A wonderful and rare story.

M-1's, being former DOD property, are no longer lawful for re-importation into the US (thank former President Clinton for that if you like)--HOWEVER--you CAN still obtain them from the Civilian Marksmanship Program if you are willing to make a little effort to fufill the requirements.

Firing a cartridge many times more powerful than the current-issued M-4 rifle, with a range extending beyond 500yds, don't bother considering an M-1 unless you are willing to undertake a VERY serious responsibility.

If you are, the dedicated folks with the CMP can teach you how to use it. The M-1 can be lawfully owned and registered in Chicago.


They start at about $450.00

(and the story is in error--the M-1 was manufactured from 1936 until 1956 with some breaks between WWII and the outbreak of the hostility in Korea--NOT primarily for the Korean conflict--and was used again in limited numbers in Vietnam).