they know they can no longer just say something and people believe them they hate that the liberals do, they sue to be able to control all media outlets and print, that's why like i said before obama wants to shut down the net when he doesn't like whats being said about him and his lies so be ready white people get out and vote bigtime stop this thug and his union commie thugs of teachers and dirty afscme, teamsters, seiu, afli-cio
stop obama unions nambla glaad all obama unions to get his message out there and intimidate tea party patriots

Fishers, IN

#10 Apr 20, 2011
Hey, had your ancestors not been too lazy to do their own work, we wouldn't have this problem.

Since: Sep 08

Neon City Oh.

#11 Apr 20, 2011
Some fool can come to TOPIX and post a racist lie, and it is amazing how many TeaBirchers will fall for it.

Ingalls, IN

#12 Apr 20, 2011
let me teach this fool about slavery and ancestry ummmmmmmmm most the slaves brought to america were sold to the european's by black african chiefs where slavery still exist to this very day where is the outrage where the sex slave still exist today in africa and mexico and in europe the white slave trade is even bigger yes white women being sold into slavery as sex slaves , another lesson for this moron for hundreds of years right along black slavery trade the white slave trade existed yes for hundreds of years black moors and middle eastern pirates sailed up to merry ole england and kidnapped entire villages of white people in ireland, scotland, and other villages in englnd and since im more than half native american indian and part irish and scottish i could be angry
at other races,you want to tell me blacks living in the usa dont have it better then those now in africa or in the past, and on the contrary not all americans owned slaves during slavery days very small percentage of people owned slaves so that means most those other white people worked their land built their own homes and had their own business's and they didnt have affirmative action or food stamps and subsidized housing by the way long before black slaves there were white endentured servants aka slaves who paid to be sailed over to the americas yet most the time they could never pay back those who brokered their trip
when they got here they were wroked very hard many were even hung, let's not forget many whites that were burned at the stake as well yes Im more than half cherokee and sioux so tell me should i move to the rez and kick back

Ingalls, IN

#13 Apr 20, 2011
do wd russell hater how is it racist to post facts maybe you need to go back to skool brotha and learn about free speech and facts maybe you should watch the news and you would had seen that blacks are planning to rally against white owned business's this saturday funny how angry black people get over facts and statistics as in how they do the most violent crimes and fill up our jails and prisons how 65% receiving welfare are minorities wait i mean people of color so we are such racist people now that a black president has been elected even with 98% blacks voting and 76% hispanics all voting for obama even with that many voting for obama , only way obama would had been elected was by white voters who voted for him
yet it was 98% blacks that voted for obama now whose the real racist and 76% hispanics now who doesnt like white people , also more than half a million white people died in our civil war to free slaves and end slavery, oh and it was black muslims that assassinated malcom x and anwar sadat

Ingalls, IN

#14 Apr 20, 2011
so i guess you supported the flee bagger dems our tax dollars paid for them as they fled to illinois for weeks cause they didn't like the outcome of past election and how badly they lost boo hoo hoo actually im a libertarian I guess you liked the fact all those flee bagger dems up and left, what had those repubs in congress up and left when obama was passing his healthcare bill , they lost so that meant yes they had to sit there and take it bite their upper lips even if they didnt like that the repubs won big here in indiana legislative body
so is it racist to point out gas is much higher now under obama then it was under gwb haha and housing and unemployment even worse wait mickey d's is hiring 50k peeps lol wait in ohio a bunch of black peeps got into fight in the line a car rolled back and his three of them one weave was yanked out also lol such civility lol yes and our national debt in only two years with obama rose 6 trillion wowowowow obama voted not to raise the ceiling debt in 2006 when it was a mere 6 trillion lol he said quoting him it would be irresponsible to raise the debt hahaha him and harry reid both voted against raising it now he says it must be raised or economy will die again lol i guess im racist for pointing out the facts again and truth

Ingalls, IN

#15 Apr 20, 2011
yikes so all the illegals coming to the usa sneaking in does that mean black people who are kicked back getting food stamps and free housing dont want to work that they are lazy as many illegal hispanics take those jobs haha who educated these brotha's lol
louis farakhan and his nation of islamer's lol or majabu lol that angry black man in indy lol this might make this brotha angry guess what hispanics in most major cities now has surpassed blacks in population haha that my friend = hispanic power
so all those years you hated whitey over slavery and all those free programs you had for you're advantage will benefit those hispanic now lol and guess what they will use them well hahaha so when most hispanics actually dont like black people does that make them racist lol you do know the spanish created mexicans when they bred with native american indians = hispanics = mexicans lol
another history lesson for you haha and on the whole hispanics breed i mean assimilate with white people in about three generations they will look as white and sound as white as any white person

State College, PA

#16 Apr 22, 2011
Well, maybe if they boycott those businesses, the stats on armed robbery and shoplifting will go down.

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Apr 22, 2011
As a white small business owner. I have a staff of 18 employees. Nine White, six Black, and three Hispanic. Thank u nbpp, for opening my eyes. That will change in due time. You want to boycott me, fine I am going boycott u.
FT Keep on Talking

Milliken, CO

#18 Apr 23, 2011

All 3 of them!!

Uncle Tom says "only you can prevent Ghetto fires".
FT Keep on Talking

Milliken, CO

#19 Apr 23, 2011
Uncle Tom is no one's friend.

The Black-folk only "Whitey's" money,
his wife, and daughters.

Almost all Blacks want 'SOMETHING for NOTHING'!!

You can't trust them!!

Too many stupid "whites" are always nursemaids.
Shoot them!! Burn them all!!
Joe Happy

Oak Park, IL

#20 Apr 24, 2011
Let's not do this! Don't you see we are doing exactly what the politicians, race baiters, haters, and others want us to do. Keep dividing us & they keep power. Unite us & they all go away. We are not that different at all! Take the example of Christ and love thy neighbor! All the rest is just talk and hate. It's not our job to judge. Know your place in this world and serve!

Indianapolis, IN

#21 Apr 24, 2011
joe you are wrong jesus did in fact judge, yet he judged by the laws handed down by his father
so joe if the klan said it was going to boycott all non-white business's what would you say of that, I guess you dont watch much news joe, seeing most the time every reported is always slanted in how evil white people are, or how rich we are , me pointing out whate the black panthers did is not racist it's a fact said by them and carried out by them oh and also obama and eric holder his attorney general protected the new black panthers and also recently
eric holder said you can no way compare the panthers intimidation at polling stations to that of what happened to blacks in the 60's now joe tell me whose the racist

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