why did a KDMC chopper land at the GH...

why did a KDMC chopper land at the GHS ball field ??

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Richmond, KY

#1 Apr 30, 2010
a chopper landed @ the ball field appx 6:45 this evening any one know what happened? it must be very BAD!
Cat eye

Lebanon, KY

#2 Apr 30, 2010
Wreck on Jr Furnace road, hit telephone pole.

Ashland, KY

#3 Apr 30, 2010
Yes, some kid that's been flying around on the back roads all day, I'm sure drugged out of his mind wrecked.... Hit a telephone pole and split it into. He just got a bump on the head.... It is a wonder he didn't kill someone today..... I know who the little basterd is and if he doesn't slow it down he's going to get the shit beatvout of him... There's no since in the pathetic little punks out running the streets drugged up... Putting innocent lifes at risk..... We need to put a stop to it...! If you know or see someone doing it please call the sheriffs department... It might just save one of our own lifes......
Junior S

Lebanon, KY

#4 May 1, 2010
What kinda car was he driving?
Whats his name?
JR Furnace Resident

Ironton, OH

#5 May 1, 2010
Junior S wrote:
What kinda car was he driving?
Whats his name?
He was driving a black Volkswagon and his name was Hank Steele. I heard someone say that he didn't even have a license and that he is always high on drugs.

Lebanon, KY

#6 May 1, 2010
It don't do any good to call the Scioto County Sheriff they won't do anything.They let them right back out.we need to re-elect a whole new system,because Scioto County is not doing anything.
Maggie Mae

Marion, OH

#7 May 1, 2010
The Sheriff can only arrest people.The prosecutor and judges let them go, that is the problem that needs to be changed!!!

Newburgh, IN

#8 May 2, 2010
OMG you all someone wrecked thats all that needs to be told, he was hurt why cant you all get on here and be glad he is ok and not point out all his faults....HOW SAD!!!
billie gray

Ashland, KY

#9 May 2, 2010
W3ndy wrote:
OMG you all someone wrecked thats all that needs to be told, he was hurt why cant you all get on here and be glad he is ok and not point out all his faults....HOW SAD!!!
wendy , he almost hit me head on earlier that day ,i was on my motorcyle coming home from work, he ran the stop sign by dick piereces going at least 80 miles an hour on my side of the road.... he's going to kill someone, especially if he gets back on the road......drugs and cars dont work....

Lebanon, KY

#10 May 2, 2010
Wendy It is good he is okay,but what about the next time.What happens if your kid is in another car hit by him,will it be okay then.People don't need to be out driving like that.If my kid would have been hit by his stupid driving being high,he would def.pay one way or the other.It is time for us to start turning these people in everytime we see them out driving like that.
Bill C

Lebanon, KY

#11 May 3, 2010
Well its 955am and the squad was just called out to this kids house its on the scanner right now, they are saying he just wrecked on a dirtbike and they sending the fire dept and the helicopter again.

Is this kid just so dam doped that he cant operate nothing?

Now their landing the Copter at the high school again.

I say fly his ass on to the nut house........
Bobcat mom

Monsey, NY

#12 May 3, 2010
I'm praying that he makes it. Have some compassion!
billie gray

Ashland, KY

#13 May 3, 2010
Bobcat mom wrote:
I'm praying that he makes it. Have some compassion!
so are you going to have sympothy when one of these crack heads end up taking out one of you loved ones,,, just because they are high and looking for there next fix......not me,
i have nothing for the pieces of shit .....i think we need to take them all off the roads ......they dont care about there selfs, i know i wouldnt put my self in that situation..... and if i did then i would deserve the out come of it..... people need to stand up for there actions.....and im not hiding behind no name here ..im just stating the facts
Oh lord

Ashland, KY

#14 May 3, 2010
I heard more sirens. Wonder which one ofthe dumbass Steele's got hurt this time? I think we should all just gang up on them and run all them hillbilly wanna be crack heads!

Philadelphia, PA

#15 May 3, 2010
in between bashing, be human and say a little prayer for the ill or injured & the ems & firefighters out to help everyone in need

United States

#16 May 3, 2010
really wrote:
in between bashing, be human and say a little prayer for the ill or injured & the ems & firefighters out to help everyone in need
Its just really bad., some of the accidents and stuff or rescue workers and state troopers have to see. Because thre are bunch of dumbasses that want to drink and drive , orget high.... And majority of the fatalitys are caused by this.... It would take alot to go on to a call and help someone hurt really bad.... My heart goes out to all our law enforcement and firefighters that work there asses of the try and keep up safe.... We definatly need to do what we can to help get these losers off the road...... There's going to be innocent lifes at risk ........

Richmond, KY

#17 May 3, 2010
It was Hank Steele again. That boy needs to staighten himself out. 2 wrecks within less than a week tells you that he desperately needs some help.
Brian McCallister

Lebanon, KY

#18 May 3, 2010
Well, ok heres my 2 cents that no one cares about to begin with...

When i heard about this young man being in a accident the other day i didnt even know him, but i did say a little prayer and hoped who ever he was would learn a lesson from it.

No matter who it is i do hate it more than anything to see some young person or any person for that matter messed up or hurt.
Then again today, i got a call said it was the same kid, i again said a small prayer.

Iam kinda with Billy Gray on this one....

I dont wanna see anyone hurt whether its him or him hitting my wife and child in a car.

People there is a time that you are responsible for what you do, whether you take control of motorcycle or a car at high speeds it becomes a dangerous object.

If you wanna kill your self then go out into a field and do doughnuts or play Bo Duke and by all means hit a tree stump and jump over Pine creek for all i care, but when your navigating that car/truck or motorcycle passed my family you better be doing so in some due regard.

Anyone that knows me knows iam a "Stickler" for safety, i love my family, i love my neighbors and i even love my community. I dont wanna attend a funeral because of some person whether being on drugs/drunk or just being stupid took their lives.

We all have the same rights, but we all also have to abide by the same laws and rules and if you cant then your subject to pay some hefty consequences and theres no "O They didnt mean to do it" crap....

Drive with some care,drive with some sence and have a little respect for the other drivers.

And always watch out for people on motorcycles, Big rigs, and most of all School Busses,guys these things dont stop like your car does.

I hope this Steele kid is ok, hopefully it will teach him to operate his vehicles in a safer manner.

Not to say he is the only one a little wild out there would only be a understatement.

Richmond, KY

#19 May 3, 2010
Yes it is sad he has been hurt like this, but he could have KILLED someone ! Put these people in prison & DONT let them out [email protected] Maggie Mae: That is 100% correct. There is so much pull with the judges & lawyers & such that they get people out of the biggest messes without any punishment whatsoever. To all you people on here taking up for people like this, we will see what you have to say when it is your kid hit & killed by someone who is drugged up

Richmond, KY

#20 May 3, 2010
well all these comments soiund good but you are preaching to the choir , someone needs to talk to the kid or his parents or the law and get him off the road period ...

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