I'm saying if they allow us to slip into more moral decay by not even ruling on the California bill that voters there voted not to allow gay marriage. Instead the activist district 9 court overturned a state wide referendum and said to the voters against gays marrying, We don't care about the democratic way of voting anymore, We are Judges, So we will overturn anything you vote for as the people always. If this happens also with the Supreme Court.I say by any means necessary infect those Gays out there.If you were unfortunate to contract aids by blood transfusions or by some gay dentist, Then exact revenge upon those gays by infecting as many as you can back =)Even if you have herpes or other transmittable diseases Then hit those gays through sex, Most are like rabid rabbits on viagra, They switch partners so often.Now with new aids medicines They feel they are invincible .Many have become softened by Liberals spouting off what if you're child was Gay, They were born that way.I could say then a rapist or even a child molester was born that way, They should get the same hate crime protection as gay people. Say someone who has sex with animals , That other thing Liberals love, Liberal professor on the east coast said having sex with animals is a healthy thing.Let them be gay in hell!!!Moe hahahahah